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  • * Victoria County History *

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    Classes of documents in the Greater London Record Office used

    THE GREATER LONDON RECORD OFFICE USED IN THIS VOLUME WITH THEIR CLASS NUMBERS Deposited Records Acc. 262 Stowe Collection Acc. 531 Records from Messrs. Prideaux (solicitors) Acc. 638 Records of North Thames Gas Board Acc. 890 Records concerning Brentford Acc.

    Hospitals Leper hospital of Southwark

    Borough was a hospital for lepers under the joint dedication of St. Mary and St. Leonard . Stowe speaks of it as the Loke or Lazar-house for leprous persons, which stood in Kent Street , without St. George's Bar, but

    Parishes Stowe

    the house of Bourbon who visited Stowe in 1808 . 11 In 1712 Stowe village consisted of thirty-two houses and a population of 180, 12 but owing to the encroachments of the owners of Stowe Park it has practically disappeared,

    Houses of the Gilbertine order The priory of Tunstall

    de Crevequer united the house to the Gilbertine priory of Bullington . 3 Prior of Tunstall Alan, occurs prior in 1164 4 Dugdale, Mon . vii, 982. Ibid. 954, No. xii. Ibid. 953. Stowe MS. 937, fol. 146 v .

    Hospitals St Leonard without the Castle of Lincoln

    sick persons, was certainly in existence before 1300, when Bishop Dalderby called upon the rectors and vicars of Lincoln and Stowe to make collections in aid of it. 1 Another indulgence for its support was granted in 1311 . Nothing

  • * British History Online * *

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    Memorial XXXIV, The Loving Brother of this Mysterie, John Stowe

    Memorial XXXIV The Loving Brother of this Mysterie, John Stowe XXXIV. "THE LOVING BROTHER OF THIS MYSTERIE, JOHN STOWE." 1 1. In the history of Stowe's life as given by Strype (in his edition of the "Survey of London," published

    Addenda, Mary - Volume 7, January 1555, 01 January 1555-31 January 1555

    the town was far from me, John Sulyard, and the ways foul, and I am visited with ague, I appointed Stowe, being near to me, whereby Mr. Tilnez and two others have not yet been examined. In case the certificate Subscribers-only content

    Appendix H, To Memorial XXIV

    which latter occasion John Stowe was put under examination, as appears in this extract: "Coram majo re Civ ts London'. "Decimo septimo die ffebruarii 1568, annoqz undecimo D e Elizabeth Regine. "Deis die et Anno. "John Stowe, m'chauntt, a collector

    Memorial VI, The Almshouses at the Hall

    St. Martin's came the original endowment for Almshouses the gift of Oteswich, in 1404 5, comprising, according to Stowe (himself "a loving Brother" of the Company), not only the advowson of St. Martin, but also houses adjacent, "to be appropriated

    Additional notes

    lady's execution, and that the crime for which she is stated to have suffered was inserted by Stowe from some other authority. Stowe relied, perhaps, on traditional information, which may easily have varied in some degree from the truth It

  • * John Strype's Survey of London Online *

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    Appendix 1, Chapter 6 Ludgate, What it is; not what it was.

    them from the Breach thereof, was rendered in a Style not ordinary, though very necessary; and is set down by Stowe in his Survey, to be in these Words: For Water and Lodging there is nothing to pay, As the

    Preface 5

    makes it appear that he was some wealthy Merchant. There was also in the same King's Reign, one John de Stowe , a Churchman, who had a Presentation from him to the Church of Rotherfeild. But whether our STOW were

    Preface 5 The Life of JOHN STOW.

    readi ng; and Books in Shelves about him: And this Latin Inscription: MEMORIÆ SACRUM. Resurrectionem in Christo hic expectat JOANNESS STOWE , Civis LONDINENSIS. Qui in antiquis Monumentis eruendis accuratissima diligentia usus, ANGLIÆ Annales, & Civitatis LONDINI Synopsin, bene de

    Book 1, Chapter 16 TOWER of London. Accidents.

    Crown pleaded in the Tower. Mat. Paris . Sedition. Constantine Fitz Aelulfe hang'd. Griffith of Wales fell from the Tower. Stowe 's Summary. Sheriffs of London Prisoners in the Tower. K. Henry lodged in the Tower, and held his Parliament

    Book 3, Chapter 6 Cripplegate Ward. [The Bounds]

    . J. S. Redcross street . Liber. S. Buttolph. The Jews Garden, or Place to bury their Dead. Jewen Garden. Regist. Lond. E. A. Jewen Street, antiently Leyre Stowe . Rec. Turr. 19. 2. Ed. I m. 1. J. S.

