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  • * Victoria County History *

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    The University of Cambridge The University Press

    appointed Inspector of the Press and a body of Curators (afterwards called the Syndics of the Press ), consisting of the heads of colleges, the professors, and other masters of arts, was appointed to control the Press on behalf of

    Parishes North Mimms

    Aids , ii, 425; cf. MSS. of D. and C. of Westm . Press 17, 4282, 4290, 4400. MSS. of D. and C. of Westm . Press 17, 4282, 4290, 4400; Inq. p.m. 14 Edw. I , No. 13. Red

    The University of Cambridge The archives

    Thereafter they were moved from place to place until in 1836 they were deposited in the tower of the Pitt Press building. In 1893 a serious fire broke out in the top room of the tower, two stories below which

    Roman Catholicism

    1901 ; 8 Sept. 1923 . Knight, Hist. York , 689. Cath. Dir . ( 1955 ). Yorks. Eve. Press , 6 Aug. 1954 . Yorks. Gaz . 1 Dec. 1939 . Yorks. Eve. Press , 6 April 1955 .

    The Clarendon Building

    noted on one of his drawings, there were '2 distinct Companys' of printers-the 'learned press' under the direct control of the Delegates, and the 'Bible press' conducted by John Baskett . By Oct. 1713 the building was ready for occupation,

  • * John Strype's Survey of London Online *

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    Book 1, Chapter 26 The WORKHOUSE in Bishopsgatestreet.

    So that in short, his Case (as by his own Relation) was; that he, having a Propriety in a Printing Press , printed there a Book in Latin, Intitled, A Royal Defence of K. Charles I . Dedicated to his

    Preface 3 The Preface.

    Gentlemen, A new Edition of Stow 's SURVEY of LONDON being now preparing, and in a good fowardness for the Press , may receive a considerable Improvement from your helping Hands. It was that Author's Method, when he came to

    Book 2, Chapter 4 Ealdgate Ward. St. Andrew Undershaft.

    Church (much commending the Founders and Continuers of it) at the lower End of the North Ile, a fair Wainscot Press full of good Books, the Works of many Learned and Reverend Divines; offering at seasonable and convenient times, the

    Appendix 1, Chapter 13 The Circuit Walk. Walthamstow.

    Hospitality, The Soul of Home-affecting Housewifry, The rare Example of maternal Care, Dead in this one Urn, and con are Press gently, Earth, and keep each Grain in Trust, 'Till Heaven re it of this rich Dust. On the North

    Preface 5 The Life of JOHN STOW.

    it printed, sent for Dr. Powel , requiring him to peruse and correct, that it might be committed to the Press . For the polishing and improving this Work, this learned Briton took a great deal of Pains, by comparing

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    rhealan byn, gan un o'r pwyllgor, nen gan yegrifenydd Cronfa'r Athrofa 3m foddlonrwydd i liaws mawr. TENrmYDD. PoisoNous HAm DyEs.-The Press have waned the public against poisonous dyes. Don't use them. Comaline Restorer (2s. 6d. and Se. per bottle) is Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    bwriadu- a sefyll am fwrdeisdrefi Sir AberteifI y r etholiad mh Y nesaf. y h il 7n Dywed'y Western Daily Press fod perchenogion o eff ol gweithfeydd eang o A bertawe wedi cychwyn am China fe1 a i gyflogi nifer Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    ARTS, ANNF INDUSTRY ever seen in the Principalities or the North of England will remain open.- Pide London snd Provincial Press. ED U CATION. LADIES' COLLEGIATE SCHOOL BELSIZE HOUSE, ABERYSTWYTH. Prisnscyal,-M RS. E., MARIE JONE8, (F. C. College,G1asgow, end wife Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    ddarostyngai eu gwlad a'u cenedl yn fwy. I II I y II r I I I I Yn ol y Press Association gwnaed cais i niweidio, os nid i gymeryd ymaith fywyd, Mr. Ld Forater ychydig dHvddiau yn ol, a Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    for the Matriculation Examination at bte Uaiversity of London. The number of Subjects required is ] ten, vlz :-Latin, Latin Press and Grammai, Greek, French, English, English History and Geography Algebra and Arithmetic, . Euclid, Natural Philosophy and Chemistry, and Subscribers-only content

  • * Transcribed Papers of Jeremy Bentham *

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    with never failing watchfulness, barred from the subject " by those Arguses who guard tyranny, the licensors of the Press . T hus excluded from the " useful paths of literature, the people of genius " and fancy applied themselves

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    HARVEY, Edward (1658-1736), of Coombe, Surr.

    France] and 22 stick to their true friends, and on no account forget them and all their good intentions ... Press 22 to think of his friends, it will be of service I am sure to 6. All looks well

    LAMBTON, William Henry (1764-97), of Lambton, co. Dur.

    for reform while disclaiming any ‘republican’ sympathies. He was a committee member of the Friends of the Liberty of the Press. He demanded inquiry into the Birmingham riots, 21 May, and on the proclamation against seditious societies, 25 May, charged

    LOCH, James (1780-1855), of 23 Hart Street, Bloomsbury, Mdx.

    seems to have demurred, but he was involved in the abortive Whig attempts to secure the allegiance of the British Press and Globe newspapers in 1809. The following year, he supplied Grenville and the prince of Wales with calculations of

    MACKINTOSH, Sir James (1765-1832), of Weedon Lodge, nr. Aylesbury, Bucks.

    He thereupon declined a Whig subsidy, but was introduced to Fox. He joined the Friends of the Liberty of the Press and in 1792 sympathized with the aims of the Friends of the People, as he indicated in an open

    WHARTON, John (1765-1843), of Skelton Castle, Yorks.

    the names of the five seceding Members from the association. He also became a Friend of the Liberty of the Press. He was in the Foxite rump which opposed the address, 13 Dec. 1792, and, according to George Rose, voted

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    6 December 1819, 6 December 1819

    Because we believe, that by a seasonable Exer- 11 tion of the Laws, as they at present exist, the " Press cannot be abused to any bad Purpose, with- " out incurring a suitable Punishment. " Because any Extension of Subscribers-only content

    11 June 1824, 11 June 1824

    Fast Days by Proclama- " tion") " Pr. 23. L. 24. Leave out from Act to (" And") in " Press 24, Line 6." And the said Amendments, being read a Second Time, were agreed to by the House. Alliance Subscribers-only content

    14 June 1824, 14 June 1824

    the ** Committee that Notices of the Bill had been inserted " Three Times in The London Gazette, the British Press " and the Essex Herald, in the Month of March last, " and affixed on the Sessions House Doors Subscribers-only content

    21 March 1825, 21 March 1825

    Purposes, and a Portion of which " is probably already employed in bribing the venal Part " of the Public Press to mislead the Public Mind : That " under these Circumstances the Petitioners would deem " it a Dereliction Subscribers-only content

    25 June 1827, 25 June 1827

    Amendments were made to the said Bill: Before the Word (" England") in the Amendment made by the Committee in Press 2, Line 20, insert (" of") At the End of the Bill, after Clause B. added by the Committee, Subscribers-only content


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