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    22 May 1801, 22 May 1801

    Douglas glas. Ds. Douglas of Loch- leven. Ds. Auckland. Ds. Lyttelton. Ds. Selfey. Ds. Rolle. Ds. Cawdor. Ds. Carrington. Ds. Alvanley. PRAYERS. a Colqtihoun againft Hodie 3a vice leäa eß Billa, intituled, " An Act for Marcos Of vefting Part Subscribers-only content

    27 May 1801, 27 May 1801

    Letters Patent bearing Date the Twenty-fecond Day of May, in the Forty-firft Year of His prefent Majefty, created Baron Alvanley of Alvanley, in the County of Palatine of Cheßer, was (in his Robes) introduced between the Lord Waljingham and the Subscribers-only content

    2 June 1801, 2 June 1801

    Gar' lies. Ds. i?öaj. Ds. De Dimßanvilk. Ds. /Jö/fe. Ds. Cawdor. Ds. Carrington. Ds. Bayning. Ds. Bolton. Ds. Loftiis. Ds. Alvanley. Bruces againit Bruce. Rockwar- dine, &c. En- Clofure Bill. ours. iSe* Comes Winchilfea Ö° Nottingham. Comes Effex. Comes Carlifie. Subscribers-only content

    5 June 1801, 5 June 1801

    of Douglas. Ds. Auckland. Ds. Selfey. Ds. Dundas. Ds. Stuart of Gar lies. Ds. Rolle. Ds. Bayning. Ds. Northwich. Ds. Alvanley, a a And a Meffage was fent to the Houfe of Commons, Meffage to by Mr. Wilmot and Mr. Subscribers-only content

    10 June 1801, 10 June 1801

    Cat heart. Ds. Brownlow. Ds. Thurlow. Ds. Walfmgham. Ds. Douglas ofLoch- leven. Ds. Auckland. Ds. Stewart of Gar- lies. Ds. Alvanley. Fines and Forfeiture* BilL A Meflage was brought from the Houfe of Commons by Mr. Newbolt and others : Subscribers-only content

    18 June 1801, 18 June 1801

    Ds. Douglas o glas. Ds. Douglas leven. Ds. Upper Ds.Selfey. Ds. De Dnfla Ds. Carrington. Ds. Bayning. Ds. Wodehoufe, Ds. Alvanley. ory. tip Vifcount Vifcount Vifcount Vifcount Vifcount Vifcount Vifcount Vifcount Leinfier. Wentworth. Sidney. Hood. Newark. Carleton. Limerick. Somerton. PRAYERS. Subscribers-only content

    22 June 1801, 22 June 1801

    intituled, « A awder norial rBil!. Ld. Privy Seal. M. Hertford. E. Rofsiyn. V. Carleton. V. SometHon. L. Walfingham. L. Alvanley. a (C 7 Streets, anes, and other Public Paf Wd t0 ^ Judges- Their Lordfhips, or any Five of Subscribers-only content

    23 June 1801, 23 June 1801

    Ds. Wodehoufe. Dux Ancafler Kefieven. nefcallus. Comes Jerfey. Comes Buckingham- fhire. Comes Mount Edg* cumbe. Comes Rofsljn. Ds. Northivick. Ds. Alvanley. PRAYERS. The Anfwer of William Burton Efquire, to the Appeal Garde rt ^ of Thomas Garde and others, was Subscribers-only content

    25 June 1801, 25 June 1801

    Chedworth. Ds. Ponfonby. Ds. Brownlow. Ds. Walfingham. Ds. Grey de Wilton. Ds. Boringdon. Ds. Amherfi. Ds. Dundas. Ds. Bayning. Ds. Alvanley. PRAYERS. cc Hodie 3a vice leela efl Billa, intituled, " An Act for Exchequer raifing the Sum of Three Subscribers-only content

    27 June 1801, 27 June 1801

    of Loch- lev en. Ds. Belfey. Ds. Stewart of Gar- lies. Ds. Dazunay, Ds. Bayning. Ds. Northwick. Ds. Lilford. Ds. Alvanley. &c. Dux Clarence. Dux Gloucester. Ds. Eldon, Cancella¬ rius. Comes Wefimorland, C. P. S. Dux Norfolk, Maref- callus. Dux Subscribers-only content

