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emunday  (28 March 2012)


Attached items

CP.H.4987A emunday
CP.H.4995 emunday
DC.CP.1594/3 emunday
CP.H.1506 emunday
CP.G.1110 emunday
CP.G.2456 emunday
CP.H.1505 emunday
CP.H.4965 emunday
CP.G.2564 emunday
CP.H.3335 emunday
CP.H.3601 emunday
CP.H.3610 emunday
CP.H.841 emunday
CP.G.2647 emunday
CP.H.1296 emunday
CP.H.1475 emunday
CP.H.1961 emunday
CP.H.4987 emunday
CP.H.6009 emunday
CP.I.56 emunday
CP.G.3129 emunday
CP.H.1327 emunday
CP.H.1504 emunday
CP.H.1734 emunday
CP.H.2102 emunday
CP.H.4221 emunday
CP.H.4527 emunday
CP.H.4978 emunday
CP.H.4978A emunday
Second edition, price 1s. the horse-shoe: the true legend of St. Dunstan and the devil; showing how the horse-shoe came to be a charm against witchcraft. emunday
House of Commons Journal Volume 1, 19 March 1563, 19 March 1563-19 March 1563 emunday
BOOKER, Robert emunday
House of Commons Journal Volume 1, 11 February 1563, 11 February 1563-11 February 1563 emunday
JACKSON, Elizabeth emunday
SUSAN WILLIS FLETCHER, Deception, 28/03/1881 emunday
WILLIAM CLARK, Breaking Peace, 17/02/1831 emunday
Jane Kent, Royal Offences, 01/06/1682 emunday
Coustantine Mac-yennis, Killing, 26/02/1724 emunday
Mary Poole, Theft, 13/12/1699 emunday
Jane Dodson, Royal Offences, 12/07/1683 emunday
2 Geo. IV.--Sess. 1821. (Ireland.) A bill to repeal an act, made in the Parliament of Ireland, in the 28th year of the reign of Queen Elizabeth, against witchcraft and sorcery., 1821 emunday
The Dance of the Witches; grotesque figures performing a wild dance, including a pretty young witch and a wild haired warlock in the foreground, accompanied by a demon playing bagpipes sitting on..., 1855 emunday
Witches!, 1796 emunday
State witches laying a spell over the country; The Political Drama, 1833 emunday
The tricoloured witches.; Political Sketches, 1831 emunday
An Incantation, 1773 emunday
The man that wanted to know whether he was a witch or no, a famous old Lancashire ballad, 1806 emunday
Saul and the witch of Endor, after Salvator Rosa; the witch standing on the right by a brazier summoning the ghost of the prophet Samuel in a white shroud, who prophesies death for Saul and his s..., 1754 emunday
Sketches of Character; The Witch!, 1830 emunday
A witch, upon a mount's edge.-Vide: Fuzelli., 1791 emunday
Saul and the Witch of Endor, 1799 emunday
The witch of En-dor, 1820 emunday
'Fairy Revenge', study for a satirical print in Sir Walter Scott's 'Demonology and Witchcraft'. c.1830Graphite, 1830 emunday
Sketches (not used), studies for a satirical print in Sir Walter Scott's 'Demonology and Witchcraft'; with a figure carrying a desk. c.1830Pen and brown ink, 1830 emunday
'Tak aff the Ghaist!', study for a satirical print in Sir Walter Scott's 'Demonology and Witchcraft'; with two figures riding a horse. c.1830Graphite, 1830 emunday
Richard Duke of Gloucester accusing Jane Shore of Witchcraft, 1802 emunday
Eleanor doing penance for witchcraft, 1811 emunday
The ducking of John Osborn and his wife for witchcraft; two men in foreground left pulling rope which is attached to submerged figure in pond to right, spectators stand around, second figure wrap..., 1786 emunday
'Demonology and witchcraft, No 6', study for the last in a series of satirical prints with that title; groups of figures and creatures including satyrs fighting, dancing frogs, an old woman picki..., 1832 emunday
Demonology & witchcraft, No. 6., 1830 emunday


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