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  • * Victoria County History *

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    The seventeenth century Religious Life to 1642

    Rhodes was ordered to read the services and administer the sacraments as required by law. 6 The second case, in which Rhodes was cited to the archbishop's court in 1631 for holding illegal conventicles, was an altogether milder affair.

    Stapenhill Charities for the poor

    daughters of probably the same Mr. Cox , Joyce Cox and Elizabeth Rhodes (or Rodes), each left £15 to the poor of Stapenhill , but only the Rhodes charity existed in the later 1820s, when the distribution was 12s. at

    House of Knights Hospitallers Preceptory of Baddesley or Godsfield

    Master, dated Rhodes , 29 August, 1471 . He died in 1476 . 3 Sir William Weston , preceptor of Baddesley, was elected Turcopolier in the chapter held in Candia after the expulsion of the Order from Rhodes in 1523

    House of Knights Hospitaller Preceptory of Battisford

    24. Pat. 14 Edw. II , pt. ii, m. 16. Larking, Knights Hospitallers , 85. Killed at the siege of Rhodes , 1480. Porter, Knights of Malta , ii, 321. Porter, Knights of Malta , ii, 291. Giles Russel ,

    Hackney De Beauvoir Town

    by which time the house was an asylum and much of its land had been leased to the Rhodes family. William Rhodes (d. 1843) secured in 1821 a building lease from Peter de Beauvoir which was to lead to lawsuits

  • * John Foxe's The Acts and Monuments Online *

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    Actes and Monuments of the Church.

    and Princes. Luther is sent for to Wormes.Beinge sent for, he came and addressed him to the knightes of the Rhodes place, wher he was lodged, wel entertained, and visited of many Earles, Barons, Knightes of thorder, Gentlemen, priests and

    Queene Mary. A godly Sermon of M. Latymer Martyr, in Cambridge.

    for pitie, the Rhodes are wonne and ouercome by these false Turkes, the strong Castle Fayth is decayed, so that I feare it is almost impossible to winne it agayne.The great occasion of the losse of this Rhodes is by

    K. Henry. 7. The historye and tyrannye of the Turkes.

    the Ilād of Rhodes: for that onely remained yet Christiā betwixt him & Asia: Rhodes besieged.wherfore the next yeare folowyng he brought his armye of. 450. shippes &. 300. thousand men to the besiegyng therof. This Rhodes was a mightie

    Actes and Monumentes of the Churche.

    Lordes, moste myghty Emperour of Constantinople and Trapezuntis &c. Vnto the reuerent father Phylippe Vilerius Liladamus, great maister of the Rhodes, to his knyghtes, and the comminaltie there.THe pity & compassion of my afflicted people, & your extreame iniuries haue

    K. Henry. 8. The Popes rayling letter to the Princes, agaynst Luther.

    with what charges and expenses wee haue burdened our selues, to extende our subsidie and releafe, to the souldiours of Rhodes, for defense of them selues & of þe Christian fayth, agaynst the Turkish tyranne, by whom they were besieged.And

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    a wnaed i sefyll ar long- borth un o borthladdoedd Groeg, a'r hon a adnabyddid wrth yr eaw Colossus of Rhodes. Cafodd rhywun ar ei galon i lysenwi Syr George Jenkinson ar ol y ddelw hono, gan fod yn cyfarfod Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    hanesyddol o'r gwahanol leoedd yr ymwelodd A hwynt yp yatod si doithisu. Y.mao si nodiadan as Rhufain, Athon, Corinth, a Rhodes yn neillduol o dds. Ni welsom ddim yn y llyfr y carasem ei wells, ond yn uaig ambell frawddeg Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    yn agos i'r brynisa a mawr." Rhode Island sydd yn deilliaw o wreiddyn aneglur. Geilw hai hi, "The Islard of Rhodes;" P1 eraill, " The Island of Roads;" eraill a dybient ei fod c l wreiddyn Ellmynaidd, "Red Island;" ond Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    presenol lie hi gan forwi Groegiidd, yr bwn a ddaeth i feddiant a y honi pan ye ua o borthladdoedd Rhodes. Cynwysa ru yr yagrif ddeg ar hugain o relian rellum, y rbai y wae Ii orwyddion iddynt anwaith fod Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    ... 85 20 I-aenua ...s ... ... Mdletas ... . 84 21 Helbulus... Rhodes . . S2 22 Ofnus ..... P -t. 80 23 Alan ... ... Rhodes . .. 78 24 Cvmro n Nebo ... Nebo . .. ... Subscribers-only content

  • * John Strype's Survey of London Online *

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    Book 4, Chapter 3 Suburbs without Aldersgate. St. James Clerkenwel.

    these: Who after the loss of Jerusalem recovered the Isle of Rhodes from the Turk, and there placed themselves, being called thereof, for many Years, Knights of the Rhodes . But after the loss thereof, 1523 , removed to the

    Book 1, Chapter 17 TOWER of London. Accidents.

    might either have given Counsel, or made any Resistance against us; especially we would have slain the Knights of the Rhodes or St. John 's: And lastly, We would have killed the King himself, and all Men of Possessions; with

    Book 3, Chapter 12 [The Templers.] Faringdon Ward without. [The Temple.]

