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  • * The History of Parliament *

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    WENTWORTH, Ruisshe (c.1651-86), of Sarre, Kent.

    (c.1651-86), of Sarre, Kent. Constituency Dates Aldborough 12 July 1678 Liverpool Mar. 1679 Liverpool Oct. 1679 Liverpool 1681 Biography Wentworth’s ancestors were substantial landowners in Yorkshire by the reign of Edward I, but his uncle, the great Earl of Strafford,

    BETTE, Thomas, of Winchelsea, Suss.

    his behalf. He established a business association with John Helde*, with whom in 1402 he was prosecuting John Sly of Sarre, their former receiver, to compel him to render account. Bette's wife, Petronilla, had a reversionary interest in certain lands

    HELDE, John, of Winchelsea, Suss.

    Henry of Bolingbroke. Helde had a business partnership with Thomas Bette* with whom in 1402 he sued John Sly of Sarre to render his account as their former receiver; and he was also friendly with John Salerne II*, who in

    LOVERYK, Thomas, of Sandwich, Kent.

    Some of his holdings were in the Isle of Thanet: in 1415 he made a conveyance of a tenement at Sarre, and in 1428 two men (possibly his feoffees) settled on his daughter, Joan, and her husband, William Manston, the

    OXNEY, Solomon (d.1433), of London.

    the goldsmith held in Kent. During the Trinity term of 1398 he acquired two messuages and a small farm at Sarre on the Isle of Thanet, and at the time of his death he held rents and tenements at Oxney,

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    a Captain, he became luccessively Chief of the 2d kattalion of the Var, Colonel of the ci-rdevant Regiment of the Sarre, General of Brigade tind Divisior in 1793. Ile already, in 1794, enjoyed the cemlNtr-id of a corps of 20,0i0X) Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    CAlICATURE, VERy LIRE, 'BY SARRE BROWN. "E jEL8TAX (SaVOIn) a preciOus STORP2'-C-tnr. 4 Eh, eb, elh, Sire Ane!. Eb, el, eh, Sire Ane!" Fete 4es IFzua. Scene-A passage to a Court of J'ualice. Enter from lii te, and toast, a Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    - vdy ASR:DVX, ~6X,~rT , ,fl .FCN UPTCY 'rN? LAGED., : Wf "Pcg-sonr, DLeed>, rilleclhal, fra e AahrL t 17 to -Apr " 9t ' - Meleveni at flu otel, Lend, 0 ~~~~ 3fAt' 3" RUlTS' Fiarnmiiig, itirckh urn, Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    TRnEATY BETWEEN FRANCE AND THE ALLIEhS. The following terms of the rTreaty are given in'the Courier of WVednesday as from authority The terms of the Treaty were fioally agreed upon before the Emperor *f Russia went to Brmsseis. A Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    this prin ir le, Philippeville and Manienhouri w b tr th'ir districts, and the Duchyof Bouillon: Sarre F.- and tihe course of the Sarre; landau and the left bpnk of th~e iauxter (Wcise ibourg aid a ravon of a thollsand Subscribers-only content

  • * British History Online * *

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    1541 London Subsidy roll, Bread Street Ward

    Robert Holsome ( £ 80) 40 Ceceley Hall wedowe ( £ 30) 15 Reynold Hatfeld ( £ 20) 10 Andrewe Sarre ( £ 20) 10 Anne Lady Asgue ( £ 800) 20 John Asgue ( £ 500) 12 10 John

    Elizabeth, December 1559, 01 December 1559-31 December 1559

    is yet in France as you told us. Berwick. Signed: R. Sadleir, Jamys Croft. Postscript. Our spy reports that Captain Sarre le bois lies in Stirling with 1200 French, and D'Oysell with 1400 in Lythquo, and the Protestants are assembled Subscribers-only content

    George III, December 1770, 01 December 1770-31 December 1770

    handed in a state of his services from the time when he was made Lieutenant in the Regiment of La Sarre in 1729. [They are set out fully in the narrative, but need not be here given. ] But in Subscribers-only content

    Index of persons, L - Z

    Piers, 15 Sares , Sarres ( see also Ceeres, Seres): John, 200 Ralph, 362 Thomas, 191 Saroe , Michael, 325 Sarre , Andrew, 36 Sarres , see Sares Sarto , Lewen, 384 Satchfeilde , - , widow, 211 Saule: Agatha,

    General Index, S, 01 March 1677-28 February 1678

    be excused Sares , Peter. See Chavener, Thomas Sark , Capt. Martin Beckman going to Capt. Martin Beckman gone to Sarre , Kent, inhabitants of, letter to Sarsfield , Patrick, of Lucan, reference of the petition of William, son of, Subscribers-only content

  • * 19th Century British Pamphlets * *

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    Les papiers secrets du Second Empire. No.2., 1870

    6aoutl870, 3h. soir. Je n'ai pas de nouvelles dc Mac-Mahon . Ce matin, les reconnais¬ sances du cole de la Sarre 'ne signalaicnt aucun mouvemenlde Fennemi. J'apprends maintenant qu'il y a un engagement du cole du general Frossard. II est Subscribers-only content

    Catalogue of the Nova Scotian department., 1862

    Salmon Flies. James Connell , Halifax . 858 12 bottles Hair Tonic 859-60 Bears Grease and Eau de Cologne N. Sarre , Halifax . 861 Cordials (30 varieties) James Crosskill, Halifax . 862 Box Cordials, for testing Ditto 863-64 Cider Subscribers-only content

    Question Victor Dey., 1862

    . Veuillezagreer, je vous prie, Monsieur le minisire, etc. Victor Dey . L AFFAIRE DU-COURSIER-DE NANTES . Le Coursier, capitaine Sarre , trois-nats francais de 228 tonneaux, venant do Moutevi leo en relate a Bihia pour avaries, a donn6 lieu Subscribers-only content

    Aktenstücke zur Beleuchtung der Badischen Territorial-Frage., 1818

    cantons de Worms et Pfeddersheim, 2°, Les cantons de Kircheim - Boland dans l'arrondissetnent d'Alzey. Dans le departement de la Sarre : 3°. Lcs cantons de Waldmohr, Bliescastel et Cusel. Ce dernier al'exception de quelques en- droits sur la route Subscribers-only content

    Aktenstücke zur Beleuchtung der Badischen Territorial-Frage., 1818

    ements de la Sarre et du Mont - Tonnerre ,. que dans les ci - devant departements de Fulde et de Francfort , ou enclaves dans leS pays adja- cens, mis a la disposition des puissances alliees par le traite Subscribers-only content


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