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  • * British History Online *

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    Middlesex Sessions Rolls, 1627

    Eastsmithfeild, St. Katherins, Nortonfolgate, Wapping, Shorditch, Whitechappell and other places of this county, are evident and apparent to this Court (viz. S. P. held at Hickes Hall), And whereas Cowcrosse aforesaid, Turmilstreete, Charterhouselaine, Saffronhill, Bloomesbury, Pettycoatelane, Wapping and Ratcliffe and

    House of Commons Journal Volume 11, 10 January 1694, 10 January 1694-10 January 1694

    of the Clock in the Afternoon, in the Speaker's Chamber. St. John, of Wapping, Parish. A Petition of the Inhabitants of the Hamlet or Chapelry of Wapping , in the Parish of St. Mary Matfellon , alias Whitechapel , in

    BUTLER, Mary

    not completed Number of crimes 1 7 July 1637 Entry B, of Mark Lane, was accused by Mrs Ellyson of Wapping of treating her for 100s. plus 100s. if cured. B admitted giving dictander, maydenheyre & alehoofe, treacle. Said she

    HOLLAND, Robert

    Entry SAUNDERS (qv, 648) reported that Mrs Nokes of Wapping, a midwife, had obtained julep and cordials from Holland in Fan Church Street, and had given them to Mrs Southen of Wapping. Action taken ? Verdict case not completed 28

    Middlesex Sessions Rolls, 1660 (March-December)

    Warren esq. J.P., of John Forsheire "liveing neer the Pelican on Wapping Wall" in Stepney co. Midd. "doctor" in the sum of twenty pounds, and of John Orton of Wapping Wall aforesaid victualler and Thomas Pettiface of Shadwell waterman, in

  • * John Strype's Survey of London Online *

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    Book 1, Chapter 15 TOWER of London. Lieutenancy.

    divers Divisions, called Hamlets, lying in the Parishes of Hackney , Stepney , White Chapel , Minories , S. Katharines, Wapping , Shadwell , Shoreditch , and the Liberty of Norton Folgate and Bromley . The Names of which Hamlets

    Book 4, Chapter 2 Suburbs without the Walls. Allome house.

    the 25 th Day of July last, the Allome Farmers or their Assigns, have erected new Erections at or near Wapping , where there Allome Works are: And that upon the 16 th Day of this Instant Month of August,

    Book 1, Chapter 1 The Situation, Extent, and Populousness.

    resorting thither to Parliament, and upon other Occasions, with the Inhabitants of the City, and the Village of Southwark , Wapping , and East Smithfield , to complain thereof twice, (one time after another) to the King, as a publick

    Book 1, Chapter 25 Schools. Christ-Church, Charter-House.

    Twenty poor Children; whereof Fourteen to be of the said Parish of Barking , and six of an Hamlet in Wapping . This Master hath an House for himself where the said School is kept, and two Chaldron of Coals

    Book 1, Chapter 26 Bridewel Hospital.

    House sustained by the Fire in 1666 , their Revenue was much impaired by Two other Fires that happened at Wapping ; where a great many Tenements belonging to it were burnt; the one in June, 1673 ; and the

  • * Victoria County History *

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    Stepney Roman Catholicism to c. 1700

    no papists in 1706 but found eight, in Wapping , Bethnal Green , Mile End New Town , and Spitalfields . 73 In 1714 about 60 names were reported, in Ratcliff , Wapping , Spitalfields , and Mile End New

    Stepney Protestant Nonconformity to 1689

    Bethnal Green , of Joseph Farnworth in Buky Street and another in Globe Alley, both Wapping (Presbyterian), for a house by the Hermitage , near Wapping (Congregationalist); and the house of W. Polter in Bell Lane , Stepney (Baptist). 88


    separate parishes: Whitechapel , including part of Wapping called Wapping-Whitechapel which became the parish of St. John , Wapping ; Stratford Bow , including Old Ford ; Shadwell ; the major part of Wapping called Wapping-Stepney , which became the

    Schools Raine_s Foundation Schools

    founded free schools in Fawdon Fields 31 for 50 boys and 50 girls of the parish of St. George , Wapping . A deed 32 of 1736 conveying these schools and other property to 46 trustees also sets out Raine's

    Stepney Local Government

    , Haliwell street, Stratford Bow , Wapping , and Blackwall and Poplar . Each had one constable, one aletaster (except Wapping with two), and two headboroughs (except Ratcliff with eight, and Whitechapel and Wapping with four each). 79 Between 1640

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    ebu ar rain .ei gefbder-y babanetifeddcly haeru mai tiyllwr ydyw, a neb amgednaanab i gigydd osr enw ATu ORTON, -yn Wapping, ac yb, peiderfynn dinystriiei bawl i'r tifedd- iaedth. - ao pobitebyg bydd i'rbprf -' barhau am rai wythimsau, a Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    yn hwyr y noson hono, tua naw o'r gloch, efe a mn gymerodd gab ac a aeth i lawr i Wapping, wedi gor. vw chuddio ei hun mewn hugan a mygydu yr haner isaf l'w Fs wyneb, a chap am Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    -dywedai y tyst- ion Awstraliaidd mai efe oedd y dyn aadwaenid fel Castro ac Orton yno, tra yr hawliai tystion Wapping, Llundain, ef fel eu ben gymydog {r gynt; a methai y tystion milwraidd a gweled ,n dim ynddo a Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    y stad sydd yn myned wrth yr enw hwnw, so mai nid efe yw Arthur Orton, mab y cigydd o Wapping, Llun- daie. Yr oedd holl dystiolaethau yr erlyniad yn rhan- edig i ddau ddosbarth,-un i brofi mai nid y Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    werthu gwin heb drwydded yr ynadon. Taenid y gair yn Llundain ddiwedd yr wythnos fod Arthur Orton wedi dyfod i Wapping i ymweled a' dcnlu. Cynhaliwyd arddangosiad bwyd-ellyllon (' fungus') gan y Gymdeithas Arddwriaethol Frenhinol,. y laf icyfisol, a dvwedir Subscribers-only content

