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  • * British History Online *

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    Churchwardens' accounts, 1506-7

    chosyn chyrchwarden, e su m aforeseyd In the p re sens of M aster Smert, Stevyn saunderson, Will ia m Roche, William Ryvell' & mo othyr, e xx 10 Ianuar A nn o 1507 ix l'i viij s iij d

    Churchwardens' accounts, 1508-9

    [a.d. 1508 9. William Roche Wardens. Iohn Russell Chantry Accounts. Church Rents. Quytt Rentes and obytt es of same. ] Payment es and Reparacion es of the same chirch & Rent es . * * * * * 1 It

    Churchwardens' accounts, 1521-2

    the buryall of his sonn ij s Rec' of Thomas Mondens mother for her buryall ij s Rec' of Mestres Roche for the buryall of her brother in e chirch' xiij s iiij d Rec' for the buryall of Rob

    Churchwardens' accounts, 1509-10

    s viij d Ress' of the surplusage of the last yeris Acownte of Will ia m Roche, in money xv s Ress' of William Roche for halffe a gutt u r p ar table betwene the chirche Rentt es and

    Churchwardens' accounts, 1520-1

    p re sence of M r Alen, Curat of the Chirch', M r Rob er t Aldernes, Will ia m Roche, Ioh'n Austhorp, Andrew Evyngar, Ioh'n Woulff, Thomas Clayton, Rob er t Game and Ioh'n Wall', w i t h

  • * Victoria County History *

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    Houses of Cistercian monks Roche

    Houses of Cistercian monks Roche 27. THE ABBEY OF ROCHE The abbey of Roche derived its name ' de Rupe ' from a supposed miraculous sculpture of a crucifix, found by one of the monks on a rock, adjacent to


    de la Roche the estates of Aldsworth , Elbridge , and Adsdean which Torumherd and Semen held, to be held by the render of a huntingspear at Martinmas. 29 The earl had previously given to Robert de la Roche (

    Parishes Fen Stanton FEN STANTON The PARISH CHURCH of S.S. PETER & PAVL

    at this time granted to Alan de Dinant, the king's champion in France , as in 1206 Agnes de la Roche (de Rupe) held it in dower of the inheritance of Alan and was then engaged in a dispute with

    Houses of Cistercian monks Meaux

    himself reappointed and issued a citation against Ryslay, who at once resigned, in July 1356 , and eventually retired to Roche Abbey . 38 Robert of Beverley was at once elected, and Dringhow was persuaded to acquiesce in his election


    railway) to Midhurst , comes in from the north. One mile south of the village is Rook 's, or St. Roche 's, Hill with the Trundle, a Neolithic and Early Iron Age camp, 2 on the edge of the parish,

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    ydyw yn bosibl i ddyn fod mewn dau le ar unwaith oni lae iddo fad yn aderyn chwedl Syr Boyle Roche, ni chefais y fraint o fad yn N ~ b y'Cyflredixi nos Fawrtb, ond clywais y cyfritWyd y Ty Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    'etw, "yr. alarwm," 0 Yi ocdd ei ddullweddyn'wahanol,i ddullwedd y Rapel, 'oblegid" yn lie' mabwysiadu tXn wnwdlyd, fywioag a thostlym,canlylw~yr Roche.. fort, eglarei yn ddifrifol :a mewn t6n tra awdur- dodol y syniadau mniyaf eithafol ynghylch sefyllfa newvydd' gwladwriaeth. ; Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    PARRY, Yaw., Glyn Hall. HUGH PUGH, Yaw., Minmanton. J- PUGHE, Yaw., Aberdyfi. H. J. REVELEY, YSw., Bryngwin. F. W. A. ROCHE, Yaw. JOHN ROBERTS, YaW., Liverpool. C. E. SPOONER, Yaw., Bronygarth. L. H. THOMAS, YaW., Cae'rffynon. LEWIS WiLLIAMS, Yaw., Dolgellan. Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    PARRY, Ysw., Glyn Hall. HUGH PUGH, YeW., Mimuanton. J PUGHE, Yew., Aberdyfi. H. J. REVELEY, Ysw., Bryngwin.. F. W. A. ROCHE, Yew. JOHN ROBERTS, Yew., Liverpool. C. E. SPOONEH, Yew., Bronygarth. L. H. THOMAS, YSW., Cae'rffynon. LEWIS WILLIAMS, YSw., Dolgellau. Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    a'r cymydogaethau yr wythnos ddiweddaf ar ddyfed- r iad Mr. F. W. A. Roche i'w 6e'd. 'Mae Mr. Roche yn unig fab i W. Reche, Ysw., Roche MIount, Cork, a 'Treu, nte-Pairk, Brycheiniog, ac yn *yr o ochr ei fam Subscribers-only content

  • * John Strype's Survey of London Online *

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    Book 1, Chapter 9 Orders for the THAMES.

    ancient Assize set down by Decree, viz. Inches . Pyke XIV Barbel XII Salmon XVI Trowte VIII Tench VIII Roche } VI } } Dace Flounder Fish not yet Assized, viz. Carp Smelts Aloes Bleaks Chevin Shad Pearch Makerel

    Book 4, Chapter 1 Bridge Ward without. St. Mary Overy.

    their Priory; where they celebrated until the Priory was repaired. Which Hospital was after (by consent of Peter de la Roche , Bishop of Winchester ) removed into the Land of Anicius, Archdeacon of Surrey , in the Year 1228

    Book 4, Chapter 3 Suburbs. The Black Fryers.

    came into England , and having to their Prior one named Gilbert de Fraxineto, in Company of Peter de la Roche Bishop of Winchester , came to Canterbury : Where presenting themselves before the Archbishop Steven, he commanded the said

