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    the stoves by Messrs. Jobson & Co., of Shef-

    (the stoves by Messrs. Jobson & Co., of Shef-) [Stoves, Advertisements, stove] The Stoves by Messrs. Jobson & Co., of Shef¬? field, are from designs by Mr. Walton, and manu-? fiictured for Messrs. Barton, of London. The? first is Subscribers-only content

    Christmas bazaar during December 1885.

    Bazaars (Markets), Advertising, Advertisements] SHEFFIELD. Pawson ic Brailr,tord Lith.ShefT.eld r ---¦*--*¦ iia* A A ••••^^ '¦-.^'¦^^^'¦'¦'^¦^i^A^Mi^AMAA*,^^'- ^ i •aaovNvjAi ivaaNar) 'NVHOVHXS NHOf ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^.^^¦^^^^^'¦¦^¦^¦^¦^¦^¦^^'¦^^¦^ •ppiysqc^ «sj3^uUfi 'piOjsiiBjg pur uosmVjJ ^AAAOAAAAAAAAAAJ>AAA*>OAA«f ¦«^-*^'*^'*^^-^'*^-^'*^^AAaiAAAAA*^.>AAA^^OAAAAAAifcAAA^il^AAAOAAAAO* T^^ ^I'SEW'ED'EG 'XVQ^niVS ^A¥a ? 9um3ao ? qu¥H •025 *s;9>iDBjg Subscribers-only content

    Tools for plumbers and glaziers


    The International Twist Drill Company

    "B — <L> ^ CL <j The INTERNATIONAL TWIST DRILL Co. Ltd. INTAL WORKS, WATERY STREET, SHEFFIELD, 3. Telegrams : Telephones : ? "Fluted, Sheffield" 23072—3—4 TRADE 1 N T A L MARK Manufacturers of HIGH-SPEED AND CARBON STEEL TWIST Subscribers-only content

    No. 4673 All-steel British Bench Vice

    (Marples Tools) [Vises, Advertisements, tool] %!££ XNQOOSia aUVHX •ai3UJ3HS '«v»M BiiJ^qiH 'pn 'snos 9 saidavw 'wm 'pauapjeii Ancjoads 'SMCp pajejjas? 'S9NI1SV3 13318 3iaV)IV3UgNn qoBa 9/£ 'Ujz ^ujuado 'UJ2 SMBp 3DIA HON3S HSUIdB? n33XS-mV £L917 ON \hSMii6MU NO :'i:ioo^ivxv3 MX'.rjdivo.) Subscribers-only content

    Marples 'Shamrock Brand' Hack Saw

    [Hacksaws, Advertisements, tool] MARPLES ^g, ** Shamrock Brand" HACK SAW Strong and Rigid and BRITISH ! No. 2662. SLIDING PILLAR TYPE. Price 7/6 each.? FULL -NICKEL PLATED FRAME? POLISHED ROSEWOOD HANDLE The Frame is adjustable for Blades 6 io Subscribers-only content

    'Hibernia' cramp heads

    (Marples Tools) [Woodworking tools, Advertisements, tool] MARPLES TOOLS «$«. "Shamrock Brand" I KADh Mark ('()mpl!:tk catalooup: on ri:qukst. No. 4673 ALL-STEEL? BRITISH BENCH VICE Jaws 2 in.? Opening 2 in. 3/6 each UNBREAKABLE STEEL CASTINGS, Serrated Jaws, specially hardened. Subscribers-only content

    Hibernia Wood Saws

    (Marples Tools) [Saws, Advertisements, tool] MARPLES ^j, ** Shamrock Brand'' HACK SAW Strong and Rigid and BRITISH ! „ 1 „ *> WM8.S ^ -^^ No. 2662. SLIDING PILLAR TYPE. Price 7/6 each.? FULL-NICKEL PLATED FRAME? POLISHED ROSEWOOD HANDLE Subscribers-only content

    Stainless steel saws (mirror polished)

    for long periods without attention. . . - . Every Saw Tested and Guaranteed. €4 fj- MARPLES "Shamrock Brand." fRAnF Mark WM. MARPLES & SONS LTD., Hibernia Worl(S, SHEFFIELD, ENGLAND. and at Upper Thames Street, E.C. 4. TRADE DISCOUNT. 33i% Subscribers-only content

    No. 1988 insulated screwdrivers

    (Marples Tools) [Screwdrivers, Advertisements, tool] aaiUOSSV N^ZOQ INO hum QNVIS AVldSIO iiUd %f£e XNQODSia aavHX aiHIJiSHS 'W/A «!«J^q!H "PH *SNOS ^ SaidMVW WM •U98J0 *p9H *3[o«ia • sjnoioQ aAipansia ni saipu^H? -i|9U! 8 M 'g 'g '» - apeia Subscribers-only content

