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    Return of the Lords of Session in Scotland, to an Order of the Right Honourable the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, in Parliament Assembled, on the 12th of June, 1739., 11 June 1738

    Kenmure, Mar, Airly, Kingfton, Nithfdale, Carnwath, Kilfyth. Winton, Callender, by the At- Linlithgow, tainder of Earl Lith- Lords Perth, gow, Seaforth, Panmure. Sinclair, Burleigh, Duffus, Nairn, of high Treafon, for their Acceffion to the unnatural Rebellion that was raifed in Subscribers-only content

    Appendix Numb. 1. Roll of the Peers of Scotland Pariiament, 1706., 11 June 1738

    I Hadinton, Gall away, Laudeidale, Seaforth, Kinnoul, Loudon, Dummies, Stilling, Elgin, Southesk, Traquair, Ancrum, "VVeyms, " Dalhoufie, Airly, Findlater, Carnwath, Callender, Leven, Dyfert, Panmuie, Selkirk, Northefk, Kincardine, Belcprras, Forfar, Abone, - $ Ncwburgh, Kilmarnock, Dundonald, Dnnbartne, Kintoir, Broadalbin, Aberdeen, Dunmoir, Subscribers-only content

    To the Honourable House of Commons a further Report humbly offered by the Commissioners and Trustees who Acted in Scotland , Appointed by two several Acts of Parliament the One made in the First Year ..., 1 August 1719

    Barrels of Salmon, Tallow, Lambs, Muttons, Wedders, Butter, Cheefe, ^r*s 0/ /& ^c»^/o/ *& j?^/.£/?<#<? 0/ William toe .&**•£ 0/ Seaforth. Rent payable in Money 1946 12 Bolls,3 Fir.2 Pecks,atfi>. u<£f/;r Boll 4 33a Bolls, 1 Fir. 3 Pecks, at Subscribers-only content

    8 February 1703, 8 February 1704

    Letters from Captain Simon for the Counteffes of Erroll and Seaforth ; and that he had delivered the Letter to the Countefs of Erroll, but that the young Countefs of Seaforth was at that Time in the North;" and Captain Subscribers-only content

    10 February 1719, 10 February 1720

    It relevant and proven, " That William late " Earl of Seaforth was not feifed or poffeffed of, or " interefted in or entitled unto, the Eftate of Seaforth, " in his own Right, or to his own Ufe, or Subscribers-only content

    22 February 1719, 22 February 1720

    Eftates " of Six feveral Vaflals of the late Earl of Seaforth, at- " tainted, to the faid Kenneth, as neareft Proteftant " Heir of the Family of Seaforth; and into the Excep- " tions, Anfwers, and Decrees, appealed from: Subscribers-only content

    7 April 1780, 7 April 1780

    fetting forth, " That the ^etit*on rc" ** Petitioner having agreed with the Right Honourable jUdgea." " Kenneth Earl of Seaforth, for the Purchafe of his " Lordfhip's Eftate, finds it neceffary, to enable him to " pay the Price, Subscribers-only content

    6 June 1780, 6 June 1780

    the Purchafe of certain other " Hereditaments, Part of, thft Eftates of the Right IIo- *' noxLxshleKenneth Mackenzie Eari of Seaforth, in the " Kingdom of Ireland, to be fettled to the Ufes to which " the Eftates intended to Subscribers-only content

    8 March 1798, 8 March 1798

    Amendment. t0 the Four pr And the Lord Walfingham reported from the Com- Francis Humberßone MackenzieECqmre, being by Letters Lc, seaforth teittee, "That they had gone through the Bill, and Patent, bearing Date the Twenty-fixth Day of Otiober, in introduced Subscribers-only content

    21 April 1800, 21 April 1800

    following: V. Sydney* L. Bp. Rochefter. L. Napier. L. Bp. Oxford. L. Walfingham, L. Rawdon. L. Fife. L. Auckland, L. Seaforth. Their Lordmips, or any Five of them, to meet on Wednefday the 7th of May next, at Ten o'Clock Subscribers-only content

    28 April 1800, 28 April 1800

    Stewart of Garlies. Ds. Saltersford. Ds. Macartney. Ds. Brodrick. Ds. Harewood. Ds. Rolle. Ds. Bayning. Ds. Glaßonbury. Ds. Wodehoufe* Ds. Seaforth. Ds. Eldon. " dividing, allotting, and enclofing the Open Fiel^ " and Wade Ground, within the Townfhip of Ho/tkJ- Subscribers-only content

