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  • * John Foxe's The Acts and Monuments Online *

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    Actes and Monumentes of the churche

    all answered affirmatiuely, adding that they beleue no priest hath power to remit sin.6To the. 6. article I. Holyday, H. Ponde, & R. Southā answered, þt since þe Quenes maiesties reign. but R. Southā added not he, for. x. yeres

    Book 6, page 1750 (1563)

    iii. yeares before.7.To the. vii. article, they al graunted þe same in euery part like vnto þe afore named Henry Ponde & his company, pag. 1660. sauing Robert Dines added þt it was no part of his belef8.To the eyght

    Q. Mary. The Martyrdome of 6. Martyrs burned at Brainford.

    yeares before.The 2. 3. 4. 5. and 6, Articles they all answeared in effecte, as the forenamed Iohn Holiday, Henry Ponde and their companye did, pag. 1931 sauing they added, that as their rites, customes & ceremonies are against the

    Queene Mary. The examination condemnation and Martyrdome of William Hunter Martyr.

    recante, God willing. Then W. roase and went to the stake, and stoode vpright to it. Then came one Richard Ponde a Bailiffe, and made fast the chaine about William.The burning of William Hunter Martyr.The end and martirdome of W.

    Q. Mary. The examination and aunswers of seuen godly persons martyred in Smithfield.

    if hee had licence then to goe to church, he woulde.2. To the 2. Article, they all aunsweared affirmatiuelye, Henrye Ponde adding as in the first Article. Iohn Floyd adde that the Latine seruice then vsed, was set vp by

  • * Victoria County History *

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    Houses of Austin canons Priory of Thoby

    or Plessych,appointed 1306. 16 Thomas de Parco, resigned 1393. 17 John Passour, elected 1393 18 , occurs 1405. 19 John Ponde , died 1430. 20 John Mone , elected 1430, 21 occurs 1445. 22 Thomas, occurs 1447. 23 William Ely

    Houses of Austin canons Priory of Ixworth

    Bache , a layman, contrary to religion, and that the brethren had no common tailor to make their garments. Adam Ponde also objected to a lay chamberlain, and that the door of the buttery was so placed that the brethren

    West Bergholt Introduction West Bergholt c. 1880

    1248 . 47 Pond Farm, a 17th-century timber-framed house, stands on a possibly moated site perhaps associated with Henry atte Ponde ( 1341 ). 48 Scarletts probably occupies the site of Thomas Scarlett 's seven- or eight-hearth house recorded in

    Parishes Marsworth

    John Was or Wace 71 in right of his wife Isabel, with reversion to Alice, the wife of Richard atte Ponde . 72 However, in 1350 the two latter granted the reversion to Walter Wace of Amersham and his heirs.

    Parishes Hartlebury

    with Leade, where ys a lyttell Bell weying by estimacion dimid. hundred Weight. Also there is a Mote and a Ponde adjoyning to the said Castell well stored with Fyshe.' 21 Elizabeth stayed at Hartlebury for a week on one

  • * British History Online * *

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    House of Commons Journal Volume 1, 03 April 1604, 03 April 1604-03 April 1604

    Manuc. Willelmi Clerevaux, alterius Bergens. ejusdem Villae, Johannes Wylde, Richardus Cotton. M. Walteri Frer, unius Burgens. Villae de Wiccombe, Johannes Ponde, Richardus Tele. M. Richardi Holyman, alterius Burgens. ejusdem Villae, Johannes Perrott, Henricus Deye. Convenit cum Recordo. Examinatur per Pet.

    Sessions, 1612, 1 and 2 December

    Guilty, has judgment to be respited to prison without sureties until she makes restitution to the plaintiff of 5: Joan Ponde for cozenage. Not guilty: Henry Cowper and John Lamynge for burglary. Ann Leeche as accessory before to the said

    Close Rolls, Henry VII, 1501-1503, 01 January 1502-31 December 1502

    . . 3 Johnys and John Gybon, late of Edwardys Hall; master Thomas Genowey, Owgan and Clifford, late of Nevelsynne; Ponde, Tydbery, Slugge, Summaster, Corell and John Master, late of Pekwatersynne; and George Horne and John Havard, late of Beef Subscribers-only content

    The Chamberlain's Account 1585-6, Nos. 147-226

    for the charges in redeeming Hamond, son of Jeffrey Ponde, citizen and bowyer, then a prisoner and captive in Greece as soon as the latter should arrive in England (Rep.20, f.31). Ponde was present in court on 28 Sept. 1585

    1582 London Subsidy Roll, Farringdon Ward Without

    . Richard Hatcheman ( £ 3) 3 Henrye Naylor ( £ 6) 6 John Higginson ( £ 3) 3 Jeoffrye Ponde ( £ 15) [x - Q 24s. ] 15 John Leeche ( £ 5) 5 William Gilbertt ( £

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    ufatfobpbb ni5ot, kt. AEMBER CYMDEITIIASFAOEDD CHYFARFODYDD MISOL. ,Y GCymaea CQyfredinol. itvmnditasfaoef9 i, Y Aberteifi, Awst 1, 2, 3. r Pwllheli, Awat 23, 24, 25. rCyarfodydd Mieoz. &berteifl, Dehen, Aberteifi, Awst 1, 2. & berteifi, Gogledd, Mynach, Gorphenaf 5, 6. Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    nffadbabbb 1iWs'at it. AMBER CYMDEITHASFAOEDD A CHYFARFODYDD MISOL. Y Gymanta Oyfredinot. Abertawe, Mai 29, 30, 31, a Mehefin 1. Gvmdeithastaoe,7d. Gogledd-Llanfyl]in, Ebrill 16, 17, 18, 1883. Deheudir-Aberystwyth, Mawrth 13, 14, 15, 18S3, Deheudir-Llaeddeusant, Mehefin 5. 6, 7. YR ARHOLIAD Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    THE POLITICAL EXAMINER. g a short int to an impartial writer it eauld be to tell hin his fote li l'g led o vntur upn th dageros pecipice of telling unbiassedtrutl lthe reSolVO~5~ wcar with mankiiid-nehher to give nor Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    D. Bogue), 86 Fleet street. The STORY of the PEASANT BOY PHILOSOPHER; n., 'A Child gathering, Pebbles on the Sna.bsr' Ponde en he ife f Frgusn te Shepherd. boy Aerenmerand h awig he a Por L dme~d himself acqaitedwih os Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    RICHARD AND JOHN SLACK'S SPOONS and FORKS.-SLACK'S SILVER B ELuECTRO-PLATE is a coatin)g ot steeling lver over niskel ; the feet of 20 yearB teot i9 atuple proof of its durability. Table SpOOnS or forks, 30s. and 3Sa per Subscribers-only content

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