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  • * Victoria County History *

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    Madeley Communications Madeley 1849

    pits and ironworks to the Tweedale basin near the bottom of the Windmill farm incline, and from the Hales pits. 11 The canal was taken over by the L.N.W.R. in 1857 and closed north of Tweedale basin in 1858 .

    Madeley Growth of settlement

    1935-7 . 27 North and east of Madeley , 82 houses in Coronation Crescent were built 1936-40 and 48 in Tweedale Crescent 1939-40 . 28 After the war building was resumed, to clear slums and relieve the housing shortage. Progress

    Telford The Area Around Wellington Telford in the early 1980s

    the borough of Wenlock 's works south of Cuckoo Oak . Accordingly the first industrial estate was laid out at Tweedale , where the first factory was occupied in the autumn of 1966, 41 and house building began at Sutton

    Madeley Economic history Coalbrookdale

    others at Bedlam and Blists Hill . John Davies 's works at Halesfield is probably to be identified with the Tweedale Patent Drain Tile & Brick Works in existence by 1843 . Another Davies ran one of the two works

    Index K-Z

    , see wood: working turnips , see crops: vegetables turnpike roads , see roads Turreff , A. A., Tweedale , see Madeley Tweedale industrial estate , see Madeley : ind. est. Tyrley (Staffs.) (in Market Drayton ) , Tywysog (in

  • * British History Online * *

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    Acts, 1718

    Assembly, finding that t he Assembly, held anno 1710, by their 7th Act did appoint the Synods of Lothian and Tweedale, Perth and Stirling, Fife and Aberdeen, to send correspondents to the Synod of Angus and Mearns; and that the

    Acts, 1706

    to supply the other diet by naming and appointing ministers out of other Presbyteries, and the Synod of Lothian and Tweedale are to adjust the diets of the three Presbyteries above named in their bounds. The Commission is to require

    Index, T

    de, 1316. Tutty , Captain, 224, 538, 892. Tuxford (Nots.), 796, 821, 822, 858. Tweed , 139, 860, 1230 (5). Tweedale , 1323. Tygure , see Zurich. Tynedale , 13, 209, 395, 936, 1320, 1372, 1409. -, the keeper of,

    The Diary of Thomas Burton, 29 April 1657, 29 April 1657-29 April 1657

    Council have approved. It was passed accordingly. Mr. Sxinton offered another proviso for the pardon of Callender and Cranstone. Lord Tweedale and Lord Broghill seconded that motion. His Highness hath showed much favour to one of them, viz. to Cranstone,

    General Index, T, U, V, 01 June 1657-30 April 1658

    for sick and wounded seamen Turvey , Ireland Tuscany , Grand Duke of (Ferdinand II.) Tutchin , Robt. petition of Tweedale , Earl of, see Hay. Twiford , co. Norfolk Twing , Albertus Twistleton , Col. Tyler , Robt., petition Subscribers-only content

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    swnio yn uchel, ond yn meddwl ychydig iawn. Yr oedd dau o bonynt o'r blaen yn bendefigion Seotaidd, sef Ardalydd Tweedale ae Arglwydd Reay; ac Arglwydd Howth yn bendefig Gwyddelig. Ond yr oedd yn rhaid iddynt fyned trwy "' greadigaeth Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    weithwyr. Yr amgylcbiad diweddat yn ddiamee vdoedd y mwyaf dyddorol o hdllgyfarfodydd v dydd- lle y ryflaynwyd yr anerch;ad gan Tweedale un o weithwyr hynaf Mr. Bright, ec y traddododd y boneddwr aerhydeddes araith dra dyddorol ar ssfyllfs y gveithiwr Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    for a difywyd a gafwyd yn Nhy yr Arglwyddi. Cynygiwyd yr anerchiad mown atebiad i'r Araith o'r Orsedd gan Ardalydd Tweedale, 'yr hwn a anerchodd y Ty am y waith gyntaf, a chefnogwyd ef gsan Arglwydd Vernon. Treuliodd Arglwydd Salisbury~y Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Carrick Calthorpe Lauderdale (Earl of Marlborough Graham (Muntrose) Carrington Lauderdale) Northumberland Scarborough Ross (Glasgow) Farnhsam SCAOQUSS. Cardigan Bagot "Loftus (Ely) Tweedale VISCOUNTS. Gray Archbishop of'Iuain xARiLS. Clancarty (Earl of Stowell BISHOPS. Malmsbur Chncrt) Wigan (Balcarras) Bangor Macclesfiel'd ~Go~rt'm Churchill St. Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    FROOM THE LONDON GAZETTES. Tuesday, Marchz 9. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. W. H. Austin and W. S. Mastermnan, Wine Office court, Fleet street, attorneys-W. X'Culloch, J. Tompson, and A. M'Culloch, Liverpool, wine dealers-J. Alsop and J. Bent, Manchester, tea dealers-W. Mair, Subscribers-only content

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    Return of the Lords of Session in Scotland, to an Order of the Right Honourable the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, in Parliament Assembled, on the 12th of June, 1739., 11 June 1738

    to them, thus: D u His Royal Highnefs the Prince Rothefay, Hamilton, Buccleugh, Lennox, 3 K E S Marquisses Gordon, Tweedale, Queensberry, Lothian, Argyle, Annandale. Douglas, Athole, Earls Montrofe, Crauford, Roxburgh. Erroll, B Earls Sutherland, Monteith, Rothes, Mortoun, Buchan, Glencairn, Subscribers-only content

    23 March 1724, 23 March 1725

    Boyle. Ds. Hay. Ds. Trevor. Ds. Bathurfl. Ds. Buck, wn ip. er Dux Kent. Dux Wharton. Dux Dorfet. ^ March. Tweedale. Epus. Comes Lincoln. ^ Comes Leicefier. Comes Warwick. Comes Wefimor- land. Comes Litchfield. Comes Warrington* Comes Buchan. Comes Findlater. Subscribers-only content

    1 May 1725, 1 May 1725

    Foley. Ds. Baihurjii Ds. Dux Montagu. Dux Montrofe. Dux /wK/. Dux Ancafter c£? fwf«, Magnu merarius Jwg/itf Dux Wharton. March. Tweedale. Comes Lincoln. Comes Warwick & Holland. Comes Berkfiire. Comes Scarfdale. Comes Carlifle. Comes Scarbrough. Comes Rochford. Comes Albemarle, Comes Subscribers-only content

    17 May 1733, 17 May 1733

    Bedford. Dux Montrofe. Dux Kent. Dux Am after Iß Ke- fteven, Magnus Ca- merarius Angl. Dux Dorfet. Dux Bridgewater. March. Tweedale. Comes Northampton. Comes Warwick & Holland. Comes Denbigh. Comes Winchilfea & Nott. Comes Chefterfieldi Comes Shafiefjurf. Comes Litchfield. Comes Subscribers-only content

    26 November 1783, 26 November 1783

    Son of £FzY7z'<z?h oVtzttzzzr?, againft — - - - _ - _ - J- Stewart, 'Worfleys' againft Mar- chionefs of Tweedale et al. of Pzr^/Y/3/z/y, in the County Palatine of Ci>£/?i?r, " Efquire, yfzzzz Piw-zzyzro//, and PzVzzzzor P6arzzy<:r<?/z', " may Subscribers-only content


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