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  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    cbwarter- -olion=, 39 v gofnodaU -cymdaithasau, newyddiad- uron o bob math, 299; yr gwneyd cyfanuwin 1 a769.; *PoI50l14UO HAM Dims.-The Press have. wared the public k against poisonois dyes. -Don't use them. C6naline Restorr (Cs. 6d. and vs. per-bottle) isthe Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    ar- feriad a'i dygodd i'r diwedd creulon, ofnadwy hwn -" y pren a adwaenir wrth ei ffrwyth,?' Poatsonaus HAM DyEs.-The Press have warned tbe publie against poisonous dyes. Don't use them. Comaline Riestorer (2s. 6d. and 5s. per bottle) is Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    yr hysbysrwydd hwaiv a'r inn lie ag y clywadd o'r bisee am ei eaciliad i Eglwys Phafaio. POISONOUS HAIR Dvys.-The Press have warned thepublic against poisonous dyes. Don't use them. Comaline liestarer (2s. 6d. and 5s. per bottle) is the Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    gallasai ond " tynu gwaed o honi y buasai ti dy- lanwad rheibiol arno yn peidio." PoIsoNous HAIR Dc-S. --The Press have warned the public against poisonous dyes. Don't use them. Comaline Restorer (2s. 6d. and 6s. per bottle) is Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    o'r blaen o'r perygl o fyned i le- oedd peryglus a dieithr heb arweinydd cymawya. eg hle Polsosous HAim DYsS.-The Press have warned the public against poisonous dyes. Don't use them. Comaline itestorer au (2s. 6d. and 5s. per bottle) Subscribers-only content

  • * Victoria County History *

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    Editorial note

    again, but delay from this cause and other post-war conditions has been inevitable. Thanks are due to the Cambridge University Press for the loan of blocks and for permission to use material which had already appeared in The Cambridge Region

    The University of Cambridge The University Press

    appointed Inspector of the Press and a body of Curators (afterwards called the Syndics of the Press ), consisting of the heads of colleges, the professors, and other masters of arts, was appointed to control the Press on behalf of

    Editorial note

    the Environment are to the buildings so numbered within the list covering that parish. References to the local and national Press from the 1950s are derived from the files of cuttings compiled and continuously kept up to date at the

    Editorial note

    by reading the proofs of this volume and have otherwise helped in passing the pages through the Press :- the Hon. II . C. Gibbs , M.A., Mr. R. T. Andrews , the Rev. Edwin Burton , D.D., Mr. J.

    West Bromwich Social life Printing and publishing offices of the Free Press Co ., 1885

    see above p. 64. Midland Chron. & Free Press , 21 Jan. 1944 ; P.O. Dir. Staffs . ( 1876 ). Midland Chron. & Free Press , 30 Oct. 1942 . Free Press , 13 Sept. 1895 ; White, Dir.

  • * British History Online *

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    Prefatory Note

    of this Volume were prepared and passed through the Press more than five years ago by the late Dr. W. A. Shaw. The Index is the work of Mr. W. G. Santer, M.B.E., formerly of this Department. Dr. Shaw was

    House of Commons Journal Volume 8, 12 May 1664, 12 May 1664-12 May 1664

    in the Twentythird Line of the First Press; The Question being put, To agree with that Amendment; It passed in the Negative. The next Amendment, to the Twenty-seventh Line of the same Press, was read the Second time; and, upon

    House of Commons Journal Volume 11, 27 April 1696, 27 April 1696-27 April 1696

    of Oyer and Terminer." 5 Press, 6 L. after "upon," add "such:" And leave out from "Juries," to "with," in L. 8th. 10 L. for "Sixty," read "Seventy." 37 L. for "Eight," read "Six." 6 Press, 16 L. for "of,


    the Newspaper Press may be employed, it has a like potency for evil; and in the hands of bad men it may become the means of diminishing, instead of augmenting, the sum of human happiness. When the Newspaper Press is

    House of Commons Journal Volume 11, 4 January 1696, 04 January 1696-04 January 1696

    House. 8 Press, L. 7th, 16th, 18th, 32th, 40th, Amendments, and also 9 Press, L. 14. and 17th, Amendments, being severally read a Second time, were, upon the Question severally put thereupon, disagreed unto by the House. 9 Press, L.

  • * John Strype's Survey of London Online *

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    Book 5, Chapter 15 [Players.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT.

    Visitation by the Plague, such Assemblies of People in Throngs and Press , have béen very dangerous for spreading of Infection: For the same and other great Causes, by the Authority of the Honourable LL . Maiors of this City,

    Book 1, Chapter 26 The WORKHOUSE in Bishopsgatestreet.

