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Imperialism 1800-1900

emunday  (17 January 2012)


Attached items

Papers relating to Her Majesty's colonial possessions., 1878 emunday
Prospectus. Nationality. emunday
Prospectus. The critic to appear every Saturday, on and after January 1, 1898 emunday
The Empire Review emunday
Bechuanaland. Further correspondence respecting the affairs of Bechuanaland and Adjacent territories. (In continuation of [C.--5524.] August 1888.) Maps will be found at pages 29 and 197., 1890 emunday
South African Republic. Further correspondence relating to affairs in the South African Republic. (In continuation of [C.--8063] April 1896, [C.--8159] July 1896, and [C.--8346] February 1897.), 1897 emunday
East India (financial statement), 1898-99. Return to an address of the Honourable the House of Commons, dated 21 April 1898;--for, "copy of the Indian financial statement for 1898-99, and of the ..., 1898 emunday
Further papers relative to the alterations in the constitutions of the Australian colonies. (In continuation of papers presented March 14, 1853.), 1854 emunday
"Plundering and blundering": a political retrospect 1874-1879, 1879 emunday
Imperialism in South Africa, 1879 emunday
Mr. Cowen, M.P.: apostle or apostate?: an exposure., 1880 emunday
Remarks on the naval, military, and financial resources of Great Britain, 1868 emunday
Empire, trade, and armaments: an exposure, 1896 emunday
The true significance of the war in Egypt: being a continuation of the preparatory history and final destiny of nations, published in June, 1881., 1882 emunday
"Imperialism" and "the tracks of our forefathers": a paper read by Charles Francis Adams before the Lexington, Massachusetts, Historical Society, Tuesday, December 20, 1898., 1899 emunday
The Transvaal war: a lectu re delivered in the University of Cambridge on 9th November, 1899, 1899 emunday
The history of English rule and policy in South Africa, 1879 emunday
The future of the Dominion of Canada: a paper read by Sir A.T. Galt...before the Royal Colonial Institute...January 25th 1881., 1881 emunday
The British system of colonial government., 1900 emunday


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