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  • * The History of Parliament *

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    TILNEY, Sir Philip (d.1394), of Boston, Lincs.

    the wife of (Sir) Alexander Lound*. These comprised the manor of Ingleton in Yorkshire and the manors of Mablethorpe and Aylesby together with part of Riby in Lincolnshire, for which he was charged an annual rent of £33 13s.4d. (besides

    COPLEDYKE, Sir John (c.1356-1408), of Harrington, Lincs.

    marry without the necessary royal licence, he obtained possession, in March 1400, of Margaret’s dower properties in Mablethorpe, Riby and Aylesby in Lincolnshire, and Ingleton and Patrick Brompton in Yorkshire. Although he and his wife experienced some problems at first

    HILTON, Sir Robert (d.c.1431), of Swine and Winestead in Holderness, Yorks.

    to support such an honour, being heir to an extensive estate which included the manor of Fulstow and property in Aylesby, Lincolnshire, as well as the land in Swine and Winestead which had belonged to his ancestors for over 200

    LOUND, Sir Alexander (d.1431), of South Cave, Yorks.

    August 1386 while campaigning with Gaunt in Spain. A sizeable share of his property in Ingleton (Yorkshire), Malberthorpe, Riby and Aylesby (Lincolnshire) was then still in the hands of his widowed mother, but she did not long survive him, and

  • * British History Online * *

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    Wills, 22 Edward IV (1481-2)

    latter parish, so that they maintain a chantry in the said church of S. Swithun for the souls of Thomas Aylesby, late draper, John the father of the same, Johanna, mother of the same, Ralph Josselyn, Knt., Alderman and draper

    Index, A, 01 September 1546-31 January 1547

    (5). Alington (co. Denbigh ?) , i. 1347. Aliprendre , Colonel. See Madruzzi. Alisandre. See Alexander. Alisby , Linc. See Aylesby. Alkington beside Berkeley , Glouc., i. 646 (2): g. 302 (54). Allane , Ewin. See Cameron. Allard. See Plumier

    Index, A

    N. Riding ] , manor, 517, 1008. Alee , Richard, 476. Alen , Simon, 413. Alensmore. See Allensmore. Alesby. See Aylesby. Aleyne , Aleyn, James, 435. -, John, gentleman, 329, 379, 641, 835, 1165. -, Robert, yeoman, 1025. -, Thomas, Subscribers-only content

    Journal of the House of Lords, December 1601, 01 December 1601-19 December 1601

    certain Copyhold Lands parcel of the Mannor of Rotherfield in the County of Sussex , and of the Mannor of Aylesby and Feldin g in the County of Warwick was read prim vice . The Amendments of the Bill against

    Index, A, 01 January 1509-31 December 1514

    See Alwington. Alyngton , Kent. See Allington. Alynton . See Allington. Alysbury , Bucks. See Aylesbury. Alysbury , Linc. See Aylesby. Alyston . See Alveston. Amadas , Robert, goldsmith, 438 (4 m. 14), 1549, 2781 ii., 3326 (2), 3343: p.

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Lady Doughty, " Mr. T. dresses as a sailor, and I-prevailed upon him to get his likeness taken by Mr. Aylesby, the daguerreotypist. I must really say I pressed him much to have it done." How do yoU explain that? Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    for fell particulars. Xh judges were: Oivrrn,-M~ensrs icohard Doig, Lilligestone } ,Hall Buoelag~ham; Herbert Bldgley, Btevonton Ludlow -Wil- 11am Torr, Aylesby M«anor, Grirlsby, Linco~nshire. ShaBi' ARD a'Os.-JMessrs. Thomas Horley, The Fowse, Leaminglen; R. H, Masfen, Pendeford, Wolverhampton. rogsOs.,-Mesre, Y. B. Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    three days' imprisonment and a whipping, whilst the other ton were fined 5s. each.i EMZIEZZIiIEEN'T. - Joscplc L'0olics (2D), Idbourer, Aylesby, pleaded goilty to a cbarge of embezzling 10s., belonging to Mr. Thonat Cornfoltb, Lion Workr,"'Riebard Street, his master, and Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    SPORTING XEWS. LEICESTER RACE S. YEsTEPDAY-Froin a variety of cireamestainea, not easily ex- dlain-d, uneithser owners, trainers, nor tha Btritish public take -"silfly to the Laicester fiecures, and, notwithstanding the Iliberla-iy of the executive, a large company cannot be Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Destinyv Merryman, Oxygen, Castilian, Willie Blair, Roval Duke, Romeo, Kaiser. Batchelor, Antrin, Eversfield, Sir Beiedict, Lucretius, Eccentric, Merry Maiden, Hoheit, Aylesby, No More, Marcus, Pillarist, and Petersfield. The course is in good order, and the meeting is certain to take Subscribers-only content

  • * The Clergy of the Church of England Database *

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    Antonius Ella, 2/9/1730

    Appointment Evidence Record CCEd Record ID: 19847 Linked to person: Ella, Anthony 1721-1734 Vacancy Data Close Window Evidence CLERICAL DETAIL Surname Ella Forename Antonius Title Qualification University College Year EVENT TYPE Type Licensing Date 2/9/1730 Office/Status Curate Clerical Status

    Archibald Creighton, 10/6/1822

    Appointment Evidence Record CCEd Record ID: 63590 Linked to person: Creighton, Archibald 1812-1830 Vacancy Data Close Window Evidence CLERICAL DETAIL Surname Creighton Forename Archibald Title Qualification University College Year EVENT TYPE Type Licensing Date 10/6/1822 Office/Status Stipendiary Curate Clerical

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