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    East Indies, June 1624, 03 June 1624-30 June 1624

    would not be granted, himself with the committees that have usually assist ed in this business attended his Majesty at Wanstead where they were required to make payment of those monies required by his Majesty, whereto Mr. Governor replied that

    The King's Book of Payments, 1509, 01 April 1509-31 December 1509

    year's annuity, 60 s . Total of five weeks, 9,136 l . 11 s . 5 d . 9th, at Wanstead. Notaries of Scotland for instrument of the King's oath, 20 s . Messengers, from the Council to Lincoln and

    Spain, August 1506, 01 August 1506-31 August 1506

    the King of France be willing to accept his proposals, he must accompany the French ambassadors to Flanders and Gueldres. Wanstead, 12th August 1506. French. pp. 10 of print . Lettres du Roy Louis XII., vol. I. p . 78.

    Venice, September 1609, 21-30, 21 September 1609-30 September 1609

    expected with the despatches of the 4th. I learned that the King had gone hunting and was to sleep at Wanstead. I set out for that place and sent my secretary on ahead to inform the Duke of Lennox that

    Index, J, 01 January 1617-31 December 1619

    312. has gout, 312; comes to London and proceeds to Wanstead, 317; interested in Barnevelt's fate, 318. deprives Suffolk, 321; profits from sale of dignities, ib . goes from Wanstead to Havering and gives audience, 324; opinion of Osuna and

    Cecil Papers, July 1588, 01 July 1588-31 July 1588

    from Salisbury has been unable through illness to pay him his respects. Is now at Wanstead, awaiting the return of Lord Leicester, gone into Hertfordshire. Wanstead, 15 July 1588. French . 1 p. 697. Godshouse in Southampton. 1588, July 16.

    Spain, August 1548, 01 August 1548-31 August 1548

    Calendar that the village to which he referred was Wanstead, as he spoke of it as being near Wanstead House, the residence of Princess Mary. The distance from Old Ford to Wanstead is about three miles. This was the disestablished

    Venice, September 1618, 18-30, 01 September 1618-30 September 1618

    king came to London the day before yesterday, but merely passed the night there, and yesterday morning he left for Wanstead ( Vnstod ) to which place I sent to ask for audience, to execute the orders of your Serenity

    Cecil Papers, July 1581, 01 July 1581-31 July 1581

    you shall hear and know, as occasion shall be offered. The Queen's Majesty was almost altered for her going to Wanstead by some thwart practice whatsoever, but at last she went, and hath been very well and merry there, and

    Index, E, 01 January 1572-31 December 1582

    description of; 240. the Court of; 267. receives the Prince of Cond ; 329, 335. at Oatlands; 339. goes to Wanstead; 403. progresses of; 187, 189, 190, 201, 213, 411. sends money to the Duke of Anjou; 422, 520. parsimony

    Cecil Papers, Miscellaneous 1595, 01 January 1595-31 December 1595

    shall direct. Do to him that goes with Ellis Jones all the service you could or would do to myself. Wanstead, 27 August. Holograph . 1 p . ( 179. 154.) Henry Aiscoughe to Lord Burghley. [1595. ] Is in

    Cecil Papers, April 1607, 1-15, 01 April 1607-15 April 1607

    half an hour after four of the clock) may see that my Lord of Southampton will not stir out of Wanstead until to-morrow, which moves me this night to go unto him, whereby you may guess that to-morrow at dinner

    Elizabeth, August 1577, 6-10, 01 August 1577-31 August 1577

    sister's, and my own most hearty commendations to you, I bid you, good Mr. Secretary, farewell. This Saturday morning at Wanstead, 10 Aug. My brother is yet nothing well, but amending prettily. Holograph. Add. Endd . 1 p . [

    Venice, September 1616, 16-30, 16 September 1616-30 September 1616

    decision on Tuesday or Wednesday. On the following Tuesday evening the king entered London and on Wednesday he proceeded to Wanstead, after first sending Winwood to the house of the Spanish ambassador to show him the second paper presented by

    Cecil Papers, August 1598, 16-31, 16 August 1598-31 August 1598

    Majesty's house at St John's, being desirous to attend your Lordship when you are pleased to pass that way towards Wanstead, prays that he may there set up a little house or cottage wherein to harbour himself, and be at

    Index, E

    Don Antonio mentioned, 184. a vessel proposed for her service between Dover and Calais, and Dover and Sandwich, 187. at Wanstead, 200. at Berrington, 201. visited by Duke of Anjou, 201. allusion to plot against, 204. bill of, concerning the

    East Indies, July 1624, 2-10, 02 July 1624-10 July 1624

    to the value of 800,000 l ., or 900,000 l . at the least. [ Presented to the King at Wanstead on Sunday , 11 July, see No . 503. Two pages. East Indies, Vol. III., No . 20. ]

    East Indies, July 1624, 11-20, 11 July 1624-20 July 1624

    discretion. [ Extract from Domestic Corresp., Jac. I., Vol. CLXIX., No . 41, Cal., p . 298. ] July 12. Wanstead. 502. Sec. Conway to Buckingham. The East India merchants have renewed a grievous complaint against the Hollanders. The King

    East Indies, June 1625, 01 June 1625-25 June 1625

    audience, with a petition inserting the whole process of the business of Amboyna from the delivery of the petition at Wanstead, and particularly his late Majesty's resolution to have satisfaction by 12 August last, and yet nothing hitherto effected, the

    America and West Indies, July 1738, 1-15, 01 July 1738-31 July 1738

    a negro boy of twelve years and a half named John George Anthony and sold him to one Jones at Wanstead in Essex. The king directs that enquiry be made for the boy who is said to have been put

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