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    line 2, for Aborfield read Arborfield. Page 32, line 30, for 1841 read 1641. Page 262, line 4, for Ralph Saunderson read Raleigh Saunderson. Page 306, line 1, for Sir Thomas Wise read Thomas Wise. Page 309, line 23, for Subscribers-only content

    Cases before the Committee, October 1652, 01 October 1652-31 October 1652

    499 14 Oct. The County Committee to survey, and certify the full value of the same. 17 330 William Ball, Arborfield, Berks. 15 Oct. 1652. Vol. G No. or p. Summoned before the Committee for Compounding to take the Oath Subscribers-only content

    General Index, A, 01 April 1639-30 September 1639

    John Lady Lucy, afterwards Lady Franck Peter, son of Sir Allen Apsley Capt. Peter, pass for Apthorpe , see Abthorpe. Arborfield , Berks Archcliffe Fort or Bulwark , Dover captain of, see Percival, Anthony. Archer , Edward, M.A. Lawrence, letter Subscribers-only content

    General Index, A, 01 December 1637-31 August 1638

    Allen, petitions of letter of Dame Lucy, widow of Sir Allen Peter Apslin , Nathaniel, shipwright Arabic books and press Arborfield , Berks, ship-money Archcliff Bulwark , Dover account of ordnance in Archer , Edward, letter to James Mr., parson Subscribers-only content

    General Index, A, 01 September 1638-31 March 1639

    of, commissioners for his children Edward John Lady Lucy, afterwards Lady Franck Peter Apthorpe , co. Northampton, document dated from Arborfield , Berks Archcliffe Fort or Bulwark , Dover Archer , Mr., [clergyman ? ] Mr., of Sleaford, co. Lincoln Subscribers-only content

    General Index, A, 01 October 1760-31 December 1765

    appointment letters to Master of the Great Wardrobe Asia , as to re-establishment of peace in Asker , Thomas, of Arborfield Aspenwall or Aspinwall , Stanhope, Consul at Algiers, recall of pension, & c. Aspinall , Mr. serjeant "Asselin," communication Subscribers-only content

    Charles I - volume 168, June 1-16, 1630, 01 June 1630-16 June 1630

    to be made of their proceedings. Annexed , 31. i. Petition of the inhabitants and commoners of Wokingham, Hurst, Barkham, Arborfield, and Sindlesham, co. Berks, to Henry Earl of Holland, Constable of Windsor Castle. Complain that Arrowsmith had formerly inclosed Subscribers-only content

    General Index, W, X, Y, Z, 01 October 1760-31 December 1765

    loom , new methods of Webb , Capt. James, of H.M.S. "Antelope," Commander of H.M.'s ships in Newfoundland John, of Arborfield of the city of London, merchant, invention of Sunninghill Philip Carteret, Solicitor to the Treasury accounts of indicted for Subscribers-only content

    Index, E, 01 August 1543-31 December 1543

    Index E Eagle , Old-, Linc., I. p. 551. -, preceptory (supp.) of St. John, I. p. 551. Eard , Kent. See Crayford. Earle (Yerdell), Nthld., II. 538. Earls Barton . See Barton. Earnwood (Ernwoode), Salop, I. g. 623

    Index, A

    Apryce. See Preys. Appulby , Richard, esq., of Appleby, 904 (vii). Appurfeld. See Aburfeld. Aragon , Oragan, in Spain, 495. Arborfield , Erberfelde [Berks ] , 646, 889. Arbury , Erbury, Warw., priory, advowson and patronage of, 196. -, Griff Subscribers-only content

    Index, E

    Envylde, Envyle. See Enfield. Epping , Eppyng, Essex, 474. -, Gills in, 474. Epsom , Ebsom, Surrey, 476. Erberfelde. See Arborfield. Erbury. See Arbury. Eresby , Erysby [Lincs ] , lord of. See Willoughby, W. Ereth , Eryth, Thomas, clerk, Subscribers-only content

    Charles I - volume 387, April 1-17, 1638, 01 April 1638-17 April 1638

    . ] Encloses , 24. i. Statement of facts in relation to the assessment above mentioned. Wokingham town, Wokingham parish, Arborfield, with Newland and Sandhurst, have paid all taxes equally in fourth parts, but Sandhurst is unequal in value to Subscribers-only content

    Charles I - volume 398, September 1-23, 1638, 01 September 1638-23 September 1638

    up Thomas Davis and John Langton of Maidenhead, William Hunt of Remenham, John Gooding of Wokingham, and John Thackham of Arborfield, Berks [defa ulters at musters ] . [ Draft. Minute . p . ] Sept. 16. The like for Subscribers-only content

    Charles I - volume 428, September 1-20, 1639, 01 September 1639-20 September 1639

    1 p . ] Sept. 4. 31. The King to Archbishop Laud and others. Warrant to exempt William Thorold, of Arborfield, Berks, and Frances, his wife, from the penalty of the laws against Recusants. [ Copy . 1 p . Subscribers-only content

    Index, A, 01 August 1543-31 December 1543

    g. 100 (27). Aquileia , Patriarch of. See Grimani, M. Arabs (Alarbes), II. 291. Arbays , sieur d'. See Herbais. Arborfield , Berks. See Erbar. Arbory church or Kirk Arbory (Kyrkeharbery), alias St. Columbus. Isle of Man, I. p. 557.

    Index, E, 01 September 1546-31 January 1547

    Index E Eachwick (Ychweke, Icheweke) , Nthld., i. g. 718 (14). Eagle , Old, Linc, preceptory (supp.) of St. John, i. g. 718 (4); ii. g. 476 (96, 107). Eardisley (Erdesley) , Heref., i. g. 1166 (47). Earle. See

    Index, A, 01 September 1546-31 January 1547

    , John de, i. 946. -, Philip de, i. 1072; ii. 604. Arase. See Arras. Arbanoyes or Arbanoys. See Albanese. Arborfield , Berks. See Erbar. Arbret , Ant. de, i. 946. Arbroath (Aberbrothock) , in Scotland, abbey of, ii. 277

    Tables, January to December 1761, 01 January 1761-31 December 1761

    John a, and Bannister, Thomas, of Finchampstead. Horne, Thomas, and Watmore, Edward, of Swallowfield. Asker, Thomas, and Webb, John, of Arborfield 420 . Appointments Warrants to swear in and admit the several persons below to their officers, & c. To Subscribers-only content

    Addenda, June 1681, 01 June 1681-30 June 1681

    Addenda, July 1689, 01 July 1689-31 July 1689


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