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  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Tiroy are am"ong cthe best anti cltOapstst books for Yortrg People. * lceatly publislred: i. Tire Sea Kiegs. 2. Mitdolaisne Toba and, her Blind Brtreher. 3s. Tire Yossng Esnigranrsls 4. 'lie Boy and tlso Book. 'rie above are nose ready Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    REVIEW. L No. CLXXXIII ADVERTISEMENTS and BILLS forthe foethomi:cg Number most be forwarded to tlS Publisher by the 27th instant. ,Toba MUlrray, Albenarcele ct. vr HE EDINBURGH RIEVIEW. PNo. CXCVII. T A ctVOTcsE-OM2xs and BsLLS intended for insertion are re Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    "WA.NTED" CLA3S {f AlJVERYISEMENTS. For centescutive iosertlone of the elasses of small Adeartieoment T 6parttieslarieed belowe the followving are' the yrcpaidt cabrge .- i 16wrd,IOne, 6dl. 1 7 to 52 01,oid, Onre.... leI. Odl Cal D~itto, Thrcs Inetin .. Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Fine Art Dopositor7.; beet subeirb. In-coming - vluation. Excellent living. - t. Clair, Stevensoen, and Corale Auctionnere. e217l CIIGAR and Toba ~cc Buincee aeabiohed 25 years, in splendid C thoroughfare. Price £-ilrsP. 13. lruly Pont. odISS CIIG AR and Tobacco Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    ~' WAX'TEJD` CLASSofj ADVERRTISEMENTS, Iror collsectssare Issertlons of the eliscoesj of smail Adv'ertisement5~ 30 ord, O1 e gd On7 oe..It Utt. O Thriee bueirlow thAotnar h oetioego every addlitiorml elgh Cyrsfroelsrln euto or spending to the abov en id Subscribers-only content

  • * British History Online * *

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    Index, J, K, 01 January 1513-31 December 1616

    1104, 1117, 1119, 1123-4, 1127, 1134, 1151, 1163, 1170, 1178, 1183 see also Arima; Sakaii Faccatay; Shashma; Firando; Saranga; Ikanoura; Toba; Miako; Umbra; Nangasaki; Xaxma; Osaka; Yedo; Oxima; Yshew; -, letters dated from, 585, 835, 1185 -, Christianity in, 696,

    Index, T, 01 January 1513-31 December 1616

    503, 669, p. 272, 805, 915, 946, 1030, 1158, 1174 - spoons, 632 Tinga (Sumatra), 521 Tither , Edward, 1034 Toba (Japan), 729 Tobacco , 511, 623, 662, 696, p. 286 -, price of, 659 Tombuotoo , 266 Tome Same

    East Indies, June 1614, 01 June 1614-30 June 1614

    of the assembly of courtiers to build the castle; Eaton writes that merchants buy nothing, cavaliers carry all away. Hears Toba, where their goods have laid wind bound so long, is not above two or three days ' journey from

    General Index, T, U, V, 01 October 1672-28 February 1673

    to See also Russell, Col. John. Tiverton, member for. See Ford, Sir Henry. Tobacco pipeclay , leave to export, requested Toba go , letter dated from ship at vessel for narrative of the capture of expedition against Tolerby , Lieut. Subscribers-only content

    Charles II, July 1678, 01 July 1678-31 July 1678

    States with advice, but which came last from the Canaries. The commander reports that the French are in possession of Toba go as also of Cape de Verde. He is ridden post for London to-day, and the ship is to Subscribers-only content


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