    The 'Hibernia' amateur woodworkers' vice

    (Marples Tools) [Woodworking tools, Advertisements, tool] MARPLES TOOLS •«$» " Shamrock Brand " Trade Mark COMPLETE CATALOGUE ON REQUEST. Width of Jaws - - 6 inches To Open - 4| inches Weight bi lbs. each THE "HIBERNiA" AMATEUR WOODWORKERS' Subscribers-only content

    Three new lines

    the cut. Lengtli of cut 11 13 15 18 2-4 inches. 21/. 25/6 33/. 45/. 85/. each. UD., Hibernia Works, SHEFFIELD, England pper Thames Street, London, E.C. 4. DISCOUNT 33i% %!22 XNnODSia 'V'd'3 'uopuoi ')99*i;s sauieiii jadd •qoB9 ./gg ./Q^ Subscribers-only content

    Joseph Jackman & Co. Sheffield, England.

    (The 'blacksmiths' help.') [Printed ephemera, Advertising, Hardware, Advertising posters] 6teel Works, .1 C THE "BLACKSMITHS' HELP." SCALE OF COLOUR FOR TEMPERING STEEL. FIRMER CHISELS SAWS FOR BONE AND IVORY GIMLETS AXES ANO ADZES DENTAL & SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS AUGERS S Subscribers-only content

    Sheffield Steel Products

    to Sheffield Steel? Products (Stores) Limited, in all the wide areas not? covered by its retail shops. Special Notice. Sheffield Steel Products (Stores) Limited will deal? exclusively with the Home Market. The foreign? trade of the parent Company, Sheffield Steel Subscribers-only content

    The intention is most respectfully announced of publishing, by subscription, in one handsome octavo volume, with a map of the county, an entirely new and popular History, gazetteer, and directory...

    Orders promptly, a»? the Edition will be limited nearly to the number of Subscribers. PRINTED FOR WILLIAM WHITE, COLLEGIATE CRESCENT, SHEFFIELD. OPINIONS OF THE PEESS. " A valuable addition has just been made to the Histories and Gazetteers of Devon. Subscribers-only content

    The murdered father, Mr. Davies, and his two sons, committal of the two sons

    (Trial & sentence of death upon) [Printed ephemera, Crime, Murder, Executions and executioners, Trials (Murder), Newspapers, murders and executions] If I & * -• Q> » ti &^ 3-? * S ^ §¦• - so* Is s CO I-® Subscribers-only content

    The labour saving metal for the home 'Staybrite' super stainless steel solidly rustless throughout

    in which it is required for their processes. BE SURE TO ASK FOR ''STAYBRITE" FIRTH-VICKERS STAINLESS STEELS LIMITED? STAYBRITE WORKS, SHEFFIELD, 9 li Ksypxyj V ptm dmtf duwv *%dpjm irnvw yftm yvnrn v oi ffyiflimm ^yf t>j pdvvdxd tnym v^nmb-a-k Subscribers-only content

    The patent transparent needle packets fitted with best spring steel needles (of Sheffield steel), with large, clear gold burnished eyes, and tapering points

    m ¦ lU paum trmpartnt .^^XK^vp ¦eedk ''^^XXS^ * * FITTED WITH * * Best Spring Steel Needles •^i-i^* (OF SHEFFIELD STEEL), With large, clear Gold Burnished Eyes,? and Tapering Points. BEST 2d. PACKETS Contains 25 Needles. Price 5/« per Subscribers-only content

    Adams's furniture polish

    Bodies,? Enamelled Articles,? Gun Barrels.? Marble Mantlepieces.? Oilcloths,? Papier Mache.? Patent Leather,? Perambulators,? And all Varnished Goods. Manujactory:- VALLEY ROAD, SHEFFIELD. •ai3ldJ3HS*aVOy A3T1VA -:yCio:ioe/nuB\^ ^ — Q) — -, — ^ — ^ spoQQ paiisiujBA ijg puy 'sjoaeinqiupjad 'jaii:iB8i iQeaEd Subscribers-only content

    Biographical sketch of Hermann Unthan

    he will always be? blessed with large audience<s. W. Brittlebauk, Priuto/^fby SStcam PowtT,) Mulberry-street, Sheffield. nom mm^ cobt sm, TTNTON .^TRFFT. .SHF.FFTFX.n. J UNION STREET, SHEFFIELD. o ? o o ? o ><? pel < < a. T3 Cd HERR Subscribers-only content

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