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Women's Suffrage

emunday  (05 March 2012)


Attached items

On women's suffrage: speech delivered in the Town Hall, Birmingham, December 6th, 1872., 1872 emunday
On the programme of the Women's Franchise League: an address delivered at the National Liberal Club, Feb. 25th, 1890., 1890 emunday
Political status of women, 1880 emunday
The political disabilities of women., 1872 emunday
Address upon women's suffrage in Wyoming: delivered at Association Hall, Philadelphia, 1882 emunday
The Lady's Magazine emunday
Programme for week ending April 22nd, 1893 emunday
A Magazine you will want to buy emunday
A lecture on women's suffrage: delivered in Bristol Athenaeum, February 24th, 1869, 1869 emunday
Women and politics., 1870 emunday
The true rights of woman, 1869 emunday
Why women desire the franchise., 1877 emunday
Female suffrage: a letter from the Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone, M.P. to Samuel Smith, M.P., 1892 emunday
Woman, considered physically, intellectually, and socially: a thesis, 1872 emunday
Female suffrage., 1874 emunday
Reasons for opposing woman suffrage, 1884 emunday
Woman suffrage, the counterfeit & the true: reasons for opposing both, 1877 emunday
On women's suffrage., 1884 emunday
The franchise for women., 1867 emunday
Women and the vote: (speeches made at the annual general meeting of the ... Society ..., 1889), 1889 emunday
A speech of the late John Stuart Mill at the great meeting in favour of women's suffrage held ... in the Music Hall, Edinburg h, January 12, 1871., 1873 emunday
Women's need of representation: a lecture upon the necessity of giving women the parliamentary franchise., 1873 emunday
Opinions of women on women's suffrage, 1879 emunday
Reasons for the enfranchisement of women, 1866 emunday
Report of a meeting of the London National Society for Women's Suffrage held at the Hanover Rooms, Saturday, March 26th, 1870., 1870 emunday
Reasons for and against the enfranchisement of women, 1869 emunday
A plea for woman suffrage, 1881 emunday


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