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    Book 5, Chapter 15 [Players.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT.

    Visitation by the Plague, such Assemblies of People in Throngs and Press , have béen very dangerous for spreading of Infection: For the same and other great Causes, by the Authority of the Honourable LL . Maiors of this City,

    Book 1, Chapter 26 The WORKHOUSE in Bishopsgatestreet.

    So that in short, his Case (as by his own Relation) was; that he, having a Propriety in a Printing Press , printed there a Book in Latin, Intitled, A Royal Defence of K. Charles I . Dedicated to his

    Book 1, Chapter 20 TOWER of London. Office of the Records.

    the Walls, are disposed in good Order great Numbers of Rolls. There was lately depicted upon the Outsides of every Press what Rolls they contained, ranked under each King's Reign: But now since the admirable Reparation of this Place, each

    Book 5, Chapter 3 [The Societies.] The SPIRITUAL GOVERNMENT.

    Printing- Press , and all the necessary Utensils, six hundred lb{query} of Roman and Italian Types, one hundred Ream of Paper; and procured one Jonas Fink , a Native of Silesia, a Printer, to go over with the said Press

    Book 5, Chapter 14 [Stationers.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT.

    printing certain Books. The Controversies arising among the Stationers thereupon. Decrees in the Starchamber for restraining the Liberty of the Press . An Act in Richard III . his Reign, encouraging bringing in Books and Printers, into the Realm. Repealed.

    Preface 3 The Preface.

    Gentlemen, A new Edition of Stow 's SURVEY of LONDON being now preparing, and in a good fowardness for the Press , may receive a considerable Improvement from your helping Hands. It was that Author's Method, when he came to

    Book 5, Chapter 3 The SPIRITUAL GOVERNMENT. [Progress of Religion.]

    to receive them, as well as of Houses to accommodate the Children under their Care, and to receive the Printing Press , the Foundry for Casting of Letters, and the Artificers belonging to each; and that they hope for Assistance

    Book 2, Chapter 4 Ealdgate Ward. St. Andrew Undershaft.

    Church (much commending the Founders and Continuers of it) at the lower End of the North Ile, a fair Wainscot Press full of good Books, the Works of many Learned and Reverend Divines; offering at seasonable and convenient times, the

    Appendix 1, Chapter 13 The Circuit Walk. Walthamstow.

    Hospitality, The Soul of Home-affecting Housewifry, The rare Example of maternal Care, Dead in this one Urn, and con are Press gently, Earth, and keep each Grain in Trust, 'Till Heaven re it of this rich Dust. On the North

    Preface 5 The Life of JOHN STOW.

    it printed, sent for Dr. Powel , requiring him to peruse and correct, that it might be committed to the Press . For the polishing and improving this Work, this learned Briton took a great deal of Pains, by comparing

    Book 5, Chapter 3 [Progress of Religion.] The SPIRITUAL GOVERNMENT.

    up at Tranquebar, partly to employ the Children of the Heathen, and partly to answer the Ends of the Printing Press sent thither by the Society. As for other Parts of the East Indies, which are under the English, viz.

    Book 5, Chapter 14 [Clarks.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT.

    and bear his Office as well as other Parishioners. Another Privilege is, that they are allowed to have a Printing- Press in their Common Hall , for the printing of their Weekly and General Bills of Mortality. And a Printer

    Book 6, Chapter 2 The City of WESTMINSTER.

    Stephen's. Parliament House. Our Lady of the Piew. Cotton House , and Library. Clockhouse. Gatehouse. The Ambrey. The first Printing- Press here. Totehill Street. Petty France . Mansell's House in Totehill: Where divers Kings and Queens and Nobles were entertained.

    Preface 5 The Life of JOHN STOW.

    I know not: Only we are told, that he left the same in his Study, orderly written, ready for the Press . But that it came to nothing. We all know that another Edition of the Annals was set forth

    Preface 5 The Life of JOHN STOW.

    Stow being then in a weak Condition, and not able to look to the Sheets as they came from the Press ) Wappin in the Wose, was changed into Wappin in the West, occasioned, doubtless, by the Ignorance of him

    Book 4, Chapter 7 Liberties of the Dutchy. The Savoy.

    middle of great Halls. In this Savoy , how ruinous soever is, are divers good Houses. First, the King's Printing Press for Pro clamations, Acts of Parliaments, Gazets, and such like publick Papers; Next, a Prison. Thirdly, a Parish Church,

    Book 5, Chapter 8 [The Recorder.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT.

    and their DEPUTIES in the Year 1706 , when this Book was first prepared for the Press . WARDS. ALDERMEN. Their DEPUTIES. Aldersgate Within . Aldersgate Without. Sir Samuel Garrard . Lawrence Coles . George Fewtrell . Aldgate . Sir

    Preface 7 Chapters and Contents.

    for printing certain Books. The Controversies arising among the Stationers thereupon. Decrees in the Starchamber, restraining the Liberty of the Press . An Act in Richard III . his Reign, encouraging the bringing in Books and Printers into the Realm.

    Preface 7 Chapters and Contents.

    the Piew, or Pew. Cotton House and Library. Clock House . Gate H ouse . The Ambrey. The first printing Press here. Totehill Street. Petty France . Mansels House in Totehill: Where divers Kings, Queens, and Nobles were entertained. The

    Book 6, Chapter 5 The City of WESTMINSTER.

    Poor. And here Islip , the Abbot of Westminster , in the Year 1471 , set up the first Printing- Press that ever was in England ; and after that, the like was done in the Abbeys of St. Augustine

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