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  • * John Strype's Survey of London Online *

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    Book 3, Chapter 3 [St. Sythes.] Cheape Ward.

    , is an Alley or Lane, called Scalding Alley, not erroneously (as some have published) but truly, as nearest to the most antient denomination thereof; which was, Scalding -house, alias Scalding -wike, and Scalding lane; as appeareth by good Records

    Book 5, Chapter 12 [Armourers.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [White-Bakers.]

    well disposed, that ministred for God's sake to poor People that had sore Breasts, Pin and Web in the Eye, Scalding , Burning, sore Mouth, the Stone and Strangury, Saucelim and Morphew. In Consideration whereof, and for the Comfort and

    Book 2, Chapter 7 Broadstreet Ward. The Streets, Courts, &c.

    in Parliament, lived in this Parish, late deceased. ] West from this Church have yee Scalding Alley, of old time called Scalding House , or Scalding Wicke, because that Ground (for the most part) was then employed by Poulters, that

    Book 2, Chapter 12 Candlewick Street Ward. S. Mary Abchurch.

    Wike , which is the Place where they used to work them; as Scalding wike by the Stocks Market was called of the Poulters dressing and scalding their Poultry there. And in divers Countries, Dayrie-houses, or Cottages wherein they make

    Book 3, Chapter 3 Cheape Ward. [Present State.]

    Jury , where Cheapside ends, and reaches to the Stocks Market , by Cornhill . On the North side is Scalding Alley; a large Place, containing two or three Alleys, and a square Court with good Buildings, and well inhabited;

  • * British History Online *

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    Broadstreete warde

    Sutton, William Batte, Iames Well, Henrie Beacher Alderman, 1570. Scalding house or Scalding wicke . West from this Church haue ye Skalding Alley, of old time called Scalding house, or Scalding wike, because that ground for the most part was

    Wills, 20 Richard II (1396-7)

    of S. Christopher le Stocks, says Stow ('Survey,' Thoms's ed., 1876, p. 71), "have ye Scalding alley, of old time called Scalding house or Scalding wike, because that ground for the most part was then employed by poulterers that dwelt

    House of Commons Journal Volume 12, 20 April 1698, 20 April 1698-20 April 1698

    Offences. Ordered , That Mr. Attorney-General and Mr. Solicitor-General do prosecute the said Mrs. Poole, William Wade, Roger Beart, Matthew Scalding, Francis Neave, Thomas Dewy, * Manare , and * Towsey , for their said Offences. Ranew's Nat. gratis. Resolved

    Candlewicke streete warde

    or otherwise Wike, which is the place where they vsed to worke them, as Scalding wike by the stockes Market was called of the Poulters scalding and dressing their poultrie there: and in diuerse Countries, Dayrie houses, or Cottages, wherein

    Book 1, 1662

    A 1662 81 Josephus Ballard filius Richardi Ballard de Riton in Com Warwick agricole po: se appren Johanni Jones de Scalding Alley pro 7 annis a die dat Indre dat eodem 5 die July An pred. 12 Aug 1662 82

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    sevith Etitronce Ifall, Sittieg Room, Klitcbeit atd Larder, Die ad, anfi tree BedRooissen; so Cella~rs;Yaril. aittnOtt-olcens; Gatewsay RCt ItIRitranco; 0111ce; Scalding for thtrees liorses, wsti llofts overtu an 13 lar-ge dShod. The Propterty is let to Ilefi. ,evonns en lotise, Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    C 3 Yesterday miorning a Serious exolosqionoefmctal occurred in the London and North-Western Railway Company's b Stes_.lworks at Crewe, severely scalding three worken .;It appears that recently the companly have been menau- .facttiring Steel by what is known as the Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    and Weights, Cle6vers, tho whole of the SLAUGHTERHOUSE FITTINGS sn Utensils, PATENT FOUR-KNIFE SILENT C1UTTER, Sage fliing Machine, Cutting Boards, Scalding Tath, soda large =antty of Useful Effects; also, the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE,- com- rrising Cests of Drawers. Bedsteads, Duchesso Tables, Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    and. Weights, Cleaners, the whole of the SLAUGHTERHOUSE FITT7INGS sod Utenisils, PATENT POUlt-KINIFE SILENT CUTTER, Sausa~s- filling Mactins, Gasttlug Boards, Scalding Tubs, soil a larce quantity of Useful Effects; also, fth HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, com- pIsn Chests of Drawers, Bedsteads. flochesse Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    guilty to forging.a cheque for £460. on Latinwon and Co.'s Bank, Newcastle-on- 'PTy-ne, with intent to defraud the Stamford and Scalding Bank, at La~rket HIarborough. -to was sentenced to eighteen months' hard labour. The police stated there were three other Subscribers-only content


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