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  • * John Strype's Survey of London Online *

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    Book 5, Chapter 12 [Sadlers. Carpenters.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Cordwainers.]

    there being an Act of Parliament in the Reign of Henry VII . for this Purpose. ] SADLERS. T HE Company of SADLERS questionless declare themselves to be of great Antiquity, as shewing their beginning in the Times of these

    Book 5, Chapter 15 [Companies.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT.

    Pewterers. 17. Barber-Surgeons. 18. Cutlers. 19. Bakers. 20. Wax Chandlers. 21. Tallow Chandlers. 22. Armourers. 23. Girdlers. 24. Butchers. 25. Sadlers . 26. Carpenters. 27. Cordwainers. 28. Painter-Stainers. 29. Curriers. 30. Masons. 31. Plumbers. 32. Innholders. 33. Founders. 34. Poulterers.

    Book 5, Chapter 11 [Leathersellers.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT.

    the Tumult, together with their Petition. In which Petition joyned all these Tradesmen following, viz. Leathersellers, Fellmongers, Glovers, Point-makers, Purse-makers, Sadlers , Girdlers, Coffer-makers, Budget-makers, Stationers, White-Tawiers, Jerkinmakers, Leather dyers, and all other Dressers, Workers and Converters of Leather, inhabiting

    Book 5, Chapter 8 [Liveries.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT.

    Armourers. 3 1 17. Waxchandlers. 6 2 18. Tallowchandlers. 3 2 19. Sheremen. 5 2 20. Fullers. 9 2 21. Sadlers . 4 2 22. Brewers. 12 4 23. Scriveners. 6 2 24. Butchers. 7 3 25. Bakers. 4 2

    Book 4, Chapter 1 Borough of Southwark. S. Georges Interments.

    Leathersellers. 5 00 0 Pewterers. 3 00 0 Waxchandlers. 4 00 0 Tallowchandlers. 2 00 0 Girdlers. 2 10 0 Sadlers . 2 00 0 Cordwainers. 5 00 0 The Sum is 166 12 0 Under these this Inscription. This

  • * Victoria County History *

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    The City of Chichester Trades, industries, markets and fairs

    Surgeons' and Glasiers' Gilds, 1608; the Clothiers' Gild, 1616; the Sadlers ' Gild, 1633; the Blacksmiths' and Cutlers ' Gild, 1662; the Glovers' Gild and White Tawers' Gild, 1687; the Sadlers ', Rope Makers', Stationers' and Bookbinders' Gilds, 1686; the

    The borough of Stratford-upon-Avon Historical account

    , 130 and the others, with the Glaziers, into another in 1613 . 131 The ordinances of the Shoemakers and Sadlers were issued in 1578 , and a ninth company, that of the Drapers, seems to have been in existence

    Edmonton Introduction EDMONTON c. 1600

    almost due north of Bury Farm. Thence it ran southward to cross Bury Street , form the mill stream of Sadlers mill, and flow eastward close to the later Nightingale Hall farm, whence it followed the road south to John

    Parishes Everleigh

    the duchy from 1568 to 1587 . It is believed that Ralph was himself lessee at some time. 70 Both Sadlers were renowned as falconers and Everleigh afforded outstanding opportunities for sport. 71 Henry was succeeded by Francis Sadler ,

    Edmonton Communications

    leading to Bury Street . 78 There were two cart bridges over Hobb Hale , one in Hertford Road at Sadlers mill 79 and another leading to the common marsh near Claverings. 80 The latter may have been removed as

  • * Transcribed Papers of Jeremy Bentham *

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    Weights & Measures B Buyers of Stolen goods} v.Accessary ' s. Brokers} Bushels .v. Measures Gaming. v. Plays [Victuallers ] Sadlers . v. Shoemaker Tanners of Leather} v. Tanners - - - } TABLE of TRADERS & c from RUFFHEAD

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    . . 114 Rigger. Climr-maker . . 4' lope-makers 6 Chandlers . 6 Rlerakers - . Cloth-drgssers . a 3 Sadlers 4 Clothiiers . . . 9 Sail-Makers - 9 Cloth-manu sturer . i Semistresse ' '; 1 t opers Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Gray's-inn. T A.Sanders, Penkridge. Staffordshire, surgeon. Solicitors, Messrs. Loeand Cowbarn, Ternple. r Evans, Albany-terrace, Old Kenit-road, merchant. Solicitors, Messrs. ClarkO, Sadlers' Hall. W. Whitbred Soutiteend, Essex, linen-draper. Solicitor, Mr. Jones, .ad E. gailie, Nic'nolas-lane, merchants. Solicitors, Messr's. Gregson and Fonnerean, Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    FROM THE LONDON GAZETTES. Tuesday, December 21. (This Gazette contains an Order in Council, notifying the further pro- rogation of Parliament, from the 6th of January to Thursday the 3d of February next, then to meet for the dispatch Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Pretyman, Far and Shawl Warehouseman, 266 Regent circus, Oxford street; Cook and Lucas, Foreign Fur-dealers, 19 Quadrant; Partridge and Co. Sadlers, 3OThayer street, Manchester square; Macdonall,St Burlington arcade; and Partridge and Co Saddle cloth manufacturers, 5i Sloane square, Chelsea; to Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    of nick-names was insufficient to ulescribe them. Hle wvished things to he called by their right names: let Sadler's Wells be Sadlers' Wells ; and at the Olympic, let the games of Olympus he played (laughter'). 'rho Court adjourned to Subscribers-only content

  • * John Foxe's The Acts and Monuments Online *

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    Book 4, page 725 (1563)

    examination in the yeare of our Lorde M.D.xlv. and in the moneth of March, first Christopher Dare examined me at Sadlers Hal, beyng one of the quest, and asked if I did not beleue that the sacrament hanginge ouer the

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    The Report from the Committee of the Guild-Hall Subscription towards the Relief Support and Encouragement of the Soldiers employed in Supressing the Rebellion in M DCC XLV., 11 June 1747

    — — — — — —-. A Lady unknown — — —» — — — — The Worihipful Company of Sadlers — — — Edw. Pargiter, Eiq. Compt. of the Cufforns at Edinburgh G 5 1 5 3 jo 10 Subscribers-only content

    7 May 1739, 7 May 1739

    Manner they have heretofore been." <t Alfo, a Petition of the Wardens or Keepers and Commonalty of the Company of Sadlers of the City of xWW, 6 „,. ..*.„ y. „,„., 1ULKU1LU, ^ m London, was prefented, and read; praying, Subscribers-only content

    14 June 1785, 14 June 1785

    of the whole Houfe appointed to con- fider the Pz/7;> Commercial Refolutions. Upon reading the Petition of the Tanners, Curriers, Sadlers, Shoemakers, and Dealers in Tanned Leather in the City of GAey/Yr, whofe Names are thereunto fub- fcribed, fetting forth, Subscribers-only content

    10 July 1786, 10 July 1786

    ufed in blowing Glafs; " Potters' Wheels and Potters' Lathes for plain, round, «' and for Engme-turning; Tools ufed by Sadlers, Har* " nefs Makers, and Bridle Makers, namely, Cantfe Strainers, Side Strainers, Point Strainers, Creafing Irons, Screw Creafers, Wheel Subscribers-only content

    8 April 1818, 8 April 1818

    are there¬ unto subscribed: Also, Upon reading the Petition of the Tanners, Nottingham: Felmongers, Curriers, Oil Leather Dressers, Shoe Manufacturers, Sadlers and other Persons concerned in the Leather Trade, resident in the Town of Not¬ tingham, whose Names are thereunto Subscribers-only content


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