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    LXXXVIII, Charter of James VI concerning lands and barony of Glasgow (1603)

    tenandriis, liberetenentium seruitiis, omnibusque suis pertinentiis, jacentes infra vicecomitatum nos trum de Peiblis: totas et integras terras et baroniam de Ancrum, cum castris, turribus, fortaliciis, maneriebus, pomariis, hortis, siluis, molendinis, piscationibus, annexis, connexis, lie outsettis, partibus, pendiculis, tenentibus, tenandriis, liberetenentium

    LXXVIII, Charter of James VI granting in feu the lands and barony of Glasgow to Walter, Commendator of Blantyre (1587)

    liberetenentium seruitijs earundem, ac omnibus suis pertinentiis; iacentes infra viecomitatum nostrum de Lanerk: Terras et baroniam de Ancrum, terras dominicales et molendinum de Ancrum, cum castris, turribus, fortalicijs, maneriebus, pomerijs, hortis, parcis, annexis, connexis, molendinis, siluis, piscationibus, lie outsettis, partibus,

    LXXX , Charter confirming no.LXXVIII

    liberetenentium seruitiis earundem, ac omnibus suis pertinentiis; iacentibus infra vicecomitatum nostrum de Lanerk: Terris et baronia de Ancrum, terris dominicalibus et molendino de Ancrum, cum castris, turribus, fortaliciis, maneriebus, pomeriis, hortis, parcis, annexis, connexis, molendinis, siluis, piscationibus, lie outsettis, partibus,

    XXXVII, Charter of James IV confirming the liberties of the Bishop (1490)

    presentis carte nostre concedimus et elargimur. Et similiter, quia nobis et dicto nostro consilio intelligere datum est quod baronie de Ancrum, Lillisleaf et Askirk in libera regalitate ex antiquo tenebantur; nos igitur, et pro causis predictis, concessimus et hac presenti

    Cecil Papers, January 1592, 01 January 1592-31 January 1592

    chiefly in Sesfourd's house, accusing the Laird for the receipt of his son since the slaughter of William Kar of Ancrum, but the Laird purged himself by an oath to his Majesty enterprised of his own head which is commended

    Extracts from the records, 1680

    this burghs ordinary ministers, now vacant throw the transportatioune of Mr. William Stirling, lait minister there, from this place to Ancrum, they all with ane unanimous consent, being assured and weill informed of the qualificatioune, guid lyfe and conversatioune of

    Treasury Books and Papers, February 1729, 03 February 1729-28 February 1729

    18 ] 87 . Memorial on the behalf of John Scott, of Ancrum, Esq. The keeping up a stone bridge over Ale Water near the parish church of Ancrum, Roxburghshire, is necessary for the communications of the eastern and western

    Index, J, K, 01 January 1590-30 September 1594

    Languedoc; 307. intercepted letter from Due de Mayenne to; 590, 621. Juge, Mons. de; 581. K. Kar , William, of Ancrum, slaughter of; 175. Kaye , John, son of a clerk of the Green Cloth; 341. Keller , William; 14.

    Volume 260, September 4-December 30, 1727, 04 September 1727-30 December 1727

    5 Dec. ] 26 . Petition of John Scott, of Ancrum, Esquire, to the Lords of the Treasury. On the water of Ale, near to the parish church of Ancrum, in the co. of Roxburgh, there was of old a

    Extracts from the records, 1684

    August is subscribed by "Mr. A. Peacock, parson of Morbattle; John Kerr, parson of Roxburgh; Mr. W. Sterling, parson of Ancrum; Thos. Smyth, parson of Eddlestoun; Mr. W. Bullo, parson, Stobo; Ja. Crichtoune, Kilbryd." Of the thirty-two prebends, the holders

    Index, A, 01 January 1661-31 December 1668

    -, blown up by the Dutch, 986. Anashan (Africa), 407, 507, 903. Anchiang (Africa), 553. Anchors , 1328, 1891. Ancram [Ancrum ] , 1113. Anderson , Gilbert, 1200. Andrews , Jonathan, 39, 40. -, Sam., 1001. II. -, Captain Rich.,

    Index, A, 01 August 1545-31 December 1545

    Wm., i. g. 465 (99). Ancome. See Ancholme. Ancrum (Ancram) , in Scotland, ii. 633 (p. 291). Ancrum (Angeram, Ancram) , Over and Nether-, in Scotland, ii. 456 (2), 533 (p. 247). Ancrum Muir , battle of, "raid to Melrose"

    Index, A, 01 January 1720-31 December 1728

    ; ccxxxix. 61. Amyand , Claudius, letter of; ccxlii. 32. Ancaster , Duke of, Lord Great Chamberlain, memorial; cclii. 56. Ancrum , co. Roxburgh; cclx. 26. Anderson , Ensign James, petition of; cclv. 86. -, Mr.; ccxlvii. 56. Anderton ,

    Venice, July 1633, 01 July 1633-31 July 1633

    Douglas earl of Angus was created Marquis of Douglas. George Hay and Robert Carr were created earls of Kinnoul and Ancrum and John Gordon was made Viscount Kenmure. Eleven Knights were dubbed on the 17th June and one on the

    Treasury Books and Papers, July 1742, 01 July 1742-31 July 1742

    Dunbar, certain other feu and blench farms detailed; 2 l. 2 s. 78/12 d. for the mains and miln of Ancrum, and certain other payments in kind payable to His Majesty's Chamberlain of Dunbar. [ North Britain Book XIII. pp.

    House of Lords Journal Volume 63, 13 September 1831, 13 September 1831-13 September 1831

    the said Reverend Charles Baillie Hamilton; and Sir William Scott of Ancrum , Baronet, Executor Dative qua Creditor decerned and confirmed to the late Sir John Scott of Ancrum , Baronet, his Father; and Warren Hastings Sands Esquire, Writer to

    Index, A, 01 January 1540-30 August 1540

    Ames. Anapbaptists , 370, 485. Ancona , in Italy, 130. Ancre , in Picardy, 543 (p. 245). Ancrum . See Robson, of Ancrum. Andalot (Andalow, Dandelo, Vandenon), Jean d', Master of the Horse to Charles V., 356 n , 508

    Index, A, 01 August 1543-31 December 1543

    -, pardon to (in 1539), II. 546 (p. 314). Anan . See Annan. Anckram . See Ancrum. Ancona , in Italy, II. 37. Ancrum (Anckram), in Scotland, I. 161. Andalot . Jean d' (Dandelot), Charles V.'s master of horse, signature,

    Index, J, K

    Isle of Wight, 374. Kerr , William, Earl of Lothian (Loudon), son of Robert Kerr, 1st Earl of Ancram or Ancrum, signs joint letter to English Peers at York, 322. opposes nomination of officers of state by Scottish Privy Council,

    Acts and Proceedings, 1572, January

    Sanquhair. Personage of Eglishame. Personage of Air. Personage of Cardrois. Personage of Kirkmaho. Lord Provand. Personage of Douglas. Personage of Ancrum. Personage of Cambuslang. Personage of Cumnok. Personage of Auld Roxburgh. Personage of Askirk. Personage of Moffett. Personage of Killerne.


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