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    Statutes (not included by Baldock & Lisieux), Statutes of Cardinal Wolsey (2)

    cum duobus clericis suis habitibus choralibus sic indutis, Chorum humiliter et pie ingrediatur ad stalla propria, ibidem permansurus a principio Alt . Miss illius diei ad finem ejusdem Miss , ut Deum devote ibid em colat et exoret, pro hujusmodi

    Statutes (not included by Baldock & Lisieux), Epitome of the Statutes, by Dean Colet, 1505-18

    horarum, videlicet, aut Vesperis et Completorio a principio usque ad finem; aut Prim a principio usque ad Altam Missam; aut Alt Miss a principio usque ad finem. Item, Capitulum, 48 in quibus res Ecclesi publica tractatur, semper adesse, et pr

    London Tabernacle Minutes, 1743-5

    . Monday April [22 1745 ] Agreed that we invite Brother Adams next Monday night to the conference. That Brother Alt speak to Mr Harcourt concerning some allowance for Sister French. That the next Monday night we confer concerning the

    Four Shillings In The Pound Aid 1693-1694, Middlesex, St Andrew Holborn, Liberty Above the Bars - Second Book, Rose and Crown Court

    , Henry 0.60 3.00 0.00 0.00 Pennington , Francis 1.00 5.00 0.00 0.00 Holmes , Thomas 1.40 7.00 0.00 0.00 Alt , William 1.60 8.00 0.00 0.00 Eaton , - (Widow) 5.20 26.00 0.00 0.00 Property assessed: 13tnts. Nevill ,

    Statutes (Baldock and Lisieux), Pars septima, cap. 1-12

    statum Vicariorum precellat dignitate, non solum eo quod in ordine Presbiteratus precellunt, et Sacramentum Corporis et Sanguinis Christi in ministerio Alt aris tractant, cotidianisque missarum celebracionibus Ecclesiam nostram decorant, verum eciam quia in parte solicitudinis et superioris gradus Chori augmentacionis

    Index of names

    540. Allstone , Sir Joseph, 79. 88. 130. Thomas, 110. Alphery , Mikepher, 406. Alstone , Joseph, 191, note . Alt , George, Frederick Maximilian, 416. Janetta, ibid . Just. Henry, ibid . Lucretia, ibid . Altham , Sir James,


    Preface Preface. It is notoriously evident, that, in the agitation of every important question which has occupied the attention of the City of Bristol during the last ten years, the Corporation and Citizens have been divided: which, it is


    Errata ERRATA. Page 6. Robret read Robert, 27. no doubt made read no doubt he made. 29. parcets read parcels. 49. Welsh fires read Welsh fries. 57. All keepers read Also the keep'. after Mr. Mayor read vnto the

    Chapter 1, Origins of the grant of the town of Bristol

    Chapter 1 Origins of the grant of the town of Bristol Bristol Town Duties. A collection of original and interesting documents. Origin of the Grant of the Town of Bristol. On consulting our early Historians we find, that for

    Chapter 2, Origin of the town dues

    Chapter 2 Origin of the town dues CHAPTER II. ORIGIN OF THE TOWN DUES. We have already shown, in our former Chapter, that the Corporation, as Grantees under the Crown, have an unquestionable right to a certain Toll, called

    Chapter 3, Murage, keyage and pavage

    Chapter 3 Murage, keyage and pavage Chapter III. ORIGIN OF THE TOWN DUES. In the first part of these Inquiries, the reader will observe, that it has been there stated, that on the 29th May, in the 17th year

    Chapter 4, Wharfage, cranage and pilotage

    Chapter 4 Wharfage, cranage and pilotage Chapter IV. Wharfage, Cranage and Pilotage. And here, before we refer to the creation of the present Wharfage Toll, and to prevent any misunderstanding, in supposing it the same as the Murage, Keyage

    Surnames beginning 'R'

    Surnames beginning 'R' Surnames beginning 'R' Rabbitt : Edw, app, 6.4 Lambert, £600, bach, 29.28 Rabgent Abigail, ser, 63.7 Rabin Thos; Susan, w; Susan, d; John, s, 9.45 Raby : Edw, ser, 5.2 Sar, ser, 27.14 Raclott Anne, ser,

    Surnames beginning 'N'

    Surnames beginning 'N' Surnames beginning 'N' Naiswell Marg, ser, 54.9 Nalber John, Journeyman, 54.2 Naplock Rob; Mary, w; Marg, d, 32.4 Napp : Edw, infant, 13.3 Eliz, 64.4 Mary, 8.8 Priscilla, 8.8 Napton Reb, wid; Mary, d; Jane, d;

    Surnames beginning 'I'

    Surnames beginning 'I' Surnames beginning 'I' Ibbs Wm; Mary, w, 77.7 Idell Wm; Alice, w, 32.25 Iden Hen; Amy, w; Edw, s, 35.39 Igden Sar, wid, ser, 46.1 Iles : Chris, ser, 80.6 Eliz, ser, 9.33 Hester, ser, 48.4

    Surnames beginning 'W'

    Surnames beginning 'W' Surnames beginning 'W' Wabsor Mary, ser, 48.15 Wace -, wid, 14.6 Wacket John, app, 59.9 Wadder Francis, bach, £600, 70.8 Waddys Wm; Waldegrave, w; Dan, s; Penelope, d, 43.13 Wade Waid: Ann, wid, 29.14 Cath, ser,

    Surnames beginning 'U'

    Surnames beginning 'U' Surnames beginning 'U' Ubacke Isabella, ser, 77.7 Uber Wm, app, 47.12 Udall : Edw; Lidia, w; Thos, s, 1.1 Edw; Anne, w; Cath, d, 6.4 Sar, ser, 64.4 Uffe Marg, ser, 80.11 Ufford John; Mary, w,

    Surnames beginning 'D'

    Surnames beginning 'D' Surnames beginning 'D' Daban Jud, ser, 32.21 Dabbs : Art, ser, 41.4 John; Sar, w, 17.35 Dackin John; Sar, w, 66.12 Dackinson John, salter, bach, 45.5 Dacons Frances, ser, 43.18 Da Costa : Isaac, 36.17 John

    List of abbreviations

    List of abbreviations Abbreviations £50 p a real estate of £50 or more per annum £600 personal estate of £600 or more Alex Alexander, Allexander alms almsmen, almswomen And Andrew Ant Anthony, Antony apoth apothecary app apprentice Art Arthur,

    Surnames beginning 'T'

    Surnames beginning 'T' Surnames beginning 'T' Taber Edw, journeyman, 43.3 Taboate Mary, ser, 5.10 Tabor Tabour: Jonathan, £600; Martha, w; Marg, d; Mary, d; Martha, d; Wm, s, 8.4b Wm, ser, 79.4 Taffe Mary, 9.26 Taggill Mary, ser, 23.14

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