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    Index, A, 01 January 1596-31 December 1596

    449. marshal of, 45. See also Pope. office of, 213. officers of, 511. Adventurers , the. See under Merchant. Aerschott (Arscott, Ascott), duke of, prince of Chimay (Scymay), 47, 360, 532. Aerssenz , C., 341, 342. Agria , 4, 5,

    House of Commons Journal Volume 11, Index - A

    Vide Rede . Annuities . Vide Supply . Army . Vide Accounts . Arran , Earl of. Vide Ormond . Arscott , Wm. and Tristram, Petition, 18 Jan. Vide Courtney . Ashburton , Petition from, relating to Bill for regulating

    Henry VIII, October 1543, 21-25, 01 October 1543-31 October 1543

    O. 304. Wallop to Henry VIII. According to instructions lately sent by the Council and by Mr. Paget, conferred with Arscott and the Great Master concerning the approaching end of the four months during which Henry has sustained the charge

    Elizabeth, July 1577, 11-20, 01 July 1577-31 July 1577

    France. I thought good to pick out of them notes of the chief things contained in them. The Duke of 'Arscott,' Co unt Lalaing, and M. de H ze are specially touched in these letters, especially Champagny. Both affirm that

    Entry book, July 1695, 21-31, 21 July 1695-31 July 1695

    a same of a tenement in the manor of Bradford, co. Devon, in order to a lease thereof to John Arscott at the old rent of 40 s. and fine of 115 l. Ibid , p. 11. Prefixing: report, ut

    Entry Book, December 1680, 11-20, 01 December 1680-31 December 1680

    a grant of 3 Car. I, for 99 years terminable on the lives of John, William and Ann Arscott, children of Edmund Arscott of Tredcott, of which three lives only Ann now survives. Therefore prays a fresh estate on surrender

    Henry VIII, July 1541, 1-10, 01 July 1541-10 July 1541

    with them according to their request, but she required them to have patience for two days till the duke of Arscott (whom she appointed to be one of the Commissioners and who was gone to Barrow to comfort his sister

    Henry VIII, August 1541, 11-20, 11 August 1541-20 August 1541

    decay of their navy, and read a letter from the Regent, describing conferences between the King's ambassador and her commissioners, Arscott, Skipperus, and Score. He then wished that there might be a new treaty of intercourse, as the old had

    Henry VIII, August 1543, 21-25, 01 August 1543-31 August 1543

    of his interview, it was concluded (as the camp at Dowsey was too large and scattered, forage there scarce, and Arscott and the Great Master informed that the French king, with his two sons and a large force, lay but

    Minute Book, February 1661, 01 February 1661-28 February 1661

    and David Owen, purchasers under the late pretended Parliament of the inheritance of said ditches: item from Richard and Jo. Arscott for the refusal of a lease in view of their sufferings. Said report approved of, and constats ordered to

    Index, A

    Arnold , , 595. Arondell. See Arundel. Arragon. See Aragon. Arroll , (Errol). See Hay. Arrowsmith , Anthony, 167. Arschot (Arscott). See Aerschot. Arsens. See Aersens. Arssens , D'. See Aersens. Artois , 248, 285. Fines Castle in, 331. Arundel

    State Papers, 1656, January (6 of 9), 01 January 1656-31 January 1656

    Nosworthy, John Seyntaubyn, Ja. Launce, John Fox, P. Ceely, Jo. Chattey, Anth. Nicoll, Tho. Orde, Andrew Trevitt, Ja. Daniell, Trist Arscott, W. Braddon. Admiral Goodsonn to secretary Thurloe. Vol. xxxiv. p. 707. Right honourable, Your honour's of the 30th of

    Henry VIII, April 1543, 6-10, 01 April 1543-30 April 1543

    Henry VIII April 1543, 6-10 April 1543, 6-10 6 April. Dasent's A. P. C., 106. 372. The Privy Council. Meeting at St. James's, 6 April. Present : Chancellor, Privy Seal, Hertford, Winchester, Westminster, St. John, Gage, Browne, Wingfield, Wriothesley.

    Henry VIII, July 1543, 16-20, 01 July 1543-31 July 1543

    of Burgundians. The French have spoiled Reux and burnt a fair house of Mons. de Reux therein. The duke of Arscott writes of a report that the French have sent to fire Maulbeuge. They must needs leave Maroles for lack

    Henry VIII, August 1543, 11-20, 01 August 1543-31 August 1543

    Henry VIII August 1543, 11-20 August 1543, 11-20 11 Aug. Add. MS. 32,651, f.228. B. M. Hamilton Papers, No. 450. 33. The Privy Council to Sadler. After despatch of the King's last letters, he commanded them to write as

    Index, A, 01 January 1660-31 December 1667

    , Katherin, bedchamber woman to the Queen Mother, 497. Arran , Earl of. See Butler, R. Arras makers , 318. Arscott , Jo., 122. -, Richard, 122. Arthington Priory (Yorks), 216. Arthur , B., 127. -, Jo., 127. -, Owen,

    Index of persons and Places, A

    , Earl of. See Butler, Charles. Arris , Thomas, Comptroller, Exeter port, 242. Arron [Arrow ] , co. Warwick, 204. Arscott , Arthur, lease of lands in Cornwall, 208. Arthur Isle , Scilly Islands, 392. Arundell House , co. York,

    Entry Book, May 1681, 2-10, 01 May 1681-31 May 1681

    John, William and Anne Arscott, children of Edmund Arscott of Tetcott, co. Devon, at a rental of 40 s. per an . and fine of 100 l . The present grant is to be to John Arscott for 99 years,

    Index, A, 01 January 1657-31 December 1659

    and cut up near Mardick, 260. Arnoldo , Chevalier Sasi, attack on Jamaica under, 253 n. Arrison . See Harrison. Arscott , Arthur, sent to Tower, 265. Arson , Arzon , , banker, 240. fails in Paris, attempt to recover

    Index, K, L, 01 January 1657-31 December 1659

    to, 198; Buckingham sent to, 241. libels circulated among troops at, 171; Slingsby and Hewet executed near, 213; Lovelace and Arscott sent to, 265. -, lieutenant of. See Barkstead, Sir John. Whitechapel, Mile End Green, 46 n. Whitehall, 9, 111,


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