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  • * John Strype's Survey of London Online *

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    Appendix 1, Chapter 8 APPENDIX.

    to carry Rubbish from all Parts of the City or Liberties, into the Vineyard near Aldgate , for levelling the same, till the first of May next, and to shoot the same there gratis, and after that Time to pay

    Book 1, Chapter 4 Gates. ALDGATE.

    made in the Wall hereabouts for passing. Aldgate . The Gate. Lib. Trinit. Soke or Court. Mat. Paris . Radul. Cogsh. Aldgate new Builded. W. Dunthorne . Thomas L. Fawconbridge set upon Aldgate . Suburbs burnt. Rebels won the Bulwarks

    Book 2, Chapter 2 Portsoken Ward.

    bore Date 21 E. I. to the Abbess of St. Clare without Aldgate . There was a Charter granted 9 E. II . that the Sisters Minoresses without Aldgate , sint quiete de Tallagie, & c. i. e. be quit

    Book 2, Chapter 2 Portsoken Ward. Aldgate.

    the Poor in every Parish. Benefactors in this Ward. A. M. For Relief of the Poor in the Parish of St. Botolphs without Aldgate . A Table of Benefactors to Aldgate . J. S. Edward Alexander, Regist. Ep. Lond. E.

    Book 4, Chapter 2 Suburbs without the Walls. St. Mary Whitechapel.

    of the Street lyeth the Ditch without the Wall of the City, from the Tower unto Aldgate , now all built upon. From Aldgate East again, lieth a large Street, replenished with Buildings, to wit, on the North side the

  • * British History Online * *

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    The ditch sometimes compassing the wall of the same

    200. foot broad, caused no small hinderance to the Canons of the holy Trinitie , whose Church stood neare vnto Aldgate , for that the saide ditch passed through their ground, from the Tower of London, vnto Bishops gate. This

    House of Commons Journal Volume 1, 03 February 1581, 03 February 1581-03 February 1581

    Commons Journal Volume 1 03 February 1581 Veneris, 3o Februarii, 1580 Aldgate. 1. The Bill of Addition unto a former Statute, for the Paving of a Street without Aldgate. - The first Reading. Aliens Children. Mr. Treasurer bringeth in the

    RICH, -

    1597 (p. 110). We decided that this is probably not 629, William RICH, accused 1570. ?= Arnold RITCHE, Dutch surgeon, Aldgate ward 1582/3? Censorial hearings 22 Dec 1597 Entry There appeared a certain man by name Rich, on a charge

    CELERIUS, Daniel

    St, St Cath Col, Aldgate ward, 1583-1609. Billingsgate ward, St Mary Hill par, 1582/3. Other notes Trouble 1581-97. LRCP 1597. Known London address Fenchurch St, St Catherine Colechurch, Aldgate wd Parish St Katherine Coleman Ward Aldgate Date 1583-1609 College membership

    Queen Elizabeth - Volume 30, September 1563, 01 September 1563-30 September 1563

    the Minories, without Aldgate, by William Marquis of Winchester, to the Queen, her heirs and successors, for ever. Sept. 22. 4. Note of the evidences of the conveyance of the dissolved Monastery of the Minories, without Aldgate, from the 30th Subscribers-only content

