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  • * Victoria County History *

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    The twelfth and thirteenth centuries Government and customs

    1057 , m. 55. York Freemen , i. 4 sqq. Sel. Cases in K.B . Edw. I , iii ( Selden Soc. 58), pl. 53; J.I. 1/ 1055 , m. 45. J.I. 1/ 1057 , m. 55d; Cal. Fine R


    Ages Selden was part of Ecclesden manor in Angmering , being then called Selkedon or Sylkeden. 32 At that date it evidently strad dled the boundary between the two parishes, for there were fields called Selden Furze fields and Selden

    Bridgwater Castle

    6/968/17, 25, 27, 29; SC 6/969/4, 6. Ibid. LR 3/58/9. Sel. Cases of Trespass from the King's Courts, 1307-99 ( Selden Soc. c), 30. S.R.S . lx, no. 786. P.R.O., C 139/18-19, no. 32; ibid. SC 6/ 1113/11 ; L.

    Greenford Mills

    to the mills in Norwood , just south of Greenford . 83 Public Works in Medieval Law , ii ( Selden Soc. xl), 6-7. S.C. 2/190/22 ( Apr. 1646 ). For the two fields called Mill Field and Mill Butts

    Hanwell Mills

    i. 128 b . B.M . Add. Ch. 8139. See p. 224. Public Works in Medieval Law , ii ( Selden Soc. xl), 6-7; and cf. V.C.H. Lond . i. 455. M.R.O., Hanwell Incl. Award. e.g. Lond. and Mdx. Note

  • * John Strype's Survey of London Online *

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    Book 6, Chapter 1 The City of WESTMINSTER.

    Genius to the Histories and Antiquities of our own Nation. Witness, his Poly Albion, adorned and improved with the learned Selden 's Notes: He dyed 1631 . Geffery Chaucer, out ancientest Poet, mentioned already. Dyed 1400 . Abraham Cowley ,

    Book 5, Chapter 2 [Offerings.] The SPIRITUAL GOVERNMENT.

    Livings in former times. The Tithes of the Parish Priests of London . Edward Brewster, Esq; Roger Niger 's Constitution. The Occasion thereof. Dr. Tilde sly against Selden of Tithes, in Dr. Brian Walton 's Treatise of Payment of Tithes.

    Preface 6 Catalogue of Authors.

    ejusd. Ecclesiæ. Cities Advocate. Print. 1628 . Lex London . Lib. St. Augustin. Papey. Origines Anglican. by Dr. Innis . Selden De Synedrijs. Britannia Antiquis. by Samms. Book of Assize of Bread in Q. Elizabeth 's Time by J. Powel

    Book 1, Chapter 25 Schools. St. Paul's School. The Masters.

    Stories and Curiosities whereof, he made a considerable Collection in his Travels. He was known and beloved by the learned Selden . He composed a short Rhetorick, and a compendious Prosodia for the use of his School, besides divers Amendments,

    Book 3, Chapter 12 [Temple Church.] Faringdon Ward without. [Monuments.]

    Monuments, and set down their respective Inscriptions. To wit, those of John Portman , Richard Wye , Tulsington, Blackmore , Selden , Roger Bishop, John Den , Quatreman, Turner of Parington, JohnWhite, Bishop Brownrig, [sometime Preacher here, who was buried

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    CHODE, William, of Horsham, Suss.

    looking at fresh evidence shown them by one of the parties in the affair. As a consequence, they were discharged, put in prison by the sheriff and each fined 3s.4d. to secure release.Sel. Cases King's Bench (Selden Soc. lxxviii), 81-82.

    RYDELERE, William II, of Horsham, Suss.

    namesake, who had earlier represented their home town in the Commons five times. As no distinction was made between the two men subsequently, it may be presumed that the younger predeceased the older.Sel. Cases King’s Bench (Selden Soc. lxxviii), 81-82.

