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British Literature

emunday  (14 March 2012)


Attached items

"And now the Storm Blast came", 1896 emunday
"He'll wash away the Albatross's Blood", 1896 emunday
"The Albatross about my Neck was Hung", 1896 emunday
Samuel Taylor Coleridge, 1854 emunday
William Wordsworth, 1848 emunday
Rydal Mount, the Residence of William Wordsworth Esq., 1878 emunday
[The graves of William Wordsworth, his wife Mary, his daughter Dora, and her husband Edward Quillinan] emunday
F 2/12/17: Booklet - Speeches in Behalf of the Institution by the Late Mr Charles Dickens, President, The Newsvendors' Benevolent and Provident Institution emunday
The best 100 books emunday
Cassell's book of quotations proverbs and household words by W. Gurney Benham emunday
Frank Speiaght in his dramatic Dickens recitals emunday
An interesting facsimile of the literary organ of the P.R.B. emunday
In preparation, and will be published early in January, Dickens's Dictionary of days, being an every-day record of 1880. With calendar and useful information for 1881 emunday
New work by Mr. Charles Dickens emunday
New tale by Mr. Charles Dickens, to be published weekly, in "Household Words." emunday
Charles Dickens centenary testimonial stamps on sale here emunday
Album of studies for illustrations to the works of Charles Dickens, by various artistsPen and ink, 1870 emunday
Portrait of Charles Dickens (1812-1870), author; bust to left, eyes to front, wearing long, square beard and curly hair. 1861Graphite, on grey paper, 1861 emunday
Caricature portraits of Charles Dickens (novelist), John Forster (historian and biographer) and Douglas W Jerrold (author and humorist); Forster and Dickens leaning against one another, and profi..., 1883 emunday
Illustration to 'Oliver Twist' by Charles Dickens - Oliver introduced to the respectable Old Gentleman; Fagin frying sausages l, Oliver standing r, cap in hand and Dawkins introducing him, other ..., 1837 emunday
Changes at home, 1850 emunday
Miss Nipper, 1848 emunday
Old Joe, Sir!, 1848 emunday
A beggar woman with her child dreaming of men with weights tied to their feet; proof of a vignette illustration to Charles Dickens, 'The Christmas Carol', 1843, p.37Wood-engraving on thin India p..., 1843 emunday
John Johnson Collection of Printed Ephemera emunday
'We are compelled to regard him as a phenomenon, and to consider his genius as emunday
Daily Journal, WEDNESDAY APRIL 28 1731 emunday
Daniel Defoe, 1796 emunday
The list of the temple classics published by J. M. Dent and Co. emunday
English literature an illustrated record by Richard Garnett and Edmund Gosse emunday
King Solomon's mines emunday
Some famous English novelists of bygone years emunday
The Winchester edition of the novels of Jane Austen emunday
The history of the English novel by Ernest A. Baker emunday
Vignette from title-page to Jane Austen's 'Sense and Sensibility', Marianne in bed, awakened by a noise and sitting up feverishly, comforted by a girl beside her. 1833Etching and engraving, 1833 emunday
Frontispiece to Jane Austen's 'Sense and Sensibility', Lucy and Elinor walking together at the edge of woods on the way to the cottage, Elinor at left shocked to see the minature of Edward Ferrar..., 1833 emunday
Two women, Elinor and Anne, standing in a garden, Anne embracing and comforting Elinor who weeps, a bench behind them on the left under a tree, a view in the right background; a star above with m..., 1866 emunday


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