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  • * John Strype's Survey of London Online *

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    Appendix 1, Chapter 1 Gresham College.

    is found in Dr. Holdsworth , who says, as is beforemention'd, // He should not read till that Day three Weeks, because, the following Monday was a State-Holiday, and the Monday after that, a Church Holiday . And in this

    Book 1, Chapter 22 Gresham-College.

    Weeks, but begin their Readings some few Days before the Terms, and that they should alter the Hour of Two in the Afternoon, to Three. The Professors complied with this Order so far, as to read in the broken

    Book 5, Chapter 16 The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Companies.]

    and Forfeits: which rise to no small Sum. And nothing done withal, but making great Feasts every Month or six Weeks at their Halls, and causing Victuals to be dear. But it might be turned to a more honourable use:

    Book 5, Chapter 28 [Pleas of the Crown,] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [how anciently kept.]

    Staves, Burnings, Woundings, and such like Injuries done in the time of the Lord's Nativity, or in Easter and Whitsun Weeks. As for him that would purge himself by the first, called The Great Law , the Appealed and Accused

    Appendix 1, Chapter 6 APPENDIX.

    of Aldermen. It pleased God to inflict Sickness upon me, after my being in Prison about a Month or six Weeks. I then not being upon the Charity, and being a very poor Man, and altogether friendless, (a poor Wife

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    per- iglor Biddenden, Kent wedi rhoddi y gyfraith mewn grym, az wedi cymeryd gafasel yn anifellaid un Wil- - liam Weeks, yr hwn sydd yn analluiog i dalu yr " Ex- - traordinary l'the " a godir oddiar dir-ddeiliaid yn Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    llywydd. er budd i bawb. Yna aed trwy y rhaglen a ganlyn: Adroddwyr, *iEr. Johny Edmunds, David Rees, Mark Harcombe, Weeks yr heddgeidwad; Misses i M. J. Wil- lianis, M. Phillips, M. 'A. Lewis. Canwyd Solos gan y' rhai canlynol, Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    D (ONX OF THE CONSTITUENT COLLEGES OF TH E rh UNIVERSITY OF WALES) ge au AGRICULTURAL DEPARTMENT. gr A Seven Weeks course of instruction for or Parmers' Sons, and others engaged in Agri- dr cultural Work, will commence he JANUARY Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    JOHN Primip KEvLEI had the pleasureof iWitness- ing at the other house the performance of Msv's little comedy of 71ree Weeks After AMarriage, P.kit copious alterations and additions, those in the charac-7 ter of Sib (iarlIs RJcdket by RosERT WrLaAs Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    readers will recollect the trial of this unfortunate Mar, which was given in the Ex-p-mel EB at length, about tia Weeks ago. It w as an interesting case, and it appeared to malny (thoagh the whole Court seemed of opinion Subscribers-only content

  • * Victoria County History *

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    The ancient borough St. Nicholas's Church of St. Nicholas, Leicester

    the ch.: Weeks , St. Nicholas' Par . Ch . 29. Weeks , op. cit. 39. Throsby, Hist. of Leic . 232; Leic. City Mun. Room, 1D41/4/ XXVIII /57. Nichols, Leics . i. 608. On this see Weeks , op.

    Economic history Farm-gardening and market gardening

    Weeks and his wife Lucy for life, and Alfred Weeks and the others were to pay annuities to John and his wife. Articles of partnership between Alfred Weeks and the others were drawn up in 1869 . In 1874

    Salisbury Roman Catholicism

    according to the reminiscences of one of its members, comprised besides the Arundell household, the Salisbury families of Peniston and Weeks , an old woman who sold pies and cakes, and an innkeeper from West Harnham , who had been

    Parishes Brinkworth

    sold it in 1665 to John Weeks 89 (d. 1678), who devised it, subject to rent charges for the poor of Brinkworth , to his grandson John Weeks , 90 perhaps the John Weeks holding land in Brinkworth in 1736

    Parishes Longworth

    and 16 acres woods and plantations. 5 The village is 31/2 miles south of Longworth , with Charney Wick or Weeks adjoining it on the east. Charney Wick , immediately north of Charney Bassett Church , is a two-storied building

  • * 19th Century British Pamphlets * *

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    The vital statistics of total abstinence., 1883

    10-5 days instead of 6-14, the Society would have had to bear 70,933 more days ' sickness, so that the weeks ' illness would have stood at 24,536 instead of 14,403. Should the Rechabites at any future time muster half Subscribers-only content

    The vital statistics of total abstinence., 1883

    Sick- less Claim. ortality per cent, per Annum. ckness Claim per Member per Annum. & *« 0 is § m Weeks . Rural Districts 292,969 3,108 399,899 ro6i I-365 Town do. 677,719 8,566 1,008,859 1-264 1-490 City do. 350,360 5,006 Subscribers-only content

    The vital statistics of total abstinence., 1883

    City Districts, 1866 -70 . Weeks . •66 •76 •82 95 108 1-32 1-75 2-35 3-30 5-13 8-o6 26-20 M. U. Oddfellows- Experience, Rural Districts, 1866 -70 . Foresters, 1871 -75 . Weeks . Weeks . •03 77 •84 •91 Subscribers-only content

    True socialism., 1886

    to have much bread for a familj, out of ten shillings a week, aftei paying lent. Besides, wages are unceitam. Weeks 01 even months pass, with only occa¬ sional emplojment. That the payment of so much hire in money should Subscribers-only content

    Hair splitting as a fine art: part II: more letters to my son Herbert., 1882

    jurymen, dreAV up a formal appeal Avhich they forwarded to me, to Downing Street , now actually my private residence. Weeks went by, they received no ansAver; and when, grown impatient at last, they pressed for one, I stated in Subscribers-only content

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    BOWES, Sir William (d.1611), of Streatlam, co. Dur.

    of the treaty the two countries were to exchange hostages or pledges, Bowes being charged to see the exchange effected. Weeks of exhausting discussions, fully reported to Burghley and Cecil by the joint ambassadors, ended in a fruitless meeting at

    SEYMOUR CONWAY, Richard, Visct. Beauchamp (1800-1870).

    his father for several years.[footnote] Early in 1817 Beauchamp reported to his mother the publication of Eaton Stannard Barrett"s Six Weeks at Long"s whichgives an account of my business, and says I affect to speak bad English, that I wore

  • * The Clergy of the Church of England Database *

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    Anthonius Fenton, 3/3/1637

    CCEd Record ID: 100662 Close Window Evidence CLERICAL DETAIL Surname Fenton Forename Anthonius Title Mr Qualification EVENT TYPE Date 3/3/1637 Office/Status Curate Location Weeks// OTHER INFORMATION Source Guildhall Library 9537/14 (Visitation Book) Ordinary / Jurisdiction Juxon, William/London 1633- 1660 Comment

    Antonius Fenton, 8/5/1632

    Appointment Evidence Record CCEd Record ID: 181784 Linked to person: Fenton, Anthony 1632-1671 Vacancy Data Close Window Evidence CLERICAL DETAIL Surname Fenton Forename Antonius Title Qualification BA University College Year EVENT TYPE Type Licensing Date 8/5/1632 Office/Status Curate Clerical


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