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  • * Victoria County History *

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    Stogursey Castle

    (P.R.S. N.S. xliv), 1; Sanders , Eng. Baronies , 143. Proc. Som. Arch. Soc . lxvi. 118-19; Close R . 1227-31 , 43; Sanders , Eng. Baronies , 143. Close R . 1231-4 , 546. Sanders , Eng. Baronies ,

    Stowell Stowell in 1839

    6. V.C.H. Som . i. 455; Sanders , Eng. Baronies , 104. V.C.H. office, Taunton , Pole MS. 940; P.R.O., C 139/110, no. 45; Sanders , Eng. Baronies , 38-9. S.R.S . vi. 373-4; Sanders , Eng. Baronies , 39.

    Pawlett Manors and other estates Fields of Pawlett 1658

    . i. 499. Sanders , Eng. Baronies , 5. Cal. Pat . 1405-8 , 15; Sanders , Eng. Baronies , 13; Complete Peerage , v. 683, 686 n. Pipe R . 1194 (P.R.S. N.S. v), 19; Sanders , Eng. Baronies

    Parishes Honiley

    57 Hungate sold it in 1707 to John Sanders . 58 The Sanders family remained in possession until about 1779, 59 when John Tibbits succeeded John Sanders , and took the name Sanders . 60 He was patron of Honiley

    List of illustrations

    R . 1179 (P.R.S. xxviii), 71; Sanders , Eng. Baronies , 5. P.R.O., DL 42/11, f. 2 and v.; Bk. of Fees , i. 400 . Cal. Inq. p. m . ii, p. 265. Sanders , Eng. Baronies , 5.

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Evans, Lodge DIeputy ; y Parch. ryd B. Jones, T.B.D.; D. Jones (Dewi bach), T.I.D,; E. yn Stephen, T.Y.; - Sanders, T.Y.A.; J. Morgan, T.D.; in y Parch. R. E. Williams (B.), T.G.; D. Davies, T.Cr. all B.D.; E. Jones, Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    at wneyd cymorth'i an o'n gweinidogion Psydd mown clefyd hir. Gaiwyd at y gwaith cyhoeddus, -y Parchn. Lle..ryn Liewelyn. -D Sanders, Moses Thoias, WIm. WlLiams, Abertswe, Lewis Joies, D. Phi lips, D. Davies, Cwmnogwr (yn SaSmieg), ac . EIEva WilJiams, Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    , Jse~ph O~iren, Iron: . Merchant; Joh Oweni (tafiarnwr) j Dawrlais; $0W. J.; Richards, gweimidog yr Annibynwyr, lDowlais; :J..B. ; Sanders,. offelriad Pabaidd, Merthyr; W. V:;Sharp, .i Grocer,nTroedyrhi*;w- W.-Smith, Chemist; -J. Wil- i liams, -:gweinidog: y Bedyddwyr, Dowlais:: N.:X>G 3. Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    mawrt. - y Gaviamtkah Orrinio.- Dewiawyd y Parch. Thqomas Robets, Jerusalom i ro44i nrath. ar Natr Eglwyas, 'r Pa.nb. D,- Sanders i roddi y cynlgor yri i gwaaanaethoidoiniio ye Nghyin deifa*f Lhiurwit.' Enwd tri jl ia'kddi .yr asaith, onid 6odhobyd Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    J M Cheury . J M herm aSETHEarker 'Natural Philosophy Drawing I R R Hughes T Ledon 4 J G Sanders 2 R T Davies J Bopwood l J X Hafie!d 8 (J.I1 Gratton 5R D Luck B H Samnel Subscribers-only content

  • * John Strype's Survey of London Online *

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    Book 6, Chapter 5 The City of WESTMINSTER.

    burning Taper to his End doth waste, Whilst Life and Death to meet each other haste; Then happy she, that did her Life apply, Here and above to live eternally. To *Al.Thomam. *Forte Cursorum regiorum. *Al. Sanders . *Al. Godardo.

    Book 5, Chapter 17 [Merchants] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [of India.]

