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emunday  (20 February 2012)


Attached items

London debates, 1787 emunday
London debates, 1788 emunday
London debates, 1791 emunday
A true town picture; or An old hag of Drury presenting a chicken to his lordship emunday
Pass the Bill. The Criminal Law Amendment Bill, 1912. For the suppression of white slave traffic emunday
Cambridge Female Refuge emunday
An affectionate pleading for England's oppressed female workers ..., 1850 emunday
The legalisation of female slavery in England, 1885 emunday
The woman question, 1886 emunday
Report by a Committee ... on the repression of prostitution., 1860 emunday
An appeal to the people of England on the recognition and superintendence of prostitution by governments, 1869 emunday
Suggestions on the limits of legitimate legislation on the subject of pr ostitution, 1878 emunday
Remedies for the wrongs of women, 1844 emunday
The great sin of the great cities., 1853 emunday
ARTHUR STAUB, Sexual Offences, 08/12/1908 emunday
SIMEON HOWELL, MARY BENTLEY, Sexual Offences, 08/06/1863 emunday
LOUIS EMILIUS, ANNA EMILIUS, Sexual Offences, 05/11/1912 emunday
JOHN REES, Sexual Offences, 23/07/1906 emunday
LOUIS GOLD, HARRY COHEN, Miscellaneous, Sexual Offences, Sexual Offences, Violent Theft, 22/04/1907 emunday
JANE SMITH, Breaking Peace, 09/05/1853 emunday
ANN DAWLEY, Theft, 16/06/1851 emunday
SARAH CLARK, Theft, 05/06/1871 emunday
ELIZABETH PERRY, Theft, 12/04/1809 emunday
SARAH BOND, Theft, 21/02/1810 emunday
FREDERICK THOMAS SUMNER, Deception, Sexual Offences, 04/02/1913 emunday
GEORGE PYWELL, Sexual Offences, 01/04/1913 emunday
EDWARD JOHN ABRAHALL, Sexual Offences, 05/11/1912 emunday
GEORGE ETHELBERT SEAR, Sexual Offences, 04/03/1913 emunday
BETSY GROVES, Sexual Offences, 04/02/1913 emunday
MARIA MARTHA TAYLOR, Sexual Offences, 06/09/1910 emunday
MARY ANN CLARK, CHRISTIANA CLARK, JANE ROBERTS, Sexual Offences, 12/07/1869 emunday
MARGARET BOWES, MABEL WEBB, Sexual Offences, 11/01/1910 emunday
MARKS LANDOW, Sexual Offences, 04/02/1913 emunday
ISABEL SARAH BULL, Sexual Offences, 01/04/1913 emunday
LEON LIGER, MARGUERITE SOLLIER, Sexual Offences, 28/02/1911 emunday
Report of the committee appointed by the Secretary of State for India to inquire into the rules, regulations, and practice in the Indian cantonments and elsewhere in India, with regard to prostitution..., 1893 emunday
St Clement Danes Parish: Pauper Settlement, Vagrancy and Bastardy Exams, 16/04/1785-12/01/1787 emunday
Criminal law amendment. [H.L.] A bill [as amended in committee on 30th and 31st July] intituled an act to make further provision for the protection of women and girls, the suppression of brothels, and..., 1884 emunday
Report from the Select Committee on Criminal and Destitute Children; together with the proceedings of the committee, minutes of evidence, and appendix., 1852 emunday
Belgium. No. 1 (1881). Correspondence respecting immoral traffic in English girls in Belgium., 1881 emunday
Report from the Select Committee of the House of Lords on the Law Relating to the Protection of Young Girls; together with the proceedings of the committee, minutes of evidence, and appendix., 1881 emunday
Seduction and prostitution. A bill for the more effectual suppression of trading in seduction and prostitution, and for the better protection of females., 1847 emunday
Report from the Select Committee of the House of Lords on the law relating to the protection of young girls; together with the proceedings of the committee, minutes of evidence, and appendix., 1882 emunday
Book 25 The modern harlot's progress, or adventures of Harriet Heedless; Harriet being discarded for her infidelity, takes lodgings, turns common, is attended by rakes and gamesters, and furnishe..., 1780 emunday
Billy Budget and the Pack hunting down Shop-Keepers and Servant-Maids, 1785 emunday


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