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  • * John Foxe's The Acts and Monuments Online *

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    Actes and Monuments Of the Churche.

    smithfielde. The death and burning of the most constant Marturs in Christ, Robert Barnes Tho. Garret and W. Hierome in Smithfield, an. 1541.¶ A briefe note by the waye touchinge thre other which the same time were executed for Poperye.The

    K. Henry. 4. Examination of maister W. Thorpe.

    submit thee to stand to my decrees: or by S. Thomas, thou shalt be disgraded, and folow thy felow in Smithfield. And at this saying, I stode still and spake not, but I thought in myne hart that God did

    K. Henry. 4. The examination of M. Will. Thorpe. Philip Repington a cruell persecutor.

    submit thee to stand to my decrees: or by S. Thomas, thou shalt be disgraded, and follow thy felow in Smithfield. He meaneth Gods Martyr Williā Sautrey. And at this saying, I stoode still and spake not, but I thought

    Q. Mary. The Death and Martyrdome of M. Iohn Philpot.

    you make me a Pope? I am content to go to my iourneys ende on foote. But first commyng into Smithfield, he kneled downe there saying these wordes: M. Philpots wordes going to the stake.I will pay my vowes in

    Queene Mary. The Martyrdome of M. Iohn Philpot Martyr.

    place of Martyrdome.And so he went with the Sheriffes vnto the place of execution: and when he was entring into Smithfield, the way was foule, & two officers tooke him vp to beare him to þe stake. M. Philpots words

  • * Victoria County History *

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    Economic and Social History Markets and Fairs

    Ring and moved the general market there from the High Street in 1806 . 18 In 1817 they opened the Smithfield market on the site of the manor house moat. This absorbed the former markets for hay and straw as

    Sunbury Other estates

    Some if not all the land was sold in 1861 . 88 In 1291 the prior of St. Bartholomew's , Smithfield , had property in Sunbury valued at £1 6 s . 8 d . 89 This comprised two-thirds of

    Parishes Tewin

    treasurer of St. Paul's , apparently that he might grant them to the Prior and convent of St. Bartholomew , Smithfield . Godfrey confirmed them to the prior upon the death of Alexander, 10 and died leaving two sons, John,

    Parishes Whipsnade

    possibly the person of that name who in 1321 received pardon for giving land in mortmain to St. Bartholomew's , Smithfield , without a licence. 8 His son Nicholas had succeeded him in 1340 , in which year he granted

    Theydon Bois Church

    by the lord of the capital manor. William de Bosco granted the church to the priory of St. Bartholomew , Smithfield . This was confirmed by Henry II in 1187 40 and in 1248 Hugh de Bosco quitclaimed the advowson

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    yn dy- di fed i'r Brif-ddinas weithiau i wneyd show. We], s1 ymlaen a ni drachefa drwy Farringdon-street, heibio marchhad Smithfield, at yr Holborn Viaduct. Daeth yr orymdaith i sefyll yn Ludgate Hill, gyf- crbyn a Fleet-street; ond ymlaen a Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    arswydo y Babaeth; yr oedd ein tadau a'n teidiau wedi arfer cysylltu awdurdod Pabyddiaeth A'r o chwilys, ac a thanau Smithfield, ac yr oeddym n ninau, eu hilogaeth, wedi sugno i mewn bob ad- d gasiad at grefydd ofergoelus, erlidus Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    bersonau ereill i rwystro i hyry gymeryd lle, yr hyr a ddengya fod yr an ys-, bryd a gyeneudd danan Smithfield eto ar waith yn y bedwaredd-ganrif-ar-bymthcgw (Uchel gymeradwy- E Mr. Henry Richard, A. S., oedd y siaradwr nesa£. Dymunai Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    JOSIAH HUGHES, FURNISHING .& GENERAL Io(N MONGETR (Rhwng y Post Office a'r Farchbnd), 237, HIGH STREET, BAN.GOR. 4WELYAUJ HAIARN, Fender., Heiyrn tan, Tea pots, Kettles, Saucepans, Cyllyil bwrdd, Llwyau a ffyrc o U. nikel ac arian, Cerbydau plant, Baths Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    ac yn y tref.- ydd canlynol- BALA-Mrs. Jones, Tegid-house, Tegid.street, (y Sadwrn cyntaf a'r trydydd o bob mis). DOLGELLAU-Miss Evan6s, Smithfield streetj (yr ail a'r pedwerydd Sadwrn ymrhob mis). PWLLHELI--Mr. Francis Evans, Bookseller; (y Mercher cyntaf a'r-trydydd ymhob mis). PORTMADOC-Mrs; Subscribers-only content

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    SMITHFIELD, Thomas.

    SMITHFIELD, Thomas. Constituency Dates Wareham 1394 Biography Nothing has been discovered about Smithfield. It may be that his name was incorrectly transcribed from a return which is now lost.W. Prynne, Brevia Parliamentaria Rediviva, iv. 1146.

    LAWTON, Thomas (c.1558-1606), of Church Lawton, Cheshire and Smithfield, London.

    Church Lawton, Cheshire and Smithfield, London. Constituency Dates Callington 1584 Chester 1604 Ofifces Held Bencher, I. Temple 1597, Autum reader 1600; j.p.q. Cheshire by 1601; recorder, Chester from 1602. Biography Lawton was the younger son of a minor gentry family.

