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Playing cards

jwinters  (29 March 2011)


Attached items

[Playing cards] jwinters
[Cartada giuoco] jwinters
A trump jwinters
[Cartada giuoco] jwinters
Bless me in cutting the cards, I've turned up a queen jwinters
A wrapper to a pack of playing cards, depicting a unicorn and Diana.Woodcut, 1700 jwinters
Medley including several playing-cards and copies of prints by Hollar and Callot.Etching1706, 1706 jwinters
Complete pack of 52 double-ended playing-cards, "Deakin's Political Playing Cards"ChromolithographBacks printed with a decorative panel in blue, on a pink groundWith original wrapper, duty wrappe..., 1886 jwinters
Complete pack of 52 fanciful playing-cards drawn by an amateur artistWatercolour, pen and inkBacks plain18th Century, 1799 jwinters
Decorative frieze; a man and woman playing cards, a bridegroom leading his bride in a chain of flowers and a shepherd piping to a shepherdessGraphite, 1883 jwinters
Stamp duties. Table of the stamp duties proposed to be made payable throughout the United Kingdom; showing also, those now payable in Great Britain and Ireland respectively., 1830 jwinters
9 Geo. IV.--Sess. 1828. A bill to repeal the stamp duties on cards and dice made in the United Kingdom, and to grant other duties in lieu thereof; and to amend and consolidate the acts relating to suc..., 1828 jwinters
Seventh report of the Commissioners of Her Majesty's Inland Revenue on the inland revenue., 1863 jwinters
Commercial. No. 19 (1886). (Trade reports.) Reports by Her Majesty's secretaries of embassy and legation on the manufactures, commerce, &c., of the countries in which they reside. Part II., 1886 jwinters
Customs and inland revenue. A bill to continue certain duties of customs and inland revenue for the service of Her Majesty, and to grant, alter, and repeal certain other duties., 1862 jwinters
ELIZABETH OLIVER, Theft, 13/01/1773 jwinters
ANN HOW, Theft, 14/12/1785 jwinters
JAMES KNIGHT, Theft, 14/12/1785 jwinters
CHARLES STUBBING, Theft, 27/10/1845 jwinters
JOHN WILLIAMS, Deception, Deception, Deception, 09/04/1855 jwinters
House of Commons Journal Volume 85, 8 April 1830: Schedule - Part the fifth, 08 April 1830-08 April 1830 jwinters
Charles II, 1660, An Act for continuing of the Excise till the five and twentyeth day of December One thousand six hundred and sixty. jwinters
London Port Book, 1567-8, Nos. 800-830 (Sept 1568) jwinters
Addenda, Queen Elizabeth - Volume 33, December 1594, 01 December 1594-31 December 1594 jwinters
Cecil Papers, December 1576, 01 December 1576-31 December 1576 jwinters
Middlesex Coroners: Coroners' Inquests into Suspicious Deaths, 01/05/1781-31/12/1799 jwinters
City of London Sessions: Sessions Papers - Justices' Working Documents, 05/09/1768-17/12/1769 jwinters
Home Office: Criminal Registers of Prisoners in Middlesex and the City, 09/1796-09/1797 jwinters
Whitehall Evening Post (1770), FROM THURSDAY OCTOBER 29 TO SATURDAY OCTOBER 31 1761 jwinters
Public Advertiser, TUESDAY OCTOBER 17 1769 jwinters
General Evening Post, FROM THURSDAY JANUARY 13 TO SATURDAY JANUARY 15 17 jwinters
Public Advertiser, TUESDAY AUGUST 7 1787 jwinters
Mercurius Publicus Comprising the Sum of Forraign Intelligence, FROM THURSDAY AUGUST 16 TO THURSDAY AUGUST 23 1660 jwinters


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