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    Extracts from the Records, 1578, Jul-Sept

    hand four dayis wages extending to twentie four li. 25 July 1578. Atholl, Argyll, Montrois . The ballies and counsall being send for be the Erlis of Atholl, Argyll, and Montrois, and the caus of their conuentioun in this towne

    Cecil Papers, October 1577, 01 October 1577-31 October 1577

    of their common adversaries. Antwerp, 6 Oct. 1577. French . 1 p. 482. Agreement between the Earls of Argyle and Atholl and Alexander, Master of Mar. 1577, Oct. 22. Bond by which the Earls promise to assist the Master of

    Extracts from the Records, 1515

    Erle of Levenox. Erle of Cassillis. Erle of Huntlye. Ro. Rossensis. Erle Craufurd. Erle Eglyntoun. Erle of Ergyll. Erle of Atholl. 28 November 1515 . Regratouris . (Regratouris of pultrie, bayth wyld fowle and tame, in bying and selling thairof

    Extracts from the Records, 1567, July-December

    being convenit in the counsall hous of the samyn, comperit nobill and mighte lordis, my lordis erles of Mortoun and Atholl, having with thame the maist honorabill and godlie band laitlie maid and subscryveit be ane greit parte of the

    Cecil Papers, June 1578, 01 June 1578-30 June 1578

    . p. 533. Robert Bowes to Lord Burghley. 1578, June 7. After the agreement accorded betwixt the Earls of Argyle, Atholl, and Morton, in manner before in my last certified, the Earl of Morton, coming to the Kings presence, was

    Acts and Proceedings, 1575, March

    of Atholl to excommunication; that he departed from the last Assembly before the dissolving thereof; for making Simoniacall paction with unquhill Archibald Earle of Argile. To the first he answered, That he had used admonitions against the Earle of Atholl,

    State Papers, 1656, May (2 of 2), 01 May 1656-31 May 1656

    for that effect letters wer wrytten to Atholl, Glencarrine, and severall of the clannes. Some were delivered, and answer returned, as Glencarrine's, others wer left with me. Indeid great were the promises to Atholl and Glencarrin, they being the cheise

    Extracts from the Records, 1578, Oct-Dec

    the provest, baillies, and counsall foirsaid. Villa, chancellar, Foresteris luging . The provest, baillies and counsall, vnderstanding the Erll of Atholl, chancellar, to mak his remaning within this burgh for doing of justice in his office, and that it lykis

    State Papers, 1645, January , 01 January 1645-31 January 1645

    ane man on foot. Thoghe the regiments heer be waeke, yitt I did intend to hawe gon with them into Atholl for obedience to yor lordship's order; bott this last night the general reporte being cum by Downie, and from

    Elizabeth, November 1572, 02 November 1572-26 November 1572

    and Atholl had promised to be at Dunkeld, 10 miles off, which was the chief hope of his travail; that they might have conferred to some good end, but this was prevented by the Castilians, who sent to Atholl to

    Extracts from the Records, 1565, July-December

    1565 . Ane annuell of the mylins . The quhilk day, it beand appointtit with my lord the erle of Atholl that the gude toun sall haue licence to remane at hame fra the hoist and armie abone mentionat, thai

    Extracts from the Records, 1578, Apr-June

    horn, and to escheit and inbring all thair movabill gudes to his Hienes vse for thair rebellioun, Et sic subscribitur Atholl Cancellarius, Montrois, Dunfermling, Patrick Lyndesay, R.B. of Caithnes, Hereis. Quhilk wryting being producit be William Bryson, masser, the baillies,

    Acts and Proceedings, 1574, August

    to give certain pensions forth of the Bishoprick, which he hath revocked sensyne: As for not excommunicating the Earle of Atholl, as he was enjoined in the last Assembly, could alledge no lawfull excuse. The Superintendent of Lothian was not

    State Papers, 1653, October (3 of 3), 01 October 1653-31 October 1653

    in haste. An intercepted letter of king Charles II. to the earl of Atholl. Chantilly, Nov. 2, 1653. [N. S. ] Vol. viii. p. 1. My lord Atholl, I Have received yours of the 28 th of July, and as

    Cecil Papers, March 1580, 01 March 1580-31 March 1580

    effect; for, notwithstanding the labour of the mediators and the former towardness, yet they remain scarcely reconciled. The poisoning of Atholl is meant to be brought again into question and to trial, and sundry are of opinion that the matter

    House of Lords Journal Volume 20, 18 February 1716, 18 February 1716-18 February 1716

    Townshend presented to the House a Bill, intituled, "An Act for vesting the Honour and Estate of John Duke of Atholl , in James Murray Esquire, commonly called Lord James Murray , after the Death of the said Duke." And

    House of Lords Journal Volume 20, 21 February 1716, 21 February 1716-21 February 1716

    2 a vice lecta est Billa , intituled, "An Act for vesting the Honour and Estate of John Duke of Atholl in James Murray Esquire, commonly called Lord James Murray , after the Death of the said Duke." Ordered, That

    House of Lords Journal Volume 20, 2 March 1716, 02 March 1716-02 March 1716

    a vice lecta est B illa , intituled, "An Act for vesting the Honour and Estate of John Duke of Atholl in James Murray Esquire, commonly called Lord James Murray , after the Death of the said Duke." The Question

    Extracts from the Records, 1584, Oct-Dec

    brother to my Lord Huntlie, be bureit within the kirk of this burgh at the towme of the Erle of Atholl. Statute, taverneris. The sam day, statutes and ordanis that na taverneris, ventares of wyne, hald or occupie any ma

    Acts and Proceedings, 1578, October

    he keeped. Mr John Row delated. That he had not put in execution the acts of the Assemblie against Lady Atholl. He answered, That he had taken some travell in that behalfe, yet becaus the Erle himself had adjoyned him


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