    DRAYCOTT, Sir Philip (by 1483-1559), of Paynsley in Draycott, Staffs. and Smithfield, Mdx.

    of Paynsley in Draycott, Staffs. and Smithfield, Mdx. Constituency Dates Staffordshire 1542 Lichfield Oct. 1553 Staffordshire Apr. 1554 Staffordshire Nov. 1554 Ofifces Held J.p. Staffs. 1522-44, 1554-d.; commr. subsidy 1523, 1524, musters 1539, 1546, chantries Salop, Staffs., Shrewsbury 1546, contribution

    HOWE, John (1556-91), of South Ockenden, Essex.

    Howe had settled at South Ockenden before he made his will, on 17 Apr. 1591, leaving property there and at Smithfield to his wife and his three younger children. His other estates were already entailed on his eldest son, William.[footnote]He

    NEWLAND, George (c.1646-1714), of Smithfield and Salisbury Court, Fleet Street, London

    (c.1646-1714), of Smithfield and Salisbury Court, Fleet Street, London Constituency Dates Gatton 1705 1710 London 1710 26 Mar. 1714 Ofifces Held Freeman, Joiners’ Co. 1676, warden 1685, master 1686; common councilman, London 1689–92, 1697–8, 1700–4, auditor 1705–7, 1708–10; asst. London

  • * The Proceedings of the Old Bailey Online, 1674-1913 *

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    William Carter, Theft, 31/08/1692

    the Pocket of Matthew Deane in Smithfield , whilst he stood there selling Cattle , on the 19th of August . The Prisoner Confest it before Sir William Turner , that he took it out of Mr. Deane's Pocket, but

    Matthew Pryor, Killing, 18/04/1694

    langish'd from the first of February to the 22d, and then died . The Prisoner was driving his Coach in Smithfield , in the dusk of the evening, and the Woman hapned to be in the way, and the Wheel

    Thomas Love, Samuel Wright, Theft, 01/05/1717

    5 Guineas and 16 s.6 d. in Silver , the 29th of April last. The Prosecutor deposed, that being in Smithfield selling Calves, he observed the Prisoners brushing to and tro by him, and asked them if they designed to

    Samuel Annable, Theft, 12/07/1721

    on the 19th of June last. The Prosecutor deposed, that as he stood to see them play at Cudgels in Smithfield , a little Boy told him that the Prisoner had taken his Handkerchief out of his Pocket; whereupon he

    Francis Hockabout, Gresham Mason, Thomas Wats, Theft, 24/04/1723

    That having been at Highgate, and being a little in Liquor, and weary, he sat down on a Bench in Smithfield and fell a-sleep, and when he waked had lost the Things mentioned in the Indictment, and some other Things,

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    7 April 1701, 7 April 1701

    " ing the faid Bill will be of great Prejudice to the Pe- " titioner, and leffen his Eftate about Smithfield Five " Hundred Pounds per Annum at leaft; and therefore " praying to be heard, by his Counfel, before Subscribers-only content

    20 January 1703, 20 January 1704

    of Warwick and " Holland, during his Minority, to make Leafes of fe« " veral Meffuages in or near Wefl Smithfield •" to which they defire their Lordfliips Concurrence. Hodie i* vice leäa efl Billa, intituled, " An Aft to Subscribers-only content

    21 January 1703, 21 January 1704

    ;8c f Brett- Caiifes re- ntov'ed. Speech. journals of the Houfe of Lorck A 1703. and Twentieth Day of September One Thoufand Se- Dominus Cuftos Magni Sigilli declaravit prcefens Par- Adjourn, " ven Hundred and Four. Ordered, That the Subscribers-only content

    5 February 1703, 5 February 1704

    z Ann. Journals of the Houfe of Lords« 397 Comes Romney* Comes Orford. Vifcount Townßena* Vifcount Weymouth. Their Lordfliips, or any Five öf them; to meet on Saturday the Nineteenth Day of this Inftant February, at Ten a Clock Subscribers-only content

    20 March 1703, 20 March 1704

    for *' Clark, to give him Phyfic. " In Ociober laft, Frazer fent fof him to The Hart's Head, in Smithfield; and came back with him to lodge at his Houfe, and ftaid there about a Fortnight. The Company that Subscribers-only content

  • * Queen Victoria's Journals *

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    Sunday 27th August 1843

    p. 5 & we went to see 2 very fine bullocks at the Flemish Farms which are being fattened for Smithfield (cruelly, I think, as they will be killed.) It was fine autumnal evening. - Good "Puss", so dear, when

    Friday 20th October 1843

    cows & calves & the Piggery, the cleanliness of which is so great. Two pigs were being fattened for the Smithfield Show. - Visited the nursery on coming home & later sang with Feodore & Miss Stanley, "Pussy" listening for

    Wednesday 17th July 1844

    Ld Orking . I also saw at the Farm, a most beautiful Scotch bullock, which Albert is having fattened for Smithfield . We drove home again. - Saw Stockmar just before luncheon. - Good little Bertie, has resumed all his

    Saturday 9th December 1843

    off for London , & I walked out with Ly Portman. - Albert returned at 2, much pleased with the Smithfield Cattle Show, he had been visiting, & at Ld Spencer having told him, he thought our pigs had deserved

    Sunday 5th October 1845

    the 1rst time. We saw some beautiful West Highland cattle at the Norfolk Farm, which Albert is having fattened for Smithfield . - Ld Aberdeen & Baron Brunow , who sat next to me, were the only strangers at dinner.


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