    St. John Baptist , called St. John of Jherusalem. Which Knights had put the Turks out of the Ile of Rhodes , and also won upon the said Turk daily, for a long time. The said Edward III . therefore

    Appendix 1, Chapter 4 APPENDIX.

    Henry the Eighth . St. John of Jerusalem , by West Smithfield , an Hospital of the Knights of the Rhodes , for Maintenance of Soldiers against the Turks and Infidels: Was suppressed by King Henry the Eighth . St.

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    10 February 1698, 10 February 1699

    Ordered, by the Lords Spiritual and Temporal in Parliament affembled, That Lukein Betts, Robert Neale, James Parke, William Bayly, and Rhodes, Attor- nies, and John Baftable, and Chrißopher CotterellBailiffs, do attend this Houfe, on Motiday next, at Eleven of the Subscribers-only content

    31 January 1750, 31 January 1751

    former Inter¬ locutor, made on the Behalf of Richard Dodfwell, John Vicarage, Patrick Wedderbum, Hugh Crawfurd, Mans¬ field Cardonald, Chrifiopher Rhodes, and Richard Swanf- ton, Veftrymen and Managers of the faid new Chapel 5 and praying, " That the faid Subscribers-only content

    1 April 1751, 1 April 1751

    their -former Interlocutor, made on the Behalf of Richard Dodfwell, John Vicarage, Patrick Wedderburn, Hugh Crawfurd, Mansfield Cardo- nald, Chriftopher Rhodes, and Richard Swanflon, Veftry- men and Managers of the faid New Chapel; and pray¬ ing, " That the faid Subscribers-only content

    9 July 1812, 9 July 1812

    52 Geo. III. Journals of the Houfe of Lords. 97* " more exafperated and more violent, till the Magif. «• trates thought it neceffary to require the Affiftance " of a confiderable armed Force, which was promptly < aflembled, Subscribers-only content

    24 August 1820, 24 August 1820

    on account of Pergami, because they wished that I should have car¬ ried them to Venice at the Departure from Rhodes; The Princess commanded, for The Princess always com¬ manded what Pergami commanded, that they wished to go to Venice. Subscribers-only content

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    LUDLOW, Sir Richard (c.1361-1390), of Hodnet, Salop.

    a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, and he was one of the witnesses to the codicil to the earl’s will dated at Rhodes on 21 Sept. In the meantime, he had been made a knight. In March 1387 Ludlow enlisted in the

    PAYN, John II (d.1402), of Wymondham, Norf.

    Henry’s entourage on the later pilgrimage which took them through Bohemia and Austria to Venice and thence by sea via Rhodes and Cyprus to Jerusalem, eventually returning to England after a year’s absence.[footnote] Payn was still serving as the earl

    BELLINGHAM, Edward (by 1507-50).

    to the example of his uncle Sir John, a member of the order who had fallen at the siege of Rhodes, and perhaps to the influence of Norfolk, one of its English patrons. In 1533 he was one of those

    LITTON, Sir Robert (d.c.1415), of Wennington, Essex.

    pilgrimage to the Holy Land, travelling via Prussia, Bohemia and Venice and returning home in June 1393, having visited Cyprus, Rhodes and France. By 1396 Litton had risen in Henry’s employ to become controller of his household, and it is

    CAVE, Sir Ambrose (by 1503-68), of Duddeston, Warws.

    of a preceptory and in 1534 he was a procurator general of the common treasure. In 1535 he left for Rhodes but by 1537 he had returned and was involved in a bitter dispute with Thomas Dingley, another member of

  • * Cause Papers in the Diocesan Courts of the Archbishopric of York, 1300-1858 *

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    Wakefield, All Saints (Wakefeild) : ecclesiastical parish St Johns Field (St Johns Feild) : fieldname Burny Tops (Burny Tops) : fieldname Ings (The Inges) : fieldname Old Park (Old Parke) : fieldname Rhodes (Rhoades) : fieldname Cleets (Cleets) : fieldname


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