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    James, Bucklersbimry. J. ;iVmt, (;rcelorch-smmeet, unibrelle-meker. Attorney, Ir. II '.!iin-on, Crovn-cosm'ritlTreadnIeedle-street. 1. Jilmsocm, le-viu-merm., tasvy-agent. Attorney, Mr. Htoward. J rv-itreet, Aldgate. il. Stanley and T. Weston, Lower Thermies-street, ironmoisgersi. Aetoracr, Mr. Fitzgrnmald, Lawrencme Puintmmex-lil I. R. Dabie, Kemto-street, Bruimswick-squpare, painter. Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Drew and Sons, Bermondsey-etreet. S. Snow, A lbenarltreet, dress-maker. Attorney, Mr.Holsl', Clernent's-i n F. F. I~enriik-, Holbornr sn'd I. Tyndale, Aldgate, linen-draper,. Attornips, Mesrit Willis and Co. Wartifdrd-conrt, Throg, imorton-street. S. Alwvright, High-street, Shoreditch, haberdasher. Attomeey, Mr. Crafts, Foley-street, Podrtland-7pilame. Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    stead of a thousand argu- ments "One evening, he went to one of those misera- blie places in St. Botoih,. Aldgate, where these creatnres snft the night. It four small rooms, 14 feet by 1g, he founld furscore wgretcheq, in Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    daughter of Mr. ialbert, of TIntai'.-street, Kent-road. The prisoner and another man, named Robert Dean, werein theaersiceof Mr.'yrrell, engraver. Chureh-row, Aldgate, and lodged together. On Frilday night, Mrl Tyrrell received information that a murder had been com- Totted on a Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    was proved by tile acquiescence of two centuries. Alderman WAITHMAN remarked, that, tile Ministers of St. Anue's, Rlackfriars, and of Aldgate, bad niade great exertions to be elected by thle parishioners, and then turned round oln their friends and demnanded Subscribers-only content

  • * Lane's Masonic Records *

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    no name is given

    appear in the Lists until 1766, when it was placed between Nos. 101 and 103, taking the place vacated by the Lodge at St. Albans. Meeting Places Three Tuns, Jewry Street, Aldgate, London 1766 Three Crowns, East Smithfield, London 1769

    Upton Lodge

    (1832): 0 Lodge Number (1863): 1227 ReNumber (1814): 0 ReNumber (1832): 0 ReNumber (1863): 0 Meeting Places Spotted Dog Tavern, Upton Lane, Upton, London 1868 Three Nuns Hotel, High Street, Aldgate, London 1885 Great Eastern Hotel, Liverpool Street, London 1894

    Lodge of St. John

    ReNumber (1863): 0 Meeting Places Gun Tavern, High Street, Wapping, London 1870 Moorgate Hotel, Moorgate Street, London 1880 City Arms Tavern, St. Mary Axe, London 1883 Three Nuns Hotel, High Street, Aldgate, London 1884 Guildhall Tavern, Gresham Street, London 1894

    Prince Leopold Lodge

    Places Lord Stanley Tavern, Sandringham Road, Dalston, London 1873 Prince George Tavern, Parkholme Road, Dalston, London 1878 Mitford Tavern, Sandringham Road, Dalston, London 1878 City Arms Tavern, St. Mary Axe, London 1883 Three Nuns Hotel, High Street, Aldgate, London 1884

    Thames-side by Tower Lodge

    (1814): 0 ReNumber (1832): 0 ReNumber (1863): 0 Notes (1): Erased due to decreased membership Meeting Places Three Nuns Hotel, Aldgate, London, England 1933 Charing Cross Hotel, Strand, London, England 1950 Shuttleworth's, 1 Aldwych, London, England 1985 Meeting place unknown

  • * The Proceedings of the Old Bailey Online, 1674-1913 *

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    Sexual Offences, 06/09/1677

    in the Country, having about 3 year since married another at Aldgate (the first being still living) was for the same Arraigned : His first Wives Sister proved the first Marriage, and that they lived together and had two Children.

    Elizabeth Churchouse, Theft, 16/07/1685

    of the Parish of Aldgate Indicted for stealing from Mrs. Roderick , June 1 . one Coif, to the value of 6 d : The matter being proved against her, she was found guilty to the value aforesaid . [Whipping.

    Dorothy Lord, Theft, 09/12/1691

    the house of Charles Rogers in the Parish of Aldgate of one Watch with a silver-Case, value 30 s. one Cloak value 20 s. twenty pieces of broad Gold, value 23 s. each, twenty Guineas, and 160 l. in Money

    Richard Larrymore, Abraham Turner, Elizabeth Hutchins, Theft, 07/12/1692

    Gold Ring set with a Diamond Stone, value 45 s. the Goods of Sir Roger Twisden of the Parish of Aldgate , on the 30th day of October last; The woman brought the Rings to sell at a Goldsmiths in

    Ann Gaywood, Theft, 26/04/1693

    Silver Tankard from one James Amos , near Aldgate , value 4l. which was fully proved, how that she came to Amos's House to drink, and took away the Tankard, which she confest when apprehended; So she was found guilty


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