Research guides

Many users of Connected Histories will be interested in particular areas of history. These short research guides discuss relevant content and give suggestions for search strategies and further reading.

Crime and justice a research guide

Crime and justice

Connected Histories includes a rich body of evidence on crime, the prosecution of crime, and the development of judicial and penal policy.

Family Histroy a research guide

Family Histroy

Because the names in all Connected Histories resources have been marked up or tagged, genealogical research using this website is easy and rewarding.

History of London a research guide

History of London

Connected Histories contains an extensive range of sources for the history of London from the early 16th to the late 19th centuries. The sources available through Connected Histories range from personal records to chronicles of the city's history and appearance, to an extensive collection of judicial and governmental records.

Imperial and colonial history a research guide

Imperial and colonial history

Although primarily focused on the domestic history of Britain, Connected Histories includes a wide range of sources that also reflect on both Britain's role in a wider global history, and the impact of that role, and that world, on Britain.

Local history a research guide

Local history

Search a large number of sources for British local history from the 16th to the 19th century. While a particular strength is the History of London, there are significant records for other towns and cities and for the suburban and rural history of the English regions.

Parliamentary history a research guide

Parliamentary history

Connected Histories contains a number of key sources for parliamentary history from 1500 to the nineteenth century.

Poverty and poor relief a research guide

Poverty and poor relief

Sources reflecting on both the distribution of wealth and hence poverty; and on the distribution of poor relief and charity can be interrogated through Connected Histories, which includes local government and taxation records, policy discussions and anecdotal descriptions of poverty and its relief.

Religious History a research guide

Religious History

Connected Histories provides access to materials reflecting the organisation and practice of religion on both a national and a local level.

Searching for images a research guide

Searching for images

Connected Histories gives you direct access to two major collections of images, and includes the British Museum Image Collection, representing 96,566 images relating to British subjects 1500-1900; and The John Johnson Collection of Printed Ephemera from the Bodleian Library.

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