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emunday  (27 February 2012)


Attached items

Sight tests. Report on the sight tests used in the mercantile marine for the year ended December 31st, 1898. (In continuation of Parliamentary Paper [C.--8865].), 1899 emunday
Very curious emunday
The Northern Counties Blind Society, late the Northumberland and Durham Home Teaching Society for the Blind ... Annual report, 1898., 1899 emunday
Ninth annual report of the Trustees of the Perkins Institution and Massachusetts Asylum for the Blind to the Corporation., 1841 emunday
An account of the School for the Indigent Blind in St. George's-fields, Surrey, instituted 1799: Containing the present state of the school, with the laws & regulations of the institution : to ..., 1815 emunday
Leading the blind, one of the seven 'acts of mercy' designs for stained glass for St Peter's church, Bramley, Yorkshire; figure standing and leaning forward at left, walking with the aid of a wal..., 1875 emunday
The united cabinet, or the blind leading the blind., 1832 emunday
"The lame leading the blind."; Political Sketches, 1832 emunday
Our Saviour healing the blind, 1785 emunday
Christ healing Bartimeus [sic], 1899 emunday
Asylum for the Indigent Blind, Westminster Road; Metropolitan Improvements: London in the Nineteenth Century, 1829 emunday
Healing the Blind, 1804 emunday
A disabled man, without a leg, seated on a trolley, begging, a blind man nearby, two blind men (?) with dog at left, a man holding child at centreGraphite, 1860 emunday
A blind beggar, one of the figure sketches made in Edinburgh and the neighbourhood after the rebellion of 1745; a blind beggar standing in the street, two men and a woman in the backgroundPen and..., 1809 emunday
The blind beggar; a blind man, wearing a cloak and holding his hat and a rosary, with a young girl, turned to front, standing at the steps of a church (?), an old woman leaving, beyond a man touc..., 1870 emunday
An Act for establishing and well governing the Institution called ``The School for the Indigent Blind,'' and for incorporating the Subscribers thereto, and the better enabling them to carry on their c..., 5 May 1826 emunday
Census of Great Britain, 1851. Population tables. II. Ages, civil condition, occupations, and birth-place of the people: with the numbers and ages of the blind, the deaf-and-dumb, and the inmates of w..., 1852 emunday
Education Department. Report of the Committee of Council on Education on schools for the blind and deaf, with appendices. 1896-97., 1897 emunday
Education Department. Reports on education of the blind. Reports by Messrs. Oakeley, Sharpe, and Fitch, Her Majesty's Inspectors of Schools., 1886 emunday
An Act for establishing and governing an Institution in Liverpool, called ``The School for the Indigent Blind at Liverpool;'' for incorporating the Subscribers thereto; and also for regulating and sup..., 13 April 1829 emunday
Blind and deap-mute children (Scotland). Return of the number of blind and of delf-mute children and young persons (under the ago of twenty-one years) in each parish in Scotland receiving poor law rel..., 1878 emunday
Blind and deaf-mute persons (England, Wales, and Ireland). Return to an address of the Honourable the House of Commons, dated 2 September 1887;--for, "return of blind and deaf-mute persons in Eng..., 1887 emunday
Blind and deaf-mute persons (Scotland). Return of blind and deaf-mute persons in Scotland, who were assisted from the poor rates; and, similar return for the deaf and dumb., 1887 emunday
An Act for better governing and regulating an Institution in the City of Bristol called and known by the Name of ``The Bristol Asylum or School of Industry for the Blind.'' [23d May 1832.], 23 May 1832 emunday
Blind, &c. Commission. Report of the Royal Commission on the Blind, the Deaf and Dumb, &c., of the United Kingdom., 1889 emunday


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