    VAUGHAN, John (1603-74), of Trawscoed, Llanafan, Card. and the Inner Temple.

    expanded the estate before the Civil War. A strong Anglican, a member of the Tew circle, and a disciple of Selden, ‘he looked most into those parts of the law’ (according to Clarendon) ‘which disposed him to least reverence to

    BURR, Oliffe (c.1515-85), of St. Olave's, Southwark, Surr.

    229-30; T. S. Willan, Muscovy Merchants of 1555, 36; Req. 2/41/99, 120/53, 125/58, Select Pleas of the Ct. of Admiralty (Selden Soc. xi); Tudor Econ. Docs. ed. Tawney and Power, ii. 123-4; V. Rau, A Exploracǎo e o Comeceio do

    MANNERS, John, Lord Roos (1638-1711), of Belvoir Castle, Leics.

    of (Sir) Edward Thurland, the Duke of York’s senior counsel, was no doubt listened to with great attention; he cited Selden to illustrate the differences between the Eastern and Western Churches, and urged the House to proceed with deliberation. (Sir)

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    THE EXAMINER. ,~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ LONDON, DECEMBER 10. TnE rumours respecting the results of the Troppau Con- gress, and the probabilities of an ItalianWar, are as nuume- rous as they are vague and contradictory. They fluctuate from day to day: private Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    former and present times, of Mrs. Siddons, of Cicero, ML. Angelo. Parmigiono, Fenelona, Raleile, A. Durer, Erasmus, Cromwell, Ben Johnson, Selden, Swfft, Gay, Sterne.Garrick, &c. ot<Byron, Bonaparte, West- Kembleb, young Napoleon, of nearly all tle English Royal Family, and many Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    NEWSPAPER CHAT. A D3LICATE IV STIGAfIOS.-A process is about to commence in tie Ecclesiastical Coert which will excite intense interest: it is brought on by a Peer against a near relative. The latter ore have reason to believe is Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    bear in mind that this strange reasoning was used not in a period of darkness, but in the time of Selden and Coke and Bacon. By this example we may see bow easy it is to construct with an appearance Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    - NEWSPAPER CHAT. I Mom3RN GALLANTRY -Under this bead. the gifted E.Li has a delightfiul article in the list Lowion .IinTwarie, in which he marlts, with equal truth annd freling, the distinction between that asunmed and temporary deference paid Subscribers-only content

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    17 December 1707, 17 December 1707

    Journals of the Houfe of Lorck A 707. &quot; My Ldrds, this Paragraph, with Submiflion, is *&apos; worth your Confideration ; and, by all which appears &quot; to your Honours, whether the Mediterranean Tradfe &apos;« deferves Proteftion and Encouragement, Subscribers-only content

    29 July 1822, 29 July 1822

    Dispute was &quot; between the Vavasors of Two Lords, it was to be &quot; decided in the County Court: Hence Selden concludes, Seld. tit. &quot; that the Appellation of Vavasor was properly applicable Hon. p. 2. &quot; to a Tenant Subscribers-only content

    29 July 1822, 29 July 1822

    might properly be deemed &quot; &quot; Majores Barones,&quot; and therefore to be summoned by Seld. Tit. of &quot; Special Writ: Selden, in his Treatise on Titles of Honor, p. 2. « Honor, has suggested that some Law was made to Subscribers-only content

    29 July 1822, 29 July 1822

    perhaps more properly Earl of &quot; Shropshire; and if Reliance can be had on the Autho- &quot; rity cited by Selden in his Titles of Honour, his Son &quot; Hugh de Belesme was, in a Record of the 10th of Subscribers-only content

    29 July 1822, 29 July 1822

    the First, and to have had a Grant of the &quot; &quot; Tertium Denarium &quot; of the County of Devon: Selden Seld. Tit. of &quot; states this from Camden, whose Authority was the Book Honour, p.ii. &quot; of the Abbey Subscribers-only content


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