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    GRENVILLE, Bernard (1567-1636), of Stowe, Cornw.

    (1567-1636), of Stowe, Cornw. Constituency Dates Bodmin 1597 Ofifces Held Sheriff, Cornw. 1596-7, j.p. dep. lt. 1598; alderman, Bideford by 1620; gent. of privy chamber to Chas. I 1628. Biography In October 1589, Grenville’s father asked Walsingham to arrange that

    GRANVILLE (GRENVILLE), Hon. John (1665-1707), of Stowe, Cornw.

    John (1665-1707), of Stowe, Cornw. Constituency Dates Launceston 1685 Plymouth 10 July 1689 Plymouth 1690 Plymouth 1695 Newport 1698 Fowey Feb 1701 Cornwall Dec. 1701 Cornwall 1702 13 Mar. 1703 Ofifces Held Freeman, Plympton Erle 1685; commr. for assessment, Devon

    GRENVILLE, Richard (1678-1727), of Wotton, Bucks.

    GRENVILLE, Richard (1678-1727), of Wotton, Bucks. Constituency Dates Wendover 1715 1722 Buckingham 1722 17 Feb 1727 Biography Grenville (pronounced and often spelt 'Greenville'), married the favourite sister of Sir Richard Temple, afterwards Lord Cobham, whose peerage was entailed on

    GRENVILLE, Richard II (by 1524-77/78), of Stowe in Kilkhampton and Penheale, Cornw.

    (by 1524-77/78), of Stowe in Kilkhampton and Penheale, Cornw. Constituency Dates Newport Iuxta Launceston 1545 Dunheved 1555 Newport Iuxta Launceston 1559 Dunheved 1563 Ofifces Held Gen. subsidy collector, hundreds of Stratton and Lesnewth, Comw. 1559; j.p. 1569-77; commr. grain 1576.

    GRENVILLE, Richard II (c.1542-91), of Stowe in Kilkhampton, Cornw. and Buckland Abbey, Devon.

    II (c.1542-91), of Stowe in Kilkhampton, Cornw. and Buckland Abbey, Devon. Constituency Dates Cornwall 1571 Cornwall 1584 Ofifces Held Sheriff, Cork c.1568; j.p. Cornw. from c.1573; sheriff 1576-7, commr. musters by 1577, dep. lt. 1587; v.-adm. to Sir Thomas Howard

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    os ydym wedi cael ein hysbysu yn iawn, y dychwe]ant gyda medd- jant fanteisiol o safle swyddogol. Y mae Mrs. STOWE wedi cyhoeddi ei " Ham- ddiffyniad i Arglwyddes BYRON," ond nid ym- ddengys ei bod wedi llwyddo i gyfiawnhau Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Ilawn ogoniant. Buom mor ffodus a'i glywed ar un o'r adegau byn. Boren Sabbath ydoedd, pan yr oedd Mrs. BEECHER STOWE ar ei hym- weliad a'r deyrnas hon. Yr oedd yr awdures enwog yn bresenol yn yr holl oguniant a Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    farn addfed y cyhoedi ye erbyn y fasnach mewn gwaed a chnawd dynol. Gellid ye ddibetrus ddweyd fod Mrs. Beecher Stowe wedi rhoddi dyrhod marwol i gaethwasiaeth America yn nghyhoeddiad y gyfrbl yma, ac nad oedd cyhoeddiad rhyddhad y caethion Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    ad. Ar byn o bryd Y Dae aMr. Clarke ye parotoi darlith sr y Rwahanol gymoriadau a ddarlneir g8n Mres. Stowe. Hysbysir fod Eva, ac asmryw eraill oar rhgi bynv yn frw yn brosenoL. LMytytly r n y 3t,2 ,s Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    yn gampus gan y cn, o dan arweiniad Mr. Thomas Jones, and coron y eyfarfod ydoedd triawd tan Mri Jones, Stowe, a Bleiber, a deu- awd gan Mrs. Morris a Miss Daniels, y rhai a gawsant encr brwdfrydig. Yr oedd Subscribers-only content

  • * Queen Victoria's Journals *

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    Wednesday 2nd February 1842

    to confer upon him adding, that he would esteem it an immense honour, if we could ever visit him at Stowe . Also saw Ld Wharncliffe , after which, we went to the Council. - Later, we went to see