  • * Lane's Masonic Records *

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    Mariners' Lodge

    0 Lodge Number (1832): 0 Lodge Number (1863): 0 ReNumber (1814): 0 ReNumber (1832): 0 ReNumber (1863): 0 Notes (1): Lodge " Dissolved " (Note by G. Sec.) 1778. Meeting Places St. Andrew's Cross, near the Hermitage, Wapping, London 1760

    St. Mary's Lodge

    Arms, Wapping, London 1797 King of Denmark's Head, Wapping, London 1801 St. Andrew's Tavern, Wapping, London 1802 Inverness Arms, Wapping, London 1802 Ship and Punch Bowl, Wapping, London 1802 Black Boy, Wapping, London 1803 White Swan, Wapping Dock, Wapping, London

    Mount Moriah Lodge

    Gun Dock, Wapping, London 1775 Windmill, Rosemary Lane, London 1788 Near the Custom House, Thames Street, London 1789 Three Compasses, White's Yard, Rosemary Lane, London 1793 Jacob's Well, Nightingale Lane, Wapping, London 1795 King's Arms, Nightingale Lane, Wapping, London 1798

    Sea Captains' Lodge

    0 Lodge Number (1863): 0 ReNumber (1814): 0 ReNumber (1832): 0 ReNumber (1863): 0 Meeting Places St. Andrew's Cross, Hermitage, Wapping, London 1751 Salutation Tavern, Billingsgate, London 1761 King's Head Tavern, Fenchurch Street, London 1762 Nag's Head Tavern, Leadenhall Street,

    City Lodge

    Lodge Number (1832): 0 Lodge Number (1863): 0 ReNumber (1814): 0 ReNumber (1832): 0 ReNumber (1863): 0 Meeting Places King of Sweden, Wapping Dock, Wapping, London 1765 The Angel, John Street, Minories, London 1769 India Warehouses, Fenchurch Street, London 1776

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    DAVALL, Sir Thomas II (1682-1714), of Burr Street, Wapping, Mdx., Dovercourt and Grays, Essex

    (1682-1714), of Burr Street, Wapping, Mdx., Dovercourt and Grays, Essex Constituency Dates Harwich 1713 Apr. 1714 Biography Davall’s career was very much overshadowed by that of his father, and little is known about his early life, or the extent of

    BERTIE, Hon. James (1673-1735), of Stanwell, Mdx.

    recorded divisions. On 22 Nov. 1724 he seconded a motion for an inquiry into the outrages committed by outlaws in Wapping under the pretext of sheltering for debt,[footnote] becoming a member of the committee set up to conduct this inquiry.[footnote]

    COXHEAD, Thomas (c.1734-1811), of Hemnalls, Epping, Essex.

    Coxhead appeared as a cooper (1770) and timber merchant (1774) at Great Hermitage Street, Wapping, in the London trade directories. At the time he entered Parliament he was a stave merchant in partnership with one Stephens; a London liveryman; and

    HADDOCK, Sir Richard (c.1629-1715), of Mile End, Wapping, Mdx.

    (c.1629-1715), of Mile End, Wapping, Mdx. Constituency Dates Aldeburgh Mar. 1679 New Shoreham 1685 Ofifces Held Lt. Commonwealth navy 1653, capt. 1656; capt. RN 1665-7, 1672-3; c.-in-c. Channel fleet 1682; adm. 1690. Ofifces Held Commr. for navy 1673-82, comptroller 1682-5,

    MANGLES, James (1762-1838), of Woodbridge, nr. Guildford, Surr.

    Surrey, by 1803.[footnote] While he maintained an interest in the mercantile concern at Rotherhithe, he was last named in the Wapping partnership in 1821. That year he was appointed deputy chairman of the Wey-Arun Junction Canal Company, and he assumed

  • * The Proceedings of the Old Bailey Online, 1674-1913 *

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    Theft, 14/01/1676

    for a Fellony committed by them at Wapping , the Woman being entertained as a Servant , did the next day run away with a Silver Tankard, a Farrenden-gown, and many other things . The Gentlewoman missing them, used all

    Abraham Kent, Theft, 01/06/1682

    Ships and other things , from James Yeames of Wapping , on the 13th. of April last; one of them upon Evidence, appearing to be found in his Breeches, yet he denied that he ever Stole any, but that coming

    Margaret Suffling, Royal Offences, 26/04/1693

    a pair of Shears and a Box of Clippings found in her House in Wapping by the Constable, which were pulled out of a whole in the Wall, where a Trumpetter Lodged (but the Prisoners Daughter a little Girl), there

    Susan Boreman, Theft, 31/05/1693

    Cup value 15s. and 32s. in Money from one Thomas Francis of Wapping , on the 30th. of March last was 12 Month . The Evidence was Mrs. Francis and others, who deposed, that the Prisoner came to her House

    Sarah Anderson, Theft, 24/05/1694

    her Master , one John Gill of Wapping , on the 10th Instant, of a Bag, value 1d. 40 Guinea's, and 10l. in money . The Prisoner confessed before the Justice, that she stole 7l. in si lver, a Guinea,


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