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    ATKINSON, Christopher

    Christopher ATKINSON Christopher ATKINSON Biography Name Christopher ATKINSON Gender Male Primary occupation medical physician (MD) (Physician. F of Merton 1565-76) Period of medical practice 1570-1609 Place of birth London (of London) Date of birth c. 1550 Other notes Ox

    ATKINSON, John

    John ATKINSON John ATKINSON Biography Name John ATKINSON Gender Male Primary occupation medical surgeon (Surgeon 1556) Period of medical practice 1546-1597 Address Holborn 1556 Other notes Trouble 1556 1587 (?). Blind. NOT the Master of Barber Surgeons 1558 (some

    ATSLOWE, Edward

    Edward ATSLOWE Edward ATSLOWE Biography Name Edward ATSLOWE (ATSLOW, ATTISLOW) Gender Male Primary occupation medical physician (MD) (Physician to 2nd Earl of Essex. F of New College 1551-62) Period of medical practice 1560-1594 Place of birth England (Evershott, Bedfordshire)

    ATTERTON, John

    John ATTERTON John ATTERTON Biography Name John ATTERTON (ATHERTON) Gender Male Primary occupation medical surgeon (Surgeon 20 March 1608 (Testimony of the Chirurgeons), 1616, 1638. ?Also physician 1624 (Gee)?) Period of medical practice 1608-1648 Address Whitefriars 1616 Other notes

    AUBERT, Mauritius

    Mauritius AUBERT Mauritius AUBERT Biography Name Mauritius AUBERT Gender Male Primary occupation medical surgeon (Surgeon to Q Henrietta Maria 1629) Period of medical practice 1619-1639 Place of birth French Other notes Conditional LRCP Nov 1629. College membership Date became

    AUDLING, Edward

    Edward AUDLING Edward AUDLING Biography Name Edward AUDLING (AUDLYNE, ODLING, ODLINGE) Gender Male Primary occupation medical physician (MD) (Apothecary 1624. Physician 1632-.) Period of medical practice 1617-1641 Place of birth England (Lincoln) Other notes Free of SA 1624. Trouble

    AUSTEN, -

    - AUSTEN - AUSTEN Biography Name AUSTEN Gender Female Marital status Widowed 1594 (Widow 1594) Period of medical practice 1584-1604 Other notes Trouble 1594 (Widow). Censorial hearings 7 June 1594 Entry Mrs Bate of Radrief complained that 'the old

    AUSTEN, Mary

    Mary AUSTEN Mary AUSTEN Biography Name Mary AUSTEN Gender Female Period of medical practice 1627-1647 Address ? Christchurch parish 1638 Other notes Trouble 1637. Known London address Christchurch parish Parish Christ Church Newgate Street [incl St Audoen 1547; St


    - BACKSTAR - BACKSTAR Biography Name BACKSTAR Gender Female Marital status Married 1581 (Wife of Backstar 1581) Period of medical practice 1571-1591 Other notes Trouble 1581. ?=Emma Baxter q.v. (69). Husb BACTOR servant of Lord Abergavenny. Censorial hearings 1

    BACON, Richard

    Richard BACON Richard BACON Biography Name Richard BACON Gender Male Primary occupation medical apothecary (Apothecary. Tobacco-garbler to JI.) Period of medical practice 1605-1628 Date of death 1628 Address Fleet Street (Gee 1624) Other notes Trouble 1615 (?). Master of


    John BAINBRIDGE John BAINBRIDGE Biography Name John BAINBRIDGE (BAMBRIDGE) Gender Male Primary occupation medical physician (MD) (Physician. Savilian Professor of astronomy Ox 1620-43. Mathematician. Author.) Period of medical practice 1610-1620 Place of birth England (Ashby de la Zouche, Leicestershire

    BAKER, -

    - BAKER - BAKER Biography Name BAKER Gender Male Primary occupation non-medical (Clerk) Period of medical practice 1623-1643 Address Clerkenwell 1633 Other notes Trouble 5 July 1633, 2 May 1634. Richard B of Twiford, Berks, lic c.1637 Laud I.291;

    BAKER, Anna

    Anna BAKER Anna BAKER Biography Name Anna BAKER Gender Female Primary occupation medical (Nurse 1627) Period of medical practice 1579-1637 Place of birth London (Stroud [near Highbury ] (?)) Address Turnmill Street 1589. St Andrew Undershaft 1627 Other notes

    BAKER, George

    George BAKER George BAKER Biography Name George BAKER Gender Male Primary occupation medical surgeon (Surgeon to E of Ox 1574. Serjeant-S to EI 1588. Author & translator.) Period of medical practice 1570-1612 Date of birth 1540 Date of death

    BALDWIN, -

    - BALDWIN - BALDWIN Biography Name BALDWIN Gender Male Period of medical practice 1603-1623 Other notes Frank B, apoth of Newgate Market, was asked about B's practice, 15 Dec 1613. ??See Hamey. Anthony B in BSC 1569 may be

    BALDWIN, -

    - BALDWIN - BALDWIN Biography Name BALDWIN Gender Male Primary occupation medical physician (Practitioner of physic (Popish physician, Gee 1624)) Period of medical practice 1611-1633 Address Holbourne 1624 Other notes Trouble 1621 1623 (?). Used apothecary Plankett at Holborn.

    BALDWIN, John

    John BALDWIN John BALDWIN Biography Name John BALDWIN Gender Male Period of medical practice 1592-1620 Other notes Trouble 1602 1610 (?). ?JB Medical Licence at Cambridge 1568? Reln Anthony B in BSC in 1569? Censorial hearings 23 Sep 1602

    BALSAMUS, Simon

    Simon BALSAMUS Simon BALSAMUS Biography Name Simon BALSAMUS Gender Male Primary occupation non-medical (Religious (?friar or monk) 1602) Period of medical practice 1592-1612 Place of birth sounds foreign Other notes Trouble 1602. ?Reln of Scipio Balsam Oxford (Magdalen College)


    - BALTHAZAR - BALTHAZAR Biography Name BALTHAZAR Gender Male Primary occupation medical empiric (Empiric. ?Royal physician 1530?) Period of medical practice 1530-1573 Other notes Trouble 1563 (?). See DE GUERCIO (348). Censorial hearings 1563-4 Entry 'Peter Vanduram, ... Balthasar,

    BALTROPPE, Robert

    Robert BALTROPPE Robert BALTROPPE Biography Name Robert BALTROPPE (BALTHORP, BALTHROPE, BALTHROPP, BALTHROPPE, BALTROP, BALTRROPPE, BARTHROPE) Gender Male Primary occupation medical surgeon (Surgeon. Serjeant-surgeon to EI 1562-91. BSC 1557-91) Period of medical practice 1545-1591 Date of birth 1522 Date of

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