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  • * Victoria County History *

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    Houses of Benedictine monks The priory of Cranbourne

    Priors of Horton 24 Hugh, occurs 1286 25 John de Bradeford, occurs 1348 26 John Cosyn, occurs 1401 27 Henry Trew , occurs 1459-60 28 John Dorchester , occurs 1504 29 John Hart or Herte alias Raynold, occurs on its

    Dagenham Churches, schools and charities

    were pluralists. 41 An assistant curate is recorded occasionally before the 17th century and frequently in the 18th. 42 Charles Trew , instituted in 1641 , was ejected in 1643 . 43 The Committee for Plundered Ministers proposed to replace

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    2 Sir Hen . Andrews, 250 (or Trew ), John (fl. 1501-2 ), 250 John, father of Rob. (fl. 1618), 312 John (d. 1614), 250 John (d. by 1664 ), 250 (or Trew ), Rob. (d. c . 1564), 311-12

    The borough of Devizes Religious and cultural history

    chamberlains of 1835-6 , in their austere report, budgeted for its resumption. 803 By will proved 1564 Robert Drew or Trew , of Southbroom, gave the poorest people of Devizes 20 s . out of his lands in Devizes to

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    , John; Parry, Sidney Gambier ; Planck, W.; Sidnell, Mic.; Smirke, Sir Rob.; Southwell , Sir Edw.; Strachan , John; Trew , H. F.; Vulliamy, Lewis ; Waller & Son; Woodyer, Hen. Arderne, Rog. de, Ariconium, see Weston under Penyard

  • * John Foxe's The Acts and Monuments Online *

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    Book 6, page 1602 (1563)

    be in controuersy betwene thee and thy fellowes in the kinges Benche, whereof predestination is a parte, as thy fellowe Trew hath confessed, and thy selfe doest not deny it.Car. I doe not denye it. but he that first tolde

    K. Henry. 4. Articles gathered out of the bookes of John Puruey.

    men) then the true and perfecte prieffhood of God, grounded by a true and liuely faith, annexed with good woorkes. Trew ministers may be made without shauing.Also, if it were needefull to haue such shauelynges, God knoweth howe, and can

    Quene Mary. The Examination and death of Iohn Careles.

    our good workes, and so lōg elected, as we do them, & no longer.Mart. Write that he sayth, his fellow Trew beleueth of predestination as the Papistes do beleue.Carel. Ah Master Doctour, did I so terme you? Seyng that this

    Q. Mary. Ghostly Letters of M. Iohn Bradford, holy Martyr.

    example shoulde make mē to stumble at the truth. Forget not salutations in Christ, as you shall thinke good to Trew and hys felowes. The Lord hath his tyme (I hope) for them also, although we perchaunce thinke otherwise. A

    Book 6, page 1600 (1563)

    vs that I know of.Martin What? wylt thou lye to me? Is ther not great contention betwene thee, and one Trew, that was here with me erewhyle? yes that there is, and I can tell thee by what token well

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    . 27,169 a gopiau, cynydd o 2,119 ar y flwyddyn flaen- is orol. Drwg oedd genym glytednad yw cylchrediad y Trew ryet oond2 ya Wl, o bu bOud cgU ddn 15 op. y fhwyddyn hon ragor y fiwyddyn a Darllenvyd Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    4 "S t I.,Alw, I ?jl Ji4 : ? & ,I . 8 k A 0 Y .LT ;b Wx 41APPAJ ' OH3SEBYFA;L JbM , D AI ,~~~~~~~~' I 7, , blj9Z-;f71 sSL:.-, _Aberteifi, Debe z 2, Bry: Oe:Ni_, Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Aioot. jAbortehi, Gogiedd, Tebernaeo, Aberyotwsyth, Ion. 5, 6, Abyutolifl, Dhonhe, Ienon, Ionawr 1S, 14, Arfon, Brynyrodyn, Ionawr 10, 11. BryohnilOg, Trew ffateli, lonswr 11, 12. aKorfyrdodn, Dinbych- Dyfryn Ciwyd, Lianehidan, Ionewm 25, 26. Dyifryn Conwy, Lianeentifraid, Ionnawr 19, 20. Ffiint, Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    by -nieans of a re- ti.tarott ecrfederato, allnd desppirhng -or restoringj, Iui]-edf to | PGi.fer buit hy mianS Of Soiner Trew -and rmasitvly Ito resolves upon n giving A4zn'io ihe keys otf '-dlk b. dtrlkingn with him for thu dertructioll Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    the case involved a most serious charge against the officers Trew and Burcham. Inspector Harris said that the whole matter was about to undergo a rigid investigation. The policeman Trew had already sent in a report, in which he denied Subscribers-only content

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    TREW, Simon (by 1515-52), of Cambridge.

    Trew evidently aggravated the situation and further letters from Cromwell were followed by a royal letter of 29 Aug. 1537, from which it appears that the only notice the corporation had taken of the minister’s remonstrances was to send

    TOTHILL, Geoffrey (d.1574), of Peamore, near Exeter, Devon.

    money about the same’. In the 1566 session ‘Trew’s matter’ had to be considered, that is, the haven which John Trew had contracted to build. Exeter wished to clear the estuary of the river Exe of hindrances to navigation, and


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