    So that in short, his Case (as by his own Relation) was; that he, having a Propriety in a Printing Press , printed there a Book in Latin, Intitled, A Royal Defence of K. Charles I . Dedicated to his

    Book 1, Chapter 20 TOWER of London. Office of the Records.

    the Walls, are disposed in good Order great Numbers of Rolls. There was lately depicted upon the Outsides of every Press what Rolls they contained, ranked under each King's Reign: But now since the admirable Reparation of this Place, each

    Book 5, Chapter 3 [The Societies.] The SPIRITUAL GOVERNMENT.

    Printing- Press , and all the necessary Utensils, six hundred lb{query} of Roman and Italian Types, one hundred Ream of Paper; and procured one Jonas Fink , a Native of Silesia, a Printer, to go over with the said Press

    Book 5, Chapter 14 [Stationers.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT.

    printing certain Books. The Controversies arising among the Stationers thereupon. Decrees in the Starchamber for restraining the Liberty of the Press . An Act in Richard III . his Reign, encouraging bringing in Books and Printers, into the Realm. Repealed.

  • * Transcribed Papers of Jeremy Bentham *

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    for the commencement - Being furnished with, acting in pursuance of, a Press - Warrant. For the continuance - Having military power over that body of men in which the party affected is enlisted [enrolled. ] The Public mischief in


    with never failing watchfulness, barred from the subject " by those Arguses who guard tyranny, the licensors of the Press . T hus excluded from the " useful paths of literature, the people of genius " and fancy applied themselves


    Judge chosen by the hireling informer, but of an English Jury, who know the value of the liberty of the Press , I will preserve it. His enemies may please themselves in finding in his conscience Immortale jecur, fecundaque poenis

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    28 February 1817, 28 February 1817

    admirably " adapted to work upon their Ignorance and their " Prejudices, but also the Spawn of a licentious '*¦ Press, pregnant with all the Calumnies which " Malice can prompt, or Falsehood can suggest, " against the Governors and Subscribers-only content

    24 March 1817, 24 March 1817

    made by the Com mittee, being again read, were, severally, agreed to by the House. Then it was proposed, in Press 7- Line 14. to leave out from ("Felony") to (" And") in Line 18. The Question was put, " Subscribers-only content

    24 March 1817, 24 March 1817

    same was agreed to, and Ordered accord¬ ingly. Then it was proposed, in Press 18. Line 24. to leave out from (" thereof") to (" Provided") in Press 19- Line 15. The Question was put, " Whether the Words " Subscribers-only content

    25 March 1817, 25 March 1817

    of the said Bill." The Question was put thereupon It was resolved in the Affirmative. Then it was moved, in Press 23. Lines 2 and 3. after (" Eighteen") to insert the following Clause : " And whereas it is Subscribers-only content

    6 May 1817, 6 May 1817

    Paper Office. Accountant to the Board of General Officers. Secretary to Do. Corrector and Supervisor of His Majesty's " Printing Press. Compiler of The Dublin Gazette. Master of the Revels. Seneschal of His Majesty's Manors. Accountant General. Supervisor of Accounts, Subscribers-only content

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    HARVEY, Edward (1658-1736), of Coombe, Surr.

    France] and 22 stick to their true friends, and on no account forget them and all their good intentions ... Press 22 to think of his friends, it will be of service I am sure to 6. All looks well

    SMYTH, Robert (b.1777), of Drumcree House, co. Westmeath

    of violent political opinions". After a turbulent contest against a pro-Catholic candidate he was narrowly defeated.[footnote] The Catholic Dublin Evening Press, which had ridiculed him as an "idiot" and "the most stupid and silly man in the county", alleged that

    RICHARDSON, Joseph (1755-1803), of St. James's, Westminster.

    was a founder member of the Whig Club (1784), a Friend of the People and of the Liberty of the Press, and joined Brooks’s Club with Fox as his sponsor, 24 Apr. 1793.A fellow barrister and boyhood friend Richard Wilson

    SAWBRIDGE, John (1732-95), of Olantigh, Kent.

    he was a Friend of the People and one of the committee of the Friends of the Liberty of the Press; and had his faculties not given way before the war with revolutionary France, according to an obituarist, ‘it is

    GUNNING, Sir Robert Henry, 3rd bt. (1795-1862), of Horton, Northants.

    Northampton petition for repeal of the assessed taxes presented by his Whig colleague, saying, "I know of no taxes which press so heavily on the country'. On 15 Mar. 1831 he was urged by the corporation to support a Northampton


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