    Cloves , Mace, Pepper, Cinnamon, & c. Muslin, Callicoes, Pintadoes of several sorts; amongst which some are of excellent Workmanship, Sanders , Tamarinds, Spicknard, Bezar-stone, Alloes, Myrrhe, Rhubarb, Opium, Frankincence, Cassia, Borax, Calamus, Green-Ginger , Sugars, Sugar- Candy , Camphir,

  • * John Foxe's The Acts and Monuments Online *

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    Actes and Monumentes of the Churche

    lyues are to be forsaken, as Christ required them to be denied, & geuē in his cause. This did Laurence Sanders practise in deed euen to the very death. vnto the which before the cruel bishops brought him, because thei

    Q. Mary. Godly Letters of M. Hooper, Byshop and Martyr.

    that the Bishops shoote at, and doubtles be not pleased with their doinges. I pray you helpe that our brother Sanders & the rest in the Marshalsey may vnderstand these thinges, & send me your answer betime. Iudas nō dormit:

    Queene Mary. Ghostly Letters of M. Bradford, holy Martyr.

    Crosse and to follow himtake vp your Crosse and follow your maister, as your brethren M. Hoper, Rogers, Tailor, and Sanders haue done, and as nowe your brethren M. Cranmer, Latimer, Ridley, Farrar, Bradford, Haukes. &c. be ready to doe.

    Queene Mary. Comfortable letters of M. Hooper Martyr to his Wyfe and others.

    that the Bishops shote at, and doubtles be not pleased with their doings. I pray you helpe that our brother Sanders and the rest in the Marshalsey may vnderstande these things, and sende me your answere betime. Iudas non dormit:

    Q. Mary. Diuers saued from burning of the fire by Gods prouidence.

    when they turned forward, shee turned backward, &c.This being notorious in the church, at length þe Constable and Churchwarden named Sanders, attached her in the Queenes name, Bosoms wyfe summoned to appeare at Kingstone.charging her with her Mother, the next

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    19 February 1750, 19 February 1751

    alfo deceafed," be retived; and meet on Monday next. 'tak* Baldwin Gentleman and Tryphena Baldwin his Wife, Tryphofa Sanders Widow of William Sanders Gentleman, deceafed, Thomas Jekyll the Elder, and John Gibbs, for themfelves and on the Behalf of John Subscribers-only content

    29 June 1780, 29 June 1780

    9ourt of KinS's Bencl> in the ufual Manner, de¬ livered in at the Table, a Writ of Error, wherein, John Sanders Gentleman, is Plaintiff, and ¦ George Jones is Defendant. MiKtia QusH- The Lord Vifcount Stormont (by His Majefty's Com- Subscribers-only content

    5 June 1795, 5 June 1795

    In the Fourth, William Harrifon and John Harrifon are Plaintiffs, and Jeremiah Mahony is Defendant. In the Fifth, Michael Dicker Sanders is Plaintiff, and Thomas Croft and others are Defendants. And in the laft, Nathaniel Mafon is Plaintiff, and Daniel Subscribers-only content

    15 June 1795, 15 June 1795

    Upon reading the Petition of Thomas Croft, William Sanders Devaynes, John Dawes, and William Noble, Defendants ^f Croft in a Writ of Error depending in this Houfe, wherein e Michael Dicker Sanders is Plaintiff; fetting forth, " That " the Subscribers-only content

    25 March 1803, 25 March 1803

    them, That the Lords have agreed to the faid Bill, without any Amendment. it f< Sanders for a Upon reading the Petition of Chriftian Sanders, pray- Naturaliza- jng Leave to bring in a Bill for his Naturalization: tion Bill: It Subscribers-only content

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    DUNTZE, Sir John, 1st Bt. (c.1735-95), of Rockbeare, nr. Exeter, Devon.

    of an immigrant Bremen merchant, was an Exeter clothier and general merchant and a partner in the Exeter Bank (Duntze, Sanders, Hamilton & Co.). His involvement with the London banking house of Halliday, Duntze, Praed & Co. evidently ended in

    SANDERS, Edmund (c.1545-1621), of Charlwood, Surr.

    SANDERS, Edmund (c.1545-1621), of Charlwood, Surr. Constituency Dates Reigate 1584 Reigate 1586 Ofifces Held J.p.q. Surr. 1575, Suss. 1583-7; commr. subsidy Surr. 1593. Biography Of a minor gentry family resident in Surrey since the fourteenth century, Sanders became a lawyer,


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