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  • * John Strype's Survey of London Online *

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    Book 5, Chapter 17 [Eastland] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Merchants.]

    bring home every Year great Quantities, both of Masts, Pitch and Tarr . The last Year , the Dutch had in their first Shipping, two Ships laden of Tarr : and their second Shipping, Masts: But we none at all.

    Book 2, Chapter 14 Downgate Ward. Stylyard.

    of Almaine, that used to bring hither, as well Wheat, Rye , and other Grain, as Cables, Ropes, Masts, Pitch, Tarr , Flax, Hemp, Linen Cloth, Wainscots, Wax, Steel, and other profitable Merchandizes. Unto these Merchants, in the Year 1259

    Book 5, Chapter 17 [Merchants] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [of Russia.]

    in this Kindom; together with most sorts of English Commodities. And for these and the like they import Pot-ashes, Cordage, Tarr , Tallow, Cable-Yarn, Coarse and Fine Linnen Cloth, Bees-Wax, Isinglass, Hide of several sorts both tan'd and raw; Hogs-Bristles,

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    i efrydwyr, cenadan, yggolfeistni, &ce. * Anfoflnr pob am lym ~aa, gyd blaen.dal am 4auyut., i Mr. JoPeplre . Tarr. FJ6, Pateonaster-row, l~ensl^, oddi with yr hwn r gelir cael atalogues yn Aafonfr ceiuiadau. Gwounidogion a cheidsadau am -Dretodinf Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    DIIRFNEWYDD. i ; ; I- I,:,~ YMADAWIAD Y PARCH. 0. JoNEO, MA., - Nos Lundiwe'ddaf, eynhaliwyd cyfarfod ymadawol y a parch. Owen Janes, M.L.,' 'r eglwys Gymraeg yn y lle - bvm, i'r America, prylyy ,cyIwvyuwyd-tyseebha iL Mr. -a Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Wv'lrttniiiqter Ablhey, and of lis 'NI C1Siaelsaf 8 JaMle, I April '24, in Upper Brouk-tr s irt, lin his 77tl )Tarr Hesilrieffe, Bart. 7 April 25, iii Craven-xtreet, anire 73, Mr. James Smilit, - tlhe oilidet Membe-rs of the Stoek Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    dTejecle55 Baeliold him beegfging for emplo- Behokl him diifegarded! ' Tlhen view the angtish ill liis eVe, A nd say,-Arr Tarr reivardedr !T'Ieil, oh, protect, &C; To thern yo.o dearest igrts younowe; In peace then would you starve theint -Whlr Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    of this rneqiorabie petition deserve consideration. Iprir- pose rlevotillg a hew lines to it in my next letter, remainito your Lotdshipns very obedient servant: JULtIUs LUOLPltjS SCHP aobrR. * Rott. Parl. in Torr. Lond. + Rott. Part. ini Tarr. Loild. Subscribers-only content

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    The Case of Mr. Jeronimy Clifford, Merchant and Planter of Surinam., 1 August 1719

    Copper-work, Mill-work, Iron-work, Pewter, linn, Lead, Lime and Lime-ftone, Pitch, Tarr, Rflzin, Medicines,Tradefmen, and Slaves' working Tools, .Planks, foards, fqnare and round Tim- ber, Scales, Weights, Small Arms, ^munition, Cordage, Harnefs jndCattle,Glafs-W are, Stationers- Ware, Earthen - Ware, Wooden- Ware, Subscribers-only content

    27 January 1761, 27 January 1761

    the Road from •• the faid Borough of Lißeard to Craft hole, and from " thence to Crimble Paffage and Tarr Point, and from " Crafihole aforefaid to Saint German's Beacon, in the " Counties of Cornwall and Devon ;" Subscribers-only content

    25 January 1785, 25 January 1785

    of this and former Seffions of Parliament. E. Maee/ej/zY/d. E. zTaZdegraize. E. P//?zzg/zaz7z. E. Gorzzwa///j. "E. PazieozzZ>erg. E. Pe Za (Tarr. E. IVor/Zz/zzg/ozz. E. CZza/Zzazzz. E. Pa/Zzzzz/Z. E. ./^yZejazzry. E. CZarezzdozz. E. Pe/ee/Zer. E. f/ar/zr/dge. E. Pozzd/daZe. E. AYrw/eZz, E. Subscribers-only content

    18 February 1785, 18 February 1785

    Comes Comes Comes Comes Comes Comes Comes Comes Comes Taz2/£er'i>z7Ze. -zfyZej/ord. Szz//ea?. JTaZdegra<zze. jR/zw/7/;0w. Pow/j. Hareozzr/. GorzzwaZZ/j. Paz/eoz2aerg. Pe Za (Tarr. A?or/Zz/zzg/ozz. CZza/Zzaz72. Pa/ZzzzzyZ. ^zZe/Zzzzry. CZarezzdozz. Ma/zj/ze/d. ./f/zerga<7zezzz2y. Pe/ee/Zer. •NormY^. TaZzzo/. Gro/Y?ezzor. Vifcount Vifcount Vifcount Vifcount Vifcount Vifcount Vifcount ezzzzzzze Subscribers-only content

    Appendix, 10 December 1829

    VI. {anno 34) «. 42, 43, # 44. £» Tarr. Lond. 3? principe. The kyng our sovaine lord in this his {Jsent parlement comensed Johi Aylriche tunc escaetori nfo in com j>dco ac March WaS eidem qamdiu pteccoem & defensionem Subscribers-only content


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