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  • * Victoria County History *

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    Parishes Pishill

    Ibid. Stonor to Fane, 1811; Stonor to Carr , 1813. Ibid. Stonor to Cooper , 1814. Ibid. Correspondence between Stonor and Bennett, 1817-18 . Ibid. Correspondence between Stonor and Bennett, 1820. Ibid. Morrell to Stonor , 1828; Bennett to Stonor


    his career, see Stonor , Stonor , 124 sqq. Stonor L. & P . i, pp. xxvi-xxxv; Stonor , Stonor , 153 sqq. Stonor L. & P . i, p. xxxiv; Stonor , Stonor , 199-202. Stonor L. & P

    Tax assessments, 1306-1523

    and Ibstone (Bucks.). ' Postcombe cum Copcot'. i.e. Pishill Napper. Pishill Venables is included in Stonor , below; and see above, pp. 132, 133. ' Stonor cum Assendon'. The Assendon which is assessed separately for both payments must be Middle

    Parishes Didcot

    and heir of Thomas Stonor , whose only son John died in infancy. 51 Didcot had been settled in tail-male and passed to Sir Walter Stonor , kt., son of Thomas , brother of William Stonor . 52 Under Sir

    Parishes Penton Mewsey

    Sir William Stonor . 47 In 1536, however, all rights were quitclaimed to Sir Walter Stonor , son and heir of Thomas the disputant. 48 In 1559 Elizabeth widow of Sir Walter Stonor , together with Francis Stonor , heir

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    STONOR, Francis (1551-1625), of Blount's Court, Stonor Park, Oxon. and London.

    STONOR, Francis (1551-1625), of Blount's Court, Stonor Park, Oxon. and London. Constituency Dates New Woodstock 1586 Ofifces Held Escheator, Oxon. 1584-5, sheriff 1593-4, 1621-2, j.p. by c.1591. Biography The Stonors were a Catholic family (though Stonor himself escaped indictment for

    STONOR, Thomas (1394-1431), of Stonor, Oxon.

    STONOR, Thomas (1394-1431), of Stonor, Oxon. Constituency Dates Oxfordshire Mar. 1416 Oxfordshire 1419 Oxfordshire 1425 Oxfordshire 1427 Oxfordshire 1429 Oxfordshire 1431 Ofifces Held J.p. Oxon. 7 July 1423-4. Ofifces Held Sheriff, Oxon. and Berks. 13 Nov. 1423-6 Nov. 1424, 7

    WARFIELD, John (d.1443), of Wallingford, Berks.

    employer, Thomas Stonor. Indeed, under the terms of Stonor’s will, Chaucer, Warfield and John Hampden† were to share control over the marriages of his children; and as longstanding feoffees, Chaucer, John Golafre and Warfield then administered the Stonor lands during

    BARANTYN, Thomas (d.1400), of Chalgrove, Oxon.

    Sir Ralph Stonor that he was asked to be godfather to his second son, Thomas*, and later the same year (1394) to look after his affairs at home during the absence in Ireland with Richard II’s forces, Stonor giving him

    HAMPDEN, Edmund (d.1419/20), of Great Hampden, Bucks.

    Sir Ralph Stonor, one of his companions-in-arms, who had died a few weeks after the royal expedition had arrived in the province. Doubtless, he was assisted in his aim by Thomas Barantyn*, a friend whom he and Stonor had in

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    O. Martin,Esq. (R) . . 1580 Two first elected. OXFORD, JAY. 8. Hughes (R) . 1015 Maclean (T) . 946 Stonor (R) . 693 Two first elected. Kelly (T) . . 545 Morrison ( R) 506 PETERSFIELD, JAN. 7. Wason Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Reomr-West Suosex, Gen. Wyndhamn, Tory;- North Staffordihire,Sir O)'Mosley, Tory;-Flin-t Boroughs. Sir S. R Glynne, Tory;-West Soroersetshire, Tpite, Reformer: Dickinson, Tory;-Oxfordoshire, Stonor. Eefortner;-Berkshire, East, Reformer; -Burkinghamshire, C. R Suvith, Reformer; - Haddington, Ferguson, Re- formoer;-West Norfolk, lolkes and Astloy, Reformers. EBtATUmA.-Leading Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    on S brewe. [Seardand BkerOld ewry.T. N AshacYeovil, Somersetohi; c, carrer.[SmthBritoli. are lie-Io, Lncahir, mlle-. Liddell,Poultooe- Dividelasdo.-April 22, S. Handley, Stonor terrace, Shepherds lane, Brixton, dealr i buldig mterils-pri 22 0.Enser and G. Pearce, Bethln-algreen road grcer-Apil 2, C dl Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Thursday, Slay 11. THE STONOR COt0ITTEE. On the motion of Mr SOTHERON, and after some discussion, Mr Moore was appointed a member of the committee now sitting to in- quire into the case of MrHenry Stonor. POORa-AW RELIEF To SOLDIERS' Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    their date, had reference to the post sought by Mr Stonor. He further states that the Governor of the Colony especially asked for a real property lawyer, which Mr Stonor was ; and that, upon the strength of all this, Subscribers-only content

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    6 June 1716, 6 June 1716

    Petition, before the faid Committee. " the Abufes of Sheriffs and other Returning Officers, Upon reading the Petition of Thomas Stonor Efquire, Stonor&al, " in not returning the Writs of Summons in due Time; John Brinckhurfl Efquire, Michael Blount Efquire, Subscribers-only content

    14 February 1785, 14 February 1785

    Pojfezz. Epus. PfYgozvz. Epus. P.TCZZ. Epus. P/zzeoZzz. Epus. Pazzgor. Epus. Pz/eZz. Sff Cotz. Epus* GZoee/Zr. Epus. Prz/ZoZ. Gough et al. Stonor et al. Petition, to prefent Ap- peal. cc Adjourn. Ds. PZzz/z-Zow, Can- cellarius. Dux PzYdgewa/er. Comes Czz/yY/Z/j. Comes Par/zzzozz/Z*. Subscribers-only content

    16 February 1785, 16 February 1785

    vacant Day for Caufes, after thofe already appointed. Sir James Naefmith againfl. Sam- fon. Sir James Naef-nith againft Sam- fon. Stonor et al. Petition to receive Ap- peal confi- dered and leave aiven: in CC a Li ci cc <c Subscribers-only content

    18 February 1785, 18 February 1785

    >5 ion gan's za- irrt lebts oads ^5 Geo. III. Journals #/" /$£ Houfe 0/* Lords. 189 JSeckett jrakft Ive- Joaet al. 11. pnning, " That their Lordships will be pleafed to vary " the faid Orders, in fuch Subscribers-only content

    19 February 1794, 19 February 1794

    of Dean and the King's Free Chapel of Saint George, within His Caftle Canons of of Windfor, and Thomas Stonor of Stonor, in the County of Oxford, Efquire, praying Leave to bring in a Bill for ferred"to the Purpofes in Subscribers-only content

  • * The Clergy of the Church of England Database *

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    Blasius Winter, 22/8/1581

    Appointment Evidence Record CCEd Record ID: 248261 Linked to person: Winter, Blasius 1575-1617 Vacancy Data Close Window Evidence CLERICAL DETAIL Surname Winter Forename Blasius Title Qualification University College Year EVENT TYPE Type Institution Date 22/8/1581 Office/Status Rector Clerical Status


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