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  • * John Strype's Survey of London Online *

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    Book 5, Chapter 15 [Companies.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT.

    51. Turners . 52. Basket-makers. 53. Glasiers. 54. Horners. 55. Farriers. 56. Paviors. 57. Lorinors. 58. Apothecaries. 59. Shipwrights. 60. Spectacle -makers. 61. Clock-makers. 62. Glovers. 63. Comb -makers. 64. Felt-makers. 65. Framework-knitters. 66. Silk-throwers. 67. Carmen. 68. Pin-makers. 69.

    Appendix 1, Chapter 1 A Second APPENDIX.

    Company of Spectacle -makers were incorparated by Charter the 16th Day of May , in the 5th Year of the Reign of King Charles the First , by the Name of the Master, Wardens, and Fellowship of Spectacle -makers of

    Book 1, Chapter 23 College of Heralds. Heraldo-Memoriale.

    Gray Friars in the said Town of Leicester , was digged up, and after turned to an Horse-trough. At which Spectacle I could not but be smitten with a melancholy Reflection; and call to mind the last Part of that

    Book 1, Chapter 26 Hospitals. Christ's Church. Bridewel, &c.

    thou diddest labour so to have perfected the Work, that it should have been an absolute Thing, and a perfect Spectacle of true Charity and Godliness unto all Christendom. Thine Endavour was to have set up an House of Occupations,

    Book 1, Chapter 28 The Fire of London.

    not as before we saw it, in its Strength and Glory, but in its Ruins: and shew you a rueful Spectacle of this noble Metropolis in Flames, and soon after lying flat in its Ashes . ] For as in

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    A SAFE AND SPEEDY REMEDY, SOLD EVERYWHERE Price is. 1i X LIVE~n MIKNWE?5a- , \ Y ...................................... ............................. CURE STC COUGHC SAFE FOR CHILDREN. FOR ALL CREWS Alan TiTTNXE DTREASRE I., 2s. 9d. \ lq? : i? . SAMUEL Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    of its reporters, of the name of Mr. Vittent George Dowling. " This was no other than the well known Spectacle Dowling, the Spy." The person he meant was Mr. Dowlino, who had beet employed by Lord Sidmouth to take Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    MIDDLESEX SESSIONS. . otn Mttttiday tihe Middlesex Se sions cornmentced at Iliclks's Hail, FRANCTS CONesT, E-q. tile Chairman. The frst cae was ihe trial of Mr. H1enry, limut for ?n assaailt upont hr. Vincent Georre Dosviiug, on the 8ti Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    has it's merits, if your conscience has his._ What completes the effect of this lovely Spectacle, is %vater. If the reader wouldI erjoy the spectacle ilt it's perfectien and can have his own chokie of situation, his best Tay, wlhen Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    of Plans are proposed for gratilYiris the witole con- crulse of public Obsoerero with a fuil Viewo of that Alagrilficerst Spectacle. 'fa be publisihed oul Wednesday, AMarch 1, by C. C(hbp le, Royal Library, 66, Pall-MAhl, where a Supplereriral Numroer, Subscribers-only content

  • * British History Online *

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    The Remembrancers of the City of London

    Repertory 236, page 602. Resigned 2nd July, 1863. Journal 141, fol. 277 B . 1864. William Corrie, Esq., Citizen and Spectacle Maker, Barristerat-Law, elected by the Court of Common Council 14th January, 27 Victoria, 1864. Journal 142, fol. 47. Admitted


    Mr. MacIntyre Evans (Clothworkers), the late Mr. Townend (Haberdashers), Mr. W. Arnold Hepburn (Leathersellers), Sir Walter Prideaux (Goldsmiths), Colonel Sewell (Spectacle Makers), Mr. Cecil Jennings (Loriners), and Mr. Higgins (Brewers), not merely for their assistance, but for the sympathetic and

    House of Commons Journal Volume 12, 2 May 1698, 02 May 1698-02 May 1698

    in hopes, if the War ended, to be so considered, as they should then no longer remain a poor ruinous Spectacle to all, a Scorn to their Enemies, and a Discouragement to other well-affected Subjects; and praying our Recommendation of

    Aldermen of the City of London, Candlewick ward

    fo. 88). December 23, 1839 Sir George Carroll, Spectacle Maker (S. 1837 8). M. 1846 7. [Sworn Jan. 21, 1840 ] 92 Died December 19, 1860. January 1, 1861 Thomas Dakin, Spectacle Maker S. 1864 5. M. 1870 1. [Sworn

    House of Commons Journal Volume 12, 23 June 1698, 23 June 1698-23 June 1698

    Hopes, at the End of the War, to be so considered, as they should no longer remain a poor ruinous Spectacle to all, a Scorn to their Enemies, and a Discouragement to your Majesty's well-affected Subjects: And praying our Recommendation

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    19 February 1816, 19 February 1816

    Purpofes, '* we fhould deeply have lamented that our Times " fhould be the firft doomed to witnefs the new Spectacle *' of the Affembly and Maintenance of fuch a Force, " as the neceffary and ftipulated Accompaniment of a Subscribers-only content

    9 July 1819, 9 July 1819

    59 Geo. III. 9° Julii. 893 Gaols, Address for Account re- " of the Agriculturist, they are more sensibly affected " by it, and are obliged to seek for Relief under the " degrading Denomination of Parish Poor: That Subscribers-only content

    9 March 1824, 9 March 1824

    Auckland. •* Legislature made for that Purpose, protected against L. Calthorpe. " the disgusting and demoralizing Spectacle of Bear- " baiting, and cruel Sports of a similar Nature, within " the Precincts of the Parish, they are not indifferent " Subscribers-only content

    27 June 1825, 27 June 1825

    Geo. IV. 27° Junii. 1155 " What Effect has it on the People who practise it, and " on the Farming Population of the Country?" « I think it must operate in a Variety of Ways mis- « chievously; Subscribers-only content

    17 May 1830, 17 May 1830

    Estimation of the People at large, materially encreases " the Public Burdens, and exhibits to the World the " lamentable Spectacle of a Nobility, boasting of their " high Honour, and revelling in all the Luxuries of Life, " meanly Subscribers-only content


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