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  • * Victoria County History *

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    Parishes Turkdean

    McPherson 140 and in 1902 the manor house and other land in Turkdean were acquired by William Augustus Rixon . 141 Rixon , who in the next ten years bought much of the rest of Turkdean , 142 died in

    Parishes Stoke sub Hamdon Stoke sub Hamdon, 1776

    close called Quantie, 198 two common meadows, East and West mead, and common pastures called Rixon or Rexon , Ham , and Islehams. 199 Rixon was stinted according to the size of heriot, a 'whole place', for example, being allowed

    Industries Glass

    Street , St. James's , 1779-89 ; Stanfield & Co., successors to Orpin, 481 Strand , 1785; Hancock, Shepherd & Rixon , 1 Cockspur Street, 1808. Two makers of stained glass also occur:-Baker's Patent Manufactory, 25 Marsham Street , Westminster

    Charities for the Poor

    Bartholomew's Hospital (since 1900), Frederick Williams (since 1901), Jephson Pension (since 1904), Ann Kendall (since 1909), Thomas Hodgkins and William Rixon (since 1909), Francis Hunt (since 1921), Joseph Leech (since 1928), Oxford Benevolent Society (since 1931), and the St. Michael

    Index K-Z

    Geo., Risborough , Princes (Bucks.), River , Adam, river navigation , see Cherwell; Thames Rivers : E. J., John de, Rixon , Wm., roads , ancient, bypasses, mileways, commissioners, relief-road controversies, Roman roads, turnpikes, Roberson , Thos., Robert , earl

  • * British History Online *

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    Inhabitants of London in 1638, All Hallowes Barking

    Warehouses and stable 6 John Huson 4 Sir William Russell's stables 3 Margaret Crane 1/10 John Franks 3 Ralph Riscow [Rixon ? ] [crossed out ] Thomas Becket 3 Thomas Dudly 4 John Kingstoms 2 Green Arbour. Roger Noble 4

    Index of persons, O-R

    Ripwell , Step. a . Riscow (? Rixon), Ra. Risden , Fran. Risley , Mr. a . Ritoby , Mr. a . Rivers , The Earl Sam. Wm. a . Rixe , Mr. Rixon , Ra. Roach , Mr. Jn.

    State Papers, 1656, December (6 of 6), 01 December 1656-31 December 1656

    Stuart; he denieth the same, save that one day at Warrington, he confesseth he saw Mr. Harrington, Mr. Massie of Rixon, and Mr. Ashton of Penketh, at the eagle and child in Warrington, re ady to go to dinner; but

    General Index, P, Q, R, 16 May 1612-06 May 1614

    Riche. Ritford , Henry, 233 Rivers (Ryvers) -, Ann, 61 -, Henry, 61 -, John, 130 Rivett , Thomas, 172 Rixon , John, 312 Roache (Roche) -, Elizabeth, 17, 264 -, Phyllis, 2 Roades (Rodes) -, Agnes, 378 -, James,

    Index, L - R

    gent., 154 " see Rixon Rider, George, of Hothivell, co. Leicester, gent., 142 " Simon, late of Picton [Pickton ] , co. York, yeoman, 131 " see Ryder Ridley, Thomas, yeoman, 12 Ringsted, Alicia, 26 Rixon, George, of and late

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Brasg, W41-fileli'l~lf wall, sbll-prvight. Attornies., h~tqsrs.- Sb d' art aumd Lepard, Deaut-street, CaiiterLry-seare, South. M.?";r?;ev, W~igt-street.Wlitechiapel, oilman. Attornies, Messrs. fvittand Rixon, Ilaydon-square, Nliniories. FRICE OF STOl!RS O1N SArATRDAT. Sper Cent. Red ......... 7 81 per Cent . .................... 88. There Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Holborn. R. Rawlinson, Manchester, pawnbroker. Attorney, Mr. Buck- ley, IManchester. .. H. Blowven, Mint-square, Tower-hill, gun-maker, Attornies, Messrs. Evitt atid Rixon, Hlavidon-sqoare, Minories. J. Phillipps, Upper Eaton-street, Pimlico, cool-nerchane. At- torney, Mr. Wettir, Dike-street, Portlaind-place. T. W. Wooddeson, Dover-street, i'iccodily, Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    3. tilphents, Wells-street, Oxfonil-oad, hoot-and-shoe.mantu- fvteturer. ,Attorney, 1T1r. Umnney, St. Clenient's-inn. W. R. Reeder, Stratford-green, victnatder. Attoroies, MeZsrs. Evilt and Rixon, tUydon-square, Blin 6rie.. - J. Nalmers, Leede, grocer. Attornies, Mesrs. Amory and Coles, J. Kelsall laguley, clheshire, corn dealer. Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Ba,rkun, Elsses, lincn-draper;. Allornies, MXe~scs. Rowihand and Jt 4nI6D, Giray's Inn-place. r. ,jnvs,,~kple Trcc-yar4S,t1. James's, perfuner. Alftr. Wes5 Messrs.dEvirt sod Rixon, Wadon-sqaare, Minoiles, A. flanulev, Sheffield, pemchaot. ;ttotlnies, .Mebsrs. RitsingA eon1 ad WiI4n,Shetaffetdr = J. tredr, Diuznjwoisd. Ssaffordshiee, tanger. Attorney, Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Sidbury, W-orqestershire. N. Cherry, Hanwell, Oxfordshire, miller. Attorney, Mr. Dury, Banbury. J. Noad, sLratford, Esse, baker. Attornies, Messrs. Evitt a.4. Rixon, 11a3don-square, Mfinories. R., Gloucestershrire. grocer. Attornies, Messrs. Robinson and Hine. Charter-honsc-square J. Lindov, jun. Cleator, Cubinerland, spade-rmanufacturer. At- Subscribers-only content

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