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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    academical gown in preac6ing. "I may mention one such notice, by way of example, which is to be found in Strypes' Annals of the Reforma- tion, C. 29. He mentions a petition presented to Convo- cation, in 1562, by theruy-hto Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    piece of ground known as " Johunia's Close," with the main frontage in Mfiddlegats-streut, and a back entrance from the Strypes. The covered-in market hies behind the ball, and is 120 yards square, with a glass end wood roof supported Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    the Stewartry of Kirkeudbright," "The Stourhead Collection in the Wiltshire Archco- logica] Society's Museum at Devizes," "The Graves of Ardkeiling. Strypes, Elginshire, N.B.," and "Notes on Archaological and Kindred Subjects." The price is 2s 6d. "Macmillan's Magazine" for January contains Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    tutelary of the churches." There was thus not a nord shost crosses; and in the so counts given in " Strype's Grindai " cf what was actually ione, the people were represented as priccipasly destroying the articles enumerated, naome'y, roods Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Patrick, Lowth , Arnold, and Whitby's Commentaries, B voX ; ) t Carter's Ancient Architecture ; Fratres Polonorum, 8 vols.; Strypes v*u * I Reformation, 3 vols. ; Goar Rituale Gracorum ; Taylor and Cresy s g Rome, 2 vols. Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Sciences, Mathematics, Belies Let ires. &c. ; viz, Fom»- Prynne's Records, 8 vol*. ; the Works of Fulkes. Lord Brooke; Strypes' Annals of ibe Reformation, 2 vols. large paper; Richelet Dictionaire de la Langue Francaise. 3 sols.; Calendarium Rotulortim Patent Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    August 10, 1847. TOTHE NOBILITY, CLERGY AND GENTRY ECCLESIASTICAL HISTORY SOCIETY tTT »r st o^. Societj - for ,847 M,«KSrfS?ft Strypes Cranmer; two vols, of Field's Book of the Church -a Vol of Ecclesiastical Trials, containing Trials of Bishop'er Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Mr. Justice Grantham. -At lv..- Crown cases reserved.- For judgment. - The Queen v. Tolson - | The Queen v. Strypes At 11.- Before the LORD CHIEF JUSTICE of England, Mr. Justice MATHEW, Mr. Justics Cave, Mr. Justice Wills, and Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    By Rev. E. H. Goddard. (45 Illustrations). I Hop Tallies. By Edward Lovett. (4 Illustrations). ; The Graves of Ardkeiling, Strypes, Elginshire, N.B. By Hugh W. , Young. (6 Illustrations). Sepulchral Urn from Leslie, Aberdeenshire. By Hugh W. Youuc (Illustrated). Subscribers-only content

    General Advertiser (1784), FRIDAY DECEMBER 12 1788

    D R- U',R-Y- L\ANAXVE., -bislj Rk 'ttPP.C omfi'y; A T the - Theat:e,'p.. 1;Pjirygane, f iT H i S. ... i T'H E WIN T'E R.'s T A L E. Leontes, Mr. *lkOGHTON, Polixenes Mr. BENSLEY; Fliorizel . -Mi. Subscribers-only content

    Daily Courant, SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 25 1708

    As the D tirke of feveral Perfons of .y bior2Melty's (Gomp8oy7 t C:onedwisa T ctA -Theae. RLoyal ji1 DruryL~aie, jk chif prefrwit iaF.rday. being, tho :fth of Sezcem4 ewiltbe lwered a ply cal', The kival Queens t oi, The Subscribers-only content

    Daily Gazetteer, FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 23 1737

    Wacots; tho' he could not but know it was become tiow more dangerous than before, and muff be pre- (a) Strypes .htralsve, r'. Ir. ceded by, or attended with, Circumrfances incod-kt fiflent with his Loyalty to his Sovereiga. The I Subscribers-only content

    Daily Journal, FRIDAY JULY 20 1722

    Rulbvorth's Colledions, a Vol. - - Officiir.- -- --1495- Coflc&ofStte Trysts, 4 Vol. rdti Al - - - 142. - Strypes Life of Parker. Qlainwa Cumtius --1496. Stillingfleet's Works. 6 Vol. Mait. Wpftmcnaft. Hi. Anglia. Tortno's!Italian'Dickionairy. Seldenri Haderus. lte Bo-'ks Subscribers-only content

    Daily Journal, FRIDAY FEBRUARY 21 1723-4

    Edlinr at. the Prince's-Arma, otuer.agaiajl E-Cter- Exchange in the Srrand,) PROPOSALS for Printing bySubicription, in Folio, the Second Volume of.Mr. Strypes ANNALS of the RE- FORMATION; from the 1 3th Year of the Reign of Q Elizabeth, to the 23d Subscribers-only content

    Daily Journal, FRIDAY APRIL 22 1726

    atire - . NchosllsWheaul y,nid Coufbr, Xings V le Roya oef Celem. on be, Coimon Priter. Ho6ler's Mtsgrapa and PoL Strypes Amna.! of tle Refon. bumnous Works. 2 Vol5. Johalba oil Garard's Hetb1l; Hall's Chroldde lktolycronicon. Montfi:', Anti~iisks 'i Part5, Subscribers-only content

    Daily Journal, WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 25 1727

    %Vortljl-s Garce Arctmireairc de Blondel Brrton's Leiceaerflhir an I y GCentleman'sSeatsandCa- BErnsrts l(ef.,rrilat. 3 V. the N thedrals, 4 Vol. Strypes Annals, a Vol. EDW ird Halleii Appol. Pergtens Hackluyt's Voyages, a V. Prir .Verdicr's Hom. Mlai: sV. Harmis's Voyagrs, Subscribers-only content

    Daily Journal, WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 24 1729

    Opere de Bentivog lo cer N; - Grateri Corpus Infeript. i V. Collier's Eelef. Hit. ;V. . OoL Sallengre The.:V Strypes Annals the Marmora Fclflnea Bacon of Government 'hi Spanhelm Numi& z V. LeictersChdehite run c Euripides a Barnes Winwood's Subscribers-only content

    Daily Journal, MONDAY FEBRUARY 16 1730

    Bl &.SegflrHiiYPlorentisna. opcrade &ennrvoglio. Le.Long Ir iiblliotbeqle,-aV. IargePapcr. Colljers Ecci. Hift --V. 7iroiWt1 Chronicle eomplet Wlinwood's Memorials, 3V. Ryeaut's Peru. Strypes 4nnals. PaLladio, by Leoni, 4 V. Sq £ngl. Fr..& Ital. .DiggeilsAmbaflador. Thc Cambitideand other Callicks in 4to. Op. de Subscribers-only content

    Daily Journal, TUESDAY MARCH 30 1731

    Howel's Hit. of World, 3 V. na, Colle&. of State Trials, 6 V. Sir Hans Sloane's Hift. of Ja. XTSI Strypes Pieces, so V. maica, 2V. and Milton's Works 3 V. Council of Trent, beft Fine Stare TradIs in K. Subscribers-only content

    Daily Journal, MONDAY FEBRUARY 3 1735

    Plates. Plicc los. &d. w VII. Fddek Body df Divinity. In aVos. L. P. Price di a 1. 0os. V1II. Strypes Life of Arebbilhop Parker. Price *o *. 6 d. 01 IX. Marftl's Se. Cyprisn, Prioe its. X. The mofl Subscribers-only content

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