    Saturday 26th August 1848

    have another gift of mine had arrived, an antique Venus which Albert had admired so much when we were at Stowe , & which I was fortunate enough to secure in the sale, that is taking place. - We send

    Saturday 18th January 1845

    Princess Beatrice's copies Transcription At ¼ to 10 we left Stowe , after I had given the Duchess a bracelet, as a souvenir of my visit. The morning was wet, but nevertheless the Duke, with his Yeomanry rode with us

    Wednesday 15th January 1845

    January 1845 Stowe Princess Beatrice's copies Transcription After breakfast & Prayers, I wrote & etched a little, then went upstairs to the Nursery to wish the Children, some of whom are laid up with tiresome colds, - goodbye. - At

    Tuesday 27th August 1850

    at ½ p. 6. It is a magnificent building, with a dome in the centre, reminding me of Blenheim & Stowe . As one ascends a flight of steps to the entrance door, there are 2 wings on either side.

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    An Act for Repairing, Widening and Amending the Road leading from Warrington to Wigan, in the County of Lancaster., 1 August 1726

    CO floutable 7«?;;« C&rfwo;!*/-?)-, Efquire j Sir flf«ry JEft^/p», Sir £fctwi «Sfcis/<?j-, Sir 9cul« S&arf, Sir jFra*;mZpjTe/?er, SirTlf^rJZfrrfrfy^i;^, SirZte^Zc-w/.w, Sir ii^,-.^ • ««tr, Sir Zfe/rj Swziw.T, Sir OJ-tm//Afc//.er, Sir J"*ew«j 4?ew, Sir Geejge/ffrfo„j, Sir 27jo//«» #r</0jb, Sir>,:?z .Sm^tf-v, Baronets Subscribers-only content

    2 March 1757, 2 March 1757

    Bridgtown, in the Parifh of Old " Stratford in the County of Warwick, through Alder- " minßer and Shipflon upon Stowe, to the Top of Long " Compton Hill in the faid County of Warwick; and " alfo for repairing Subscribers-only content

    7 April 1803, 7 April 1803

    " Waftes, and other Un-enclofed Lands and Grounds " within the Townfhip of Stowe, and the Hamlets of " Sturton and Bran/by, in the Parifli of Stowe, in the " County of Lincoln ;" to which they defire the Con¬ Subscribers-only content

    19 April 1803, 19 April 1803

    Commons, Waftes, and other Un-enclofed Lands " and Grounds within the Townfhip of Stowe, and the ** Hamlets of Sturton and Branfiy, in the Pariih of " Stowe, in the County of Lincoln." Ordered, That the faid Bill be committed Subscribers-only content

    21 April 1803, 21 April 1803

    Commons, Wafte, and other Un-enclofed Lands and " Grounds, within the Townfiiip of Stowe, and the " Hamlets of Sturton and Branfby, in the Parifh of " Stowe, in the County of Lincoln," was committed; " That they had confidered Subscribers-only content

  • * John Foxe's The Acts and Monuments Online *

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    Actes and Monumentes Of the Church

    were the Deane of Rochester, the Deane of Exceter, the Archdeacon of Wynchester, the Archedeacon of Hertforde, the Archdeacon of Stowe and one other. And whyle the rest were about to subscribe these two articles, Iohn Fylpot stode vp &

    K. Richard. 2. The viewe of Ecclesiasticall benefices. Wickliffes articles.

    of Stowe.L. Cardinall of Agrifol. is prebendary of the Prebend of Soringhame together with a portion of S. Marye of Stowe to the same annexed, the fruits whereof by commō estimat be worth by yeare Clxv. li. Maist. Iohn Vicar

  • * Cause Papers in the Diocesan Courts of the Archbishopric of York, 1300-1858 *

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    Participant: Thomas Rimpson [Rimpson] Role: witness Details: male; 56; yeoman Location: Stowe (Lincolnshire) Place(s): Stowe(Stowe) : undefined Participant: William Lea [Lee] Role: defence proctor Details: male; master Employment: notary public Location: Stowe (Lincolnshire) Place(s): Stowe(Stowe) : ecclesiastical parish


    (Torsey) : undefined Location: Lincolnshire Location: North Scarle (Lincolnshire) Place(s): North Scarle (Northescarle, Northskarle, Northscarle) : ecclesiastical parish Location: Stowe(Stowe) : manor Cannot identify Location: Nottinghamshire Place(s): Tuxford (Tuxforth) : rural deanery Location: East Retford (Nottinghamshire) Place(s): East Retford


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