  • * Charles Booth Online Archive *

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    Ms797/II/68: Miscellaneous papers of Mary Catherine Booth


  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    22 January 1688, 22 January 1689

    102 Journals of the Houfe of Lords. " and Affiftance which may be expefted from you, as " Proteftants and Englißmen, whenever their Condi- " tion fliall require it. " Will. Hen. P. ^Orange. " Given at St. Jam's's, Subscribers-only content

    21 March 1688, 21 March 1689

    Ds. Carteret. Ds. Offulflon. Ds. Dartmouth. Ds. Godolphin. Ds. Churchill. Craven. Alesbury. Come? Comes Comes Comes Comes Comes Comes Comes Roche jler. Burlington', Suffix. Feverßam. Maclesfefa. Nottingham. for/c* e,( Vicecomes Newport,, Vicecornes Weymouth: Yicecomes Ration. PRAYERS. M. de Halyfax Speaker Subscribers-only content

    21 June 1689, 21 June 1689

    250 Journals of the Houfe of Lords. A 1689. D IE Veneris, 210 die Junii. s »- Domini tam Spirituales quam Temporales prsefentes fuerunt: Archb. of Yorks. Epus. London. Epus. Winton. Epus. St. Afaph. Epus. Rocheßer. Epus. Exon. Epus. Subscribers-only content

    13 July 1689, 13 July 1689

    ¦8o Journals of the Houfe of Lords. J. 1689.- Their Lordlhips, or any Three of .them; to meet on Monday Morning, at Eight of the Clock, in the Prince's Lodgings. Or D er ED, That the Earl of Derby Subscribers-only content

    21 March 1689, 21 March 1690

    Steward. L. Chamberlain. Comes Oxon. Comes Shrewfiury, Comes Kent. Bp. of London, Bp. of Durham. Bp. of Landaff. Bp. of Roche fler. Bp. of Sarum. Bp. of Chefler. Bp. of Worcefler. Bp. of Chichefler. * Oiigin. Bryan, L. Delawar, L. Subscribers-only content

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    ROCHE, William (by 1478-1549), of London and Havering atte Bower, Essex.

    Brian Roche, serjeant of the acatery in the Household, possessed lands in Wickersley, which had probably been their childhood home: the village lies a few miles from Roche abbey, which may have given the family its name.[footnote]In 1502-3 Roche exported

    BANKES, James, of Malton, Yorks.

    Hewet. The connecting thread is an association with Roche abbey. In 1546 James Banke was licensed to alienate the site of that abbey, with all its buildings and demesne lands in Roche and Sandbeck, to a London clothworker named Thomas

    TRENERTH (TREVERTH), Robert (d.?1434), of London.

    TRENERTH (TREVERTH), Robert (d.?1434), of London. Constituency Dates Truro 1420 Liskeard Dec. 1421 Truro 1422 Ofifces Held Beadle of the Mercers’ Co., London c. Jan. 1428-Aug. 1434, renter June 1429-34. Biography Trenerth began his apprenticeship to William Butte, a

    JONES, Sir Thomas (1554-1604), of Abermarlais, Carm.

    During his father’s lifetime he had extended his Pembrokeshire estates by leases and purchases in the neighbourhood of Tenby and Roche, but the lease of the crown lordship of Llandovery, Carmarthenshire, held by his father and grandfather, was not renewed

    FURSDON, John, of Fursdon in Liskeard, Cornw.

    for his financial support that, four years later, Fursdon granted him and his heirs all his property in Rosemellin in Roche and lands in Kelynack in St. Just in Penwith. The nature of the misdeed for which Fursdon was summoned

  • * John Foxe's The Acts and Monuments Online *

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    K. Henry. 8. The persecution of M. Thomas Bilney, and Arthur.

    K. Henry. 8. The persecution of M. Thomas Bilney, and Arthur.PersecutersMartyrs.The Causes.pell, amongest whiche number was Thomas Arthur,Maister Latimer Crossekeper in the Vniuersitie of Cambridge.& M. Hugh Latimer, which Latimer at that tyme wascroskeper at Cambridge, bringyng it forth

    K. Hen. 8. The history of Humfrey Mummuthe. Thomas Hitten Martyr.

    K. Hen. 8. The history of Humfrey Mummuthe. Thomas Hitten Martyr.of the Clergie, did not only farre passe and exceed the common measure and order of subiectes, but also surmounted ouer Kings and Princes, and all other estates, as

    K. Henry 8. Richard Mekins, Spenser, Ramsey, Hewet Martyrs.

    health. Know ye that we haue geuen you ioyntly and seuerally power and authoritie to receaue the othes of William Roche Maior of London, Iohn Allen Knight, Raffe Warren Knight, Rich. Gresham Knight, Roger Chomley Knight, Sergeant at Law, Iohn

  • * Cause Papers in the Diocesan Courts of the Archbishopric of York, 1300-1858 *

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    [Astley] Role: plaintiff Details: male; clerk Employment: rector of Todwick Location: Todwick (YorkshireWestRiding) Place(s): Todwick (Todwycke, Todwicke) : ecclesiastical parish Participant: George Darcey [Darcie] Role: defendant Details: male; knight Location: Rotherham (YorkshireWestRiding) Place(s): Abbey of Roche(Roche) : religious house


    (Annston, South Anston) : chapelry Laughton en le Morthen (Laghton) : ecclesiastical parish Location: Laughton En Le Morthen (YorkshireWestRiding) Place(s): Brancliffe Grange (Brandclif Grange, Branteclif, Branclyff, Brankeclyf) : grange Location: Maltby (YorkshireWestRiding) Place(s): Abbey of Roche(Roche) : religious house


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