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Eversholt - completed

adamsmith  (22 April 2012)


Attached items

Commission on the employment of children, young persons, and women in agriculture (1867). First report of the commissioners, with appendix part I., 1867 adamsmith
Minutes of the Committee of Council on Education, with appendices. 1843-4., 1845 adamsmith
15 February 1796, 15 February 1796 adamsmith
24 March 1796, 24 March 1796 adamsmith
7 April 1796, 7 April 1796 adamsmith
5 May 1796, 5 May 1796 adamsmith
14 May 1796, 14 May 1796 adamsmith
18 May 1796, 18 May 1796 adamsmith
Cattle plague enquiry. Report on the origin, propagation, nature, and treatment of the cattle plague, from information received at the Veterinary Department of the Privy Council Office, from June, 186..., 1866 adamsmith
1822. Report from the Select Committee on Poor Rate Returns., 1822 adamsmith
A digest of parochial returns made to the select committee appointed to inquire into the education of the poor: session 1818. Vol. I., 1819 adamsmith
1824. Report from the Select Committee on Poor Rate Returns., 1824 adamsmith
The thirty-second annual report of the deputy keeper of the public records., 1871 adamsmith
Contagious Diseases (Animals) Act, 1878. Return in pursuance of the provisions of section 59 of the Contagious Diseases (Animals) Act, 1878, as regards England, Wales, and Scotland., 1884 adamsmith
Parishes and townships. Returns of all parishes, and of all townships or similar divisions of parishes, which extend into two or more counties; so far as they have been received at the Home Department..., 1826 adamsmith
Report from the Select Committee on Labourers Wages., 1824 adamsmith
12. Further report of the commissioners appointed in pursuance of two several acts of Parliament; the one, made and passed in the 58th year of His Late Majesty, cap 91, intituled,"an act for appointin..., 1825 adamsmith


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