    22 October 1801, 22 October 1801

    Lord Auckland, Georgs Lord Macartney, James Lord Saltersford, Charles Lord Bayning, John Lord Fitz Gibbon, and Richard Pep¬ per Lord Alvanley, greeting : Whereas, We have lately, for divers difficult and preffing Affairs, con¬ cerning Us, the State and Defence Subscribers-only content

    29 October 1801, 29 October 1801

    Harewoodi L. 2?e/&. L. Caw dor > L. Carrington. L. Bayning. L. Bolton. L. Wodehoufe. L. Northwick. L. Lilford. L. Alvanley. L. GreyofHowick. L. Thomond. E. Ärawfe *E. Buckingham-, fhire. E. Fitzwilliam. E. Egremont. E. Harcourt. E. Fauconbergi E. Radnor. Subscribers-only content

    29 October 1801, 29 October 1801

    Wefimorland, Ds. Walfingham. C P S D Gl fig Ds. Grenville. Ds. Carrington. Ds. Bolton. Ds. Wodehoufe. Ds. Northwich. Ds. Alvanley. thewfon. C. P. S. March. Buckingham. March. Townßiend. Comes Pembroke $9° Montgomery. Comes EJfex. Comes Spencer. Comes Chatham. Comes Subscribers-only content

    30 October 1801, 30 October 1801

    Vincent. Comes Wefimeath. Comes Londonderry. Comes Roden. Comes Craven. Comes Onßow. Comes Romney. A. 1801 Ds. Ribblefdak. Ds. Callan. Ds. Alvanley. Ds. Grey ofHowick. Ds. Tbomond. N at Vifcount Vifcount Vifcount Vifcount Vifcount Vifcount Vifcount Vifcount Wentworth. Maynard. Hampden. Sydney. Subscribers-only content

    28 December 1801, 28 December 1801

    again, and for other Purpofes therein " mentioned," if the Houfe fhall think fit, whether Ds. Cathcart. Ds. Walfingham. Ds. Alvanley. Temporales prasfentes there has or has not been any Collufion directly or in¬ directly on his Part, relative to Subscribers-only content

    3 February 1802, 3 February 1802

    440 Journals of the Houfe of Lords. A 18 AiTot againft Ker and M'Lean. Dixon WritofError non-pros'dj, with Cofts. It is Ordered, That this Houfe will hear the faid Caufe, by Counfel at the Bar, on the ftrft vacant Subscribers-only content

    5 February 1802, 5 February 1802

    Comes Strange^ Comes Digby. Comes Defart. Vifcount Hood-. Vifcount Carkton* Primariorum Se- cretariorum. Dsi Holland. Ds. Walfingham. Ds. Rawdon. Ds. Alvanley. PRAYERS. Judges. Standing Orders on fuch Pri¬ vate Bills as affeft Ireland, to be conii- dered. King'sBench, Cardigan, and Subscribers-only content

    8 February 1802, 8 February 1802

    Dux Norfolk, Maref- callus. Comes Stair. Vifcount Carleton. PRAYERS. Ds. Holland. Ds. Thurlow. Ds. Walfingham. Ds. Rawdon. Ds. Carysfort. Ds. Alvanley. lver« After hearing Counfel further in the Caufe, wherein Sir William Augußus Cunynghame and others are Appel¬ lants, and Subscribers-only content

    12 February 1802, 12 February 1802

    Pelham, Unus Primariorum Se- cretariorum. Ds. Holland. Ds. Thurlow. Ds. Walfingham* Ds. Rawdon. Ds. Fife. Ds. Auckland. Ds. NorthwicL Ds. Alvanley. PRAYERS. Hamilton's Petition re¬ ferred to Judges. Dominus Cancellarius declaravit prsefens Parliamen- Adjourn. turn continuandum effe ufque ad et Subscribers-only content

    18 February 1802, 18 February 1802

    the Reign of His prefent Majefty, was this Day (in his Robes) introduced between the Lord Walfingham and the Lord Alvanley (alfo in their Robes), the Gentleman Ufher of the Black Rod, Garter King of Arms, the Deputy Lord Great Subscribers-only content

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