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  • * Victoria County History *

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    Henfield Economic history

    . 80 Other Trade and industry. Surnames recorded in the 14th century which may indicate tradesmen were Baker, Carpenter, and Souter (shoemaker). 81 Two smiths were mentioned, in 1374 and 1438; the former, a neif of Stretham manor, rendered 100

    Asthall Economic history 18. Asthall parish c . 1810, showing approximate location of open fields ( subdivisions omitted ) 19. Worsham Mill from the south-east, showing ranges of c. 1830 (centre) and 1902 (right)

    172 Trade and Industry Craftsmen and Shopkeepers By-names in the 13th and early 14th century included Miller, Smith, Tailor ( Souter ), Baker, Potter, and Fuller. 173 Thereafter only millers and two tailors 174 were recorded until the later 17th

    Street Names

    easily legible and Cal. Pat . 1327-30 , 407, has 'Nontdrit'. A ho. was described in 1366 as lying between Souter Market on the S. and No utdrit La. on the N.: Y.A.J . xvi. 88. H.R.O., BC/II/6/28, 32-3. Poulson,

    Townships Claughton

    Claughton ) claimed dower in Claughton against Roger son of John de Brockholes , John de Pleasington and John the Souter , and in the following year John de Pleasington called William brother and heir of Roger de Brockholes to


    Wykeham (fl. 1279), 47, 230 Sir John , 230 Sor Brook , 5, 28, 71, 83, 227 Sorcery , 162 Souter , Dr. J. H., 107 South America , 245 South Eastern Railway , 93 South Midlan d Gas Co.

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    reinedy." POST-OFFICE AND iTs LiE'TrrE-eAqRi Rs..-N. reqntets us to announce another Letter to Mr. FREELINO for next week. ATnR)CIDUS CASCt.-Samuel Souter, latey an inhabitant of this place, and keeper of the King's Hlead public-house, quitted the town some months since Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    and the anoses whisks telided tie torm tile diff-rent agE.. that noaw (ontitute tire Eutrorean confederacy. ' : PiVinted forJ. Souter, 75, St. Pall"lChIsll-varst. Of whom may be had, by the same Author, The ftO R of FT NISFI i. Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    by Bell and llradfote, Edinburgh; and S. Brash and Co. Glasgow. CHRISTMAS PRESENTS AND NEW YEARS' GIFTS. Just published, byJ. Souter, at the School Library, No. 73, north side of St. Paul's Church-yard. MORAL AND ENTERTAINING. LADY ANN, or the Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    NEW THEATRE ROYAL, DRURY-LANE. MORROgW Jan. 12, KENILWORTH, or the Days of Good 5r Bess. And HARLEQUIN and the FLYING CHEST.-TueEday, a *Oto called Plsilandering, or the Rose Qu1een.-Wedncsday, the 5cew CertnC a oMdayran Opera, in which Mr. Braham, Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    In fooiscap Smo (440 pages), embellished with a Head f Voltaire, and a Vig- nette after-Stethard, pie S. b VOLTAIRE'S' PHILOSOPHICAL -DICTIONARY, VOLVME! L 3 'though we of prt Of the Works of Voltaire in 36 *olimiei, conpriave iong Subscribers-only content

  • * British History Online * *

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    Extracts from the records, 1656

    of drume. 26 January 1656. Doctour Sowter . Appoyntis Baillie Walkingschaw, James Pollock and James Bell, to speick with Doctour Souter anent his burgeschipe and help of the poore whai standis in neid of his calling. 28 January 1656. Collectioun

    Declared Accounts, Post Office, 01 October 1715-31 December 1716

    of Ralph Blackhall, Collector, for the year to Ladyday 1702 22 15 0 overpayments due to the several Postmasters: Martinus Souter of Asburton 2 14 4 John Smith of Bodmin 3 7 8 Edward Wood of Wells Road 8 11

    General Index, S, T, U, V, 01 January 1772-31 December 1775

    Custos Rotulorum of Somerset , Duke of Sondes , Viscountess, heir to late Sopus Sorbie , Ministers of Sorrel River Souter , William South Sea Company Southwark new goal , keeper of Southwell , Edward, of Kingsweston, petition Southwold Spain Subscribers-only content

    General Index, S, 01 March 1625-31 January 1649

    Thomas, letter of Sorbonne , College of Soubise , M. de forces of Soulemont , Philip de Sound , the Souter , Elizabeth, petition of South , Robert, petition signed by Southampton , Earl of, see Wriothesley, Henry. Southampton or Subscribers-only content

    Index, M-Z

    27, 68, 538. earl of, 27. Sommervell , lord, 88. Somerville , Walter, 472. Song school . See "Sang school." Souter , Doctor, 182, 183. Southampton , earl of, 281, 484. Southesk (Southark), earl of, 589, 400, 414, 596, 475,

  • * John Foxe's The Acts and Monuments Online *

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    Actes and Monumentes of the church.

    42.There is no worke better then a nother to please god, to make water, to washe dishes, to be a Souter & an Apostle. To wash dishes and to preache, and to preach, all is one to please God. 44.Ceremonies

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    16 March 1807, 16 March 1807

    James Campbell, " of Duke Street-, Weflminfler, Gentleman, may be " permitted to enter into a Recognizance for Stewart " Souter, on account of his Appeal depending in this " Houfe, he living in Scotland ." It is Ordered, That Subscribers-only content

    27 January 1808, 27 January 1808

    the meat! Time. The Houfe being moved, " That ä Day may be ap- D. Souter " pointed for hearing the Caufe, wherein David Souter ift " Efquire is Appellant, and Francis Farquharfin and *' James Fergufon are Refpondents, ex Subscribers-only content

    General Index to the Journals of the House of Lords, 20-60 Geo. III, Vols. XXXVI - LII

    Finzean. FARQUHARSON, FRANCIS: eZ «Z. Respondents to Appeals of Farquharson, Souter, Stewart, Souter, Stronach, and Harden, 47 Geo. 3. vide Farquharson, Captain James Ross; Souter, Stewart; Stewart, James ; Souter, David ; Stronach, Alexander ; Harden, John. FARQUHARSON, CAPTAIN JAMES Subscribers-only content

    General Index to the Journals of the House of Lords, 20-60 Geo. III, Vols. XXXVI - LII

    Respondents to Appeals of Farquharson, Souters, Stewart, Stronach, and Harden, 47Geo.3. vide Farquharson, Captain James Ross ; Souter, Stewart ; Stewart, James ; Souter, David ; Stronach, Alexander ; Harden, John. FERGUSON, JANE: Respondent to Appeal of M'Dowal eZ aZ. Subscribers-only content

    Report from the Committee upon Distilleries in Scotland, 12 July 1799

    Bute O' Ride - Excife Office, Edinburgh,7 30th April 1709. ji DiftJIers Naniesi Alexander Manfon Lyon, Donald, and C" Alexander Souter James Steven - Alexander Archer Daniel Chriftie j John Robefon - Donald Allan - Dona'd Murray Robert Simfon - Subscribers-only content


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