    23 May 1800, 23 May 1800

    Ds. Curzon. Ds. Stewart of Gar- lies. Ds. Gwydir. Ds. Harewood. Ds. Ue//*. Ds. Carrington. Ds. Bayning. Ds. Wodehoufe. Ds. Seaforth. Ds. £Wc«. PRAYERS. The Lord Eldon fat Speaker, by virtue of His Majefty's Commiffion. Hodie 3a vice kcla cfl Subscribers-only content

    9 June 1800, 9 June 1800

    Stewart of Garlics. Ds. Macartney. Ds.Daivnay. Ds. Gwydir. Ds. De Dunftanville. Ds. Harewood. Ds. Carrington. Ds. Bayning. Ds. Lilford. Ds. Seaforth. Dsk Eldän. L. Bp. London. L. Grenville. L. Bp. Winchefler. L. Napier. L. Bp. Rochefler. L. Hay. L. Bp. Subscribers-only content

    25 June 1800, 25 June 1800

    Dude. Ds. Brownlow. Ds. Ds. Boringdon. Ds. Upper OJöry. Ds. Bradford. Ds. Tarborough. Ds. Dauunay. Ds. Carrington. Ds. Bayning. Ds. Seaforth. Comes Peterborough J^s. Walfingham. Ss5 Monmouth. Comes Carlifie. Comes Jerfey. Comes Poulett. Comes Glafgow. Comes i&r. Comes Harrington. Comes Subscribers-only content

    30 June 1800, 30 June 1800

    Se- cretariorum. Ds. Somervilk. Ds. Napier. Ds. Hay. Ds. Walpole. Ds. Walfinghavt. Ds. Stewart of Gar- lies. Ds. Macartney. Ds. Seaforth. The Lord Chancellor acquainted the Houfe, " That His Majefty had been pleafed to iffue a Commiffion to feveral Subscribers-only content

    1 July 1800, 1 July 1800

    Grenville, Unus Primariorum Se- cretariorum. Ds. Somerville. Ds, Napier. Ds. Walfingham. Ds. Bulkeley. Ds. Gwydir. Ds. Carrington. Ds. Bayning. Ds. Seaforth. Dux York. Dux Cumberland. Dux Gloucester. Ds. Loughborough, Cancellarius. Comes Wefimorland, C. P. S. Dux Portland. March. Townßend. Comes Subscribers-only content

    8 July 1800, 8 July 1800

    Ds. Ponfonbyi Ds. Boflon. Ds. Holland. Ds. Bulkeley. Ds. Upper OJforyi Ds. Lyttelton. Ds. Stewart ofGaf* lies. Ds. Bayning. Ds. Seaforth. Ds. Eldon. by Commii* fion. c< a Vifcount Falmouth. Vifcount Wentworth. Vifcount Hampden. Vifcount Hood. PRAYERS. The Lord Chancellor Subscribers-only content

    29 July 1800, 29 July 1800

    Comes Camden. Comes Liverpool. Vifcount Hood. PRAYERS. Ds. Grenville, Unus Primariorum Se- cretariorum. Ds. Walfingham. Ds. Gwydir. Ds. Bayning. Ds. Seaforth. 11 a «c cc a cc CC Coils, Charges and Damage?, which he hath fuftamed by Reafon of the Subscribers-only content

    22 January 1801, 22 January 1801

    Ds. Mendip. Ds. &?$y. Ds. Curzon. Ds. Yarboroughi Ds. Ds. Macartney. Ds. Gwydir. Ds. Carrington. Ds. Bayning. Ds. Wodehoufe. Ds. Seaforth. Ds. Fitzgibbon. Ds. RoJ/more. Pariiiincnt opened by Commiffioru The Lord Chancellor acquainted the Houfe, « That i£ His Majefty Subscribers-only content

    26 January 1801, 26 January 1801

    Douglas of Loch* leven. Ds. Auckland. Ds. Upper OJory. Ds. Mulgrave. Ds. Bradford. Ds. Selfey. Ds. Curzon. Ds, Stuart of Cqfile Stuart. Ds. Macartney. Ds. Gwydir. Ds. Carrington. Ds. Bayning. Ds. Seaforth. Ds. £/<&». Ds. F/Yz Gibbon, Ds. Rofsmore* J Subscribers-only content

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