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  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    hiinanfeddianol. Ychydig cyn ei farwolaeth, dywedai wrth ei briod- gan arfer ymadrodd lled gyff- redin gydagef-" Too late for the boat, Mary bach; too late for the boat." Gofynodd hithau iddo ai ofni am ddiogelwoh ei gydlwr yr oedd. '-0 Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Bangor wjedi anion Lanberis, i ymiholi beth, oedd- yn cael ei wneyd a'r mesn r addelyg yn ,y .plwyf,- " Too Zate, sir." Da iawn y Llanberisiaid 'am fod mor brydlon gyda'r achos pwysig hdwn. UNDEn CANID CYNIJLLEIDFAOL.-Rhcddwyd, cyf- arfodydd Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    25 , y Eigh.street MMALHMAge1 ame Oalw wA 5 %../ ~ pai& D> D4 utak el fo 0 G004 oar.!c Too [MALIN T- G i Bttlea, being 2j timed larger, the saving by p eheisr tOM,, I it .1 l- Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    gan y Corati yngbyd, ya yel etl cynorthwyo i y daixnau 1umgel gan Gerddoion. galuog. Y Cyfarfddidore m1,,a 'goh ydd "Too an, Ygpyfdd96r Tizaiians Penygr a5 oer glrsafhodd I y rhad y far¢na iw owel am y dydd gyFrah g Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    sen aelast yp. eY. a c.; llei-= had 275p. 9s. SI,. At ddodrefari Gapel Whitedleld Road, 120p. 0s. 0c. EtN Too Pa4. at dramul yr achoI Iesogni 13p. 16s. A. G@ape na- wydd Widneas, 17p. 65.60. At D9ysalra y CiW'dioneyned Subscribers-only content

  • * Victoria County History *

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    The Bodleian library

    to alter the style of the work, which, so far as it had gone, was considered over-elaborate in taste and too costly and slow in execution. Elkin was, accordingly, required to proceed, as he had started, in a plainer fashion.

    Benedictine nuns St Helen's , Bishopsgate

    of her rule is perhaps confirmed by the flight and marriage of another of her nuns in 1388 . 31 Too much discipline was certainly not the characteristic of the house in the next century , judging from two sets

    Parishes St Giles

    the arcade and a portion of the brick walling above, the height at the highest point being only 14 ft. Too little is left to form an adequate idea of the original appearance of the building, but it seems to

    Parishes Coln St. Dennis

    1650 , 20 and a population of c . 80 in 16 families at the end of the century. 21 Too little is known about the early 18thcentury inclosure to judge whether it is likely to have stimulated a rise

    Hampstead Education

    , financed by vol. contributions. Cath. Poor Sch. Cttee. grant 1849. 19 B and 13 G examined 1851, when rooms too small but new bldgs. planned. Annual parl. grant until 1865, then closed until 1872. Reopened with a.a. 39. 1880

  • * John Strype's Survey of London Online *

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    Appendix 1, Chapter 10 Laudable Customs of LONDON.

    Leisure might have answered the Quality of the Argument which I had in Hand. But fearing least I should with too long a Discourse in so plain a Proposition, breed more Loathsomeness than Liking, I would not; for want of

    Appendix 1, Chapter 11 The Circuit Walk. Battersey.

    Dom. 1685/6 . Posuit marito optimè de se merito ux. mœstissima. Born to be Great, in Fortune as in Mind, Too great to be within an Isle confin'd: Young, helpless, friendless, Seas unknown he try'd: But English Courage all those

  • * John Foxe's The Acts and Monuments Online *

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    Book 12, page 1667 (1576)

    in vno Domino. i. in one Lord, I read in Math. 17. nō omnis qui dicit, domine, domine. &c. i. Too pretend vnitie vnder the title of one Lord, is not inough.Not euery one that saieth Lord, Lord. &c. And


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