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    5 lines from bottom, for Shafford read Shalford. 449, 2 col., No. 9, for Capt. Abr. read Capt. Sam. Sharland. 503, No. 94, line 3, for Stephenson read Steventon. 577, 3 col., 7th entry from top, for Northhead read Northend. Subscribers-only content

    Errata, 01 January 1658-31 December 1659

    for Lincall read Lineall. 330, 10 lines from bottom, for Seuta read Ceuta. 374, line 18, for Col. Deane read Col. Dixwell. 384, 5 lines from bottom, for Whitham read Whetham. 522, No. 44, for Jno. Steventon read St. John. Subscribers-only content

    Four Shillings In The Pound Aid 1693-1694, Middlesex, Tower Liberty, Trinity Minories

    John (Mr) 0.00 0.00 3.60 300.00 Ashby , John 8.00 40.00 0.00 0.00 Nash , Samuel 6.00 30.00 0.00 0.00 Steventon , Samuel 6.00 30.00 0.00 0.00 Finch , Mathew 1.60 8.00 0.00 0.00 Cresnor , Edward 1.60 8.00 0.00

    Charles I - volume 160, February 1-13, 1630, 01 February 1630-13 February 1630

    Samuel Lloyd to the perpetual vicarage of Steventon, co. Berks., vacant by the resignation of William Dillon. [ Copy. On the same paper are various notes of previous presentations to the vicarage of Steventon, extracted from Episcopal Registers . ] Subscribers-only content

    General Index, P, Q, 01 January 1635-19 June 1636

    Portsea , Hants Portsmouth documents dated from Mayor Clerk of the Prick Clerk of the Check, and see Brooke, John; Steventon, William. Governor, see Cecil, Edward, Viscount, Wimbledon. paper relating to ship-money Dockyard document dated from Harbour Queen's Head tavern Subscribers-only content

    General Index, P, Q, 20 June 1636-14 April 1637

    dated from dockyard document dated from garrison harbour Mayor and burgesses of Clerk of the Check, and see Brooke, John; Steventon, William. Governor, see Cecil, Edward, Viscount Wimbledon. Deputy Victualler Portugal ship of Postmaster-General , see Stanhope, Charles, Lord. Postmaster Subscribers-only content

    General Index, P, Q, 01 December 1637-31 August 1638

    , hundred, Hants Portsea , Isle of inhabitants of, petition of Portsmouth documents dated from clerk of check at, see Steventon, William. fortifications governor and see Cecil, Edward, Viscount Wimbledon. master-shipwright for mayor, see Beeston, Thomas. under victualler, see Holt, Subscribers-only content

    General Index, P, Q, 01 January 1663-31 August 1664

    or from ships built or building at travellers to or from wharf at Dockyard clerk of the cheque at, see Steventon, St. John. letters dated from mast dock at navy stores at sale of master of attendance at, see Lancaster, Subscribers-only content

    General Index, P, Q, 01 October 1668-31 December 1668

    or from Smock Alley in Town Hall of travellers to or from Portsmouth Dockyard clerk of the cheque at, see Steventon, St. John. clerk of the survey at, see Salesbury, Hugh. dry dock at hemp for King's dock at King's Subscribers-only content

    General Index, W, Y, Z, 01 September 1680-31 December 1681

    , James, of London, broker and inventor Whitaker (Whittaker), Edward, solicitor White [regiment ] , Lieutenant Colonel of the See Steventon, John. White , Francis John Joseph, messenger Laurence Matthew, rioter Major, of Sir Palmes Fairborne's regiment Captain Richard Robert, Subscribers-only content

    East Indies, China and Japan, May 1620, 01 May 1620-31 May 1620

    General, and received aboard the Bull. Total 51, among whom are George Muschampe, Thos. Hackwell, Master of the Sampson, Marmaduke Steventon, Arnold Browne, Peter Eliot, Barth Churchman, Robt. Hackwell, Wm. Piborne, Edward Gillman, Edward Channer, John Owen, surgeon, Wm. Rewney,

    Index, S, 01 January 1617-31 December 1621

    -, Margaret, widow of, p. 225, p. 338. -, Nathaniel, p. 99. -, Thos., p. 228. -, Wm., p. 504. Steventon , Marmaduke, 842, 851, 1130. -, -, letter from, 1620 : 877. Stiles , Oliver, 241. -, Thos., 801.

    Index, S, 01 January 1625-29 December 1629

    725, 745, 756, 758, 766. -, -, his father's death, 364. -, -, examination of, 607. -, Thos., p. 297. Steventon , Marmaduke, 231. Steward , Sir Fras., 517. Stirry , Anne, p. 295. Stitch , Richard, p. 434. -,

    Entry Book, April 1685, 11-20, 11 April 1685-20 April 1685

    within three years last past. Ibid . Reference by Treasurer Rochester to the Customs Commissioners of the petitions of Jno. Steventon, William Barret, Edwd. Lassells, Jno. Cary, and Benja. Whichcott, merchant importers and traders in tobacco, shewing that debentures due

    General Index, S, 01 January 1663-31 August 1664

    see Stevenson. Stevenson , Jas. or Stevens, Matthias, or Matthew Rich., petition of Rich., (of the Isle of Man) Steventon rectory Steventon , St. John, clerk of the cheque at Portsmouth letters of account by Steward of the Household , Subscribers-only content

    Charles I - volume 319, April 19-30, 1636, 19 April 1636-30 April 1636

    being clerks of the several Officers of the Navy, whose claims to preferment the writers urge. The first-named was William Steventon, one of the Treasurer's clerks; the next, John Edisbury, one of the Comptroller's clerks, who had executed the office Subscribers-only content

    General Index, S, T, U, V, 01 October 1665-31 July 1666

    Stepney Sterne , Rich., Archbishop of York Stevens , Anth., see Stephens. Steventon , St. John, clerk of the cheque at Portsmouth letters of other documents by Steventon rectory Steward , Lord High, see Hyde, Earl of Clarendon. Steward , Subscribers-only content

    Index, K-Z

    Lettice, ST JOHN Francis, Hen, Jn, Mary, Oliver, STEPHENS Eliz, Jos, Ric, STERRINGE Ant, STEVENS Cath, Nath, STEVENSON Eliz, Geo, STEVENTON Jn, Mary, Thos, STEWARD Eliz, Joan, Jn, Toby, STILLINGFLEET Eliz, Geo, STOKES Anne, Wm, STONE Anne, Eliz, Oswell, Wm,

    Index of persons, S-Z

    Wm. a , a . Stevenson (Steph-), Mr. a , a , a ; Mrs. Hugh Jas. Thos. a . Steventon , Thos. Steward , Mr. a ; Jn. a ; Thos. Wm. Stewart , Jas. a . Steynhouse ,

    Book 1, 1670

    Toolies Southwarke Carpenter pro Septem ann a die Dat Indre Dat die & ann ult pred. 10 Johannes Steventon filius Jacobi Steventon nuper de Avery in Com Salop Agricol defunct po: se appren Georgio Hodgkins de Turnagaine lane in parochia

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