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  • * British History Online *

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    Elizabeth, December 1583, 11-20, 11 December 1583-20 December 1583

    camp to say that they do not intend to show any favour to those of Montreal provided they will cause Allet to be restored, and do exemplary justice on the Infructeurs of the country, swearing and promising to do the

    Index, A, 01 July 1583-31 December 1584

    birds of a feather, 340. Alen , Mr., at Bruges, 31. Aleppo , a prisoner brought to, 41. Alet , Allet. See Alais. Alexander , alias Petro Vaivode, a Greek, pretensions of, 41. Alexandria , Turkish fleet coming from, 180;

    Notes, Volume 1, pp.301-end

    596). In Harley MS . 538 Stow adds dates of death, viz. Doggett, 1524; Askew, 1534; Dobbes, 1556; Dane, 1573; Allet 'deceased in his mayoralitie.' l. 15 S. Margaret Moyses . The name may be due to 'Moyses sacerdos,' who

    Index, A, 01 June 1537-31 December 1537

    Notts. See Ollerton. Allerton , , I. 6 (p. 7). Allertonshire (Aldertonshire) , Yorks., I. 29 (2). Alleswike. See Alswick. Allet , Wm., II. 196. Allington (Alyngton) , Wilts., II. g. 617 (1). Alloen , Anne, I. 106. Allon or

    Index of persons

    139, 224. Aitham , James, ii. 183. Aker , John, i. 261. Alan , Count, i. 324. Alate , see Allet. Albany , William, i. 347. Albemarle , Earl of, see Fortibus. Albert , Philip, i. 275. Aldarnes , Robert,

  • * Victoria County History *

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    Oxford , 18 Allam , W., 107 Allen : John, 167 Wm. Ferneley, 94 Wm. Shirley , 167 fam., 180 Allet , Priscilla, 177 Allibone , Peter, 221 Allington : John, 31 John (another), 31 Almshouses , see Banbury Alney

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    two officers ill their cabin that were etoisy Dr Prymme came up and suade a complaittt of them to AMr Allet, sayilg it was not safe foor hbi to lie in bed if tile lights were not out. Witit thtat Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    previously stated. Ofliee of Onalass2ce, August 18.-Royal Regiment of Artillery: First Lieut, H. A. Smyth to be Second Captaie, vice Allet, retired upon half-pay Second Lieut. C. Hardy to be First Lient,, vice Smyth. Pntrtnershilps Dieseviyee.-Abernethie end Hollingtons, Hackney downs, Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    eouditrion; good houso-gcacers, clean, foue of children. Sell cheap; a~pproval with Pleasu-e. Cords not auswored.-A 17t, 202. Natery Lae 094U10 Allet -liC~kee qpaniol Vitch, Le~vel niontdtia 01(11 totll( of gemr o.Pr 15s.-Atddtvs8, C. 0?, Dthaly osit c5354 TbOG (good Yarld) Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    SMALL CASKS 120 DOZENS AND FOUR JARS EXTREMELY FINEI SCOTCH WIHISKIES L (e, crsier ├Żof Mr. A ie-rideer sXsir, of Allet. nirthos tt the east rterue), soil including l~eng John's lcO). Wlen Eille 18W0, Islay, Cambus, Glenbivet: Old JAMAICA RUM, Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    f9TRE ROYAL. BIRMINGHAM.- THIS KveS2NL (Fridavy. the rtetormaroe to oommoonce , y seneasoitO Uotn nf 'tTriL t.WVA'~iOq RUV DTSeP.IR eiItbe t XALl.T DIVRR'DI~iIEMItNT. To hb followed by %TH if'S GteRILL.. To conclude vithIthe Burleosqno ce~r cg IAISY OF-LYONS." towvet Subscribers-only content

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