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Women at Work

emunday  (05 March 2012)


Attached items

The employment of married women in manufacture: a paper read at the Social Science Congress, held at Norwich, October, 1873, 1874 emunday
Socialism and sex, 1886 emunday
Legislative restrictions on women's labour, 1874 emunday
The oppressed dressmakers: speeches delivered at the second great meeting ... at Exeter Hall, ... 9th of February, 1857, etc., 1857 emunday
An affectionate pleading for England's oppressed female workers ..., 1850 emunday
The progress of women in the British empire emunday
Reports of special assistant poor law commissioners on the employment of women and children in agriculture., 1843 emunday
Employment of mothers in manufactures: what influence has the employment of mothers in manufactures on infant mortality ; and ought any, and what, restrictions to be placed on such employment?, 1875 emunday
The Factory (Health of Women) Bill., 1874 emunday
The right of women to labour, 1873 emunday
The conditions of women's work in laundries: report of an inquiry conducted for the Council of the Women's Protective and Provident League of Glasgow., 1893 emunday
How women work.: being extracts from evidence given before Group C of the Labour Commission in regard to women working in the confectionery and other trades in London. 2, 1894 emunday
Women at Work; woman spinning in the foreground, with three women weaving at right; servant stirring large cauldron on the heath at left, two boys whittling stakes, after Francis Clein; Plate to ..., 1654 emunday
The Best Monthly Paper for Working Women is The League Leaflet emunday
Information for working women emunday
Royal Commission on Labour. The employment of women. Reports by Miss Eliza Orme, Miss Clara E. Collet, Miss May E. Abraham, and Miss Margaret H. Irwin (lady assistant commissioners), on the conditions..., 1893 emunday
Commission on the Employment of Children, Young Persons, and Women in Agriculture (1867). Second report of the commissioners, with appendix part I., 1868 emunday
How to keep a household in health: an address delivered before the Working Woman's College, 1870 emunday
Women and work, 1857 emunday
Business aspects of ladies' work, 1881 emunday
Dress: economic and technic : being a lecture delivered at the Exhibition of women's industries, Bristol, March 14th, 1885., 1885 emunday
A dream of 1900 A.D., 1885 emunday
Our canal population: the sad condition of the women and children - with remedy : an appeal to my fellow country men and women, 1875 emunday
Report of investigations into the conditions of women's work, 1895-6., 1896 emunday
Reduction of hours of work for women: some points in the time regulation of the Factory Act., 1895 emunday
Women as factory inspectors and certifying surgeons., 1895 emunday
A college for working women., 1879 emunday


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