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    Important notice

    one Establishment In Perth, 80 did not use the Name of PULLAR in addressing my Parcel to your well-known Works. I regret to find you? have not received it Please make inquiries," &c., &c. PULLARS'? DYE-WORKS,? PERTH. m IS THE Subscribers-only content

    Pullars' Dye Works Perth

    ^ 1 m 1 ^ !^ '^ 1 kN c/: ^ CD On ^; ¦TBTMTiTBTiiTiTBT«T«T«TiT«TiTiT^^ Established 60 Years. PULLARS" DYE-WORKS, PERTH. l<Hkl4H^*4H>l4Hil<Hl^^H^l^<^^^ By Aj)|)ointiiient to? H. M. The Queen, 1852. m "^^ llattkri Si^ (Quilt Dipartuwttt. BLANKETS beautifully cleaned and Subscribers-only content

    Pullar's Dye Works Perth for perfection


    Fair maid toffees regd.

    [Printed ephemera, Labels, Advertising, Packaging, confectionery] ^^^1^^' ¦ 1 1 ^^^1^^' ¦ 1 1 1 I 1 I Subscribers-only content

    Colonial dame and Virginia belle.

    (Gems of art series) [Advertising, Alcoholic beverages, Whiskey, Postcards, whisky] GEMS OF ART SERIES PUBLISHED BY TOHN DEWAR & 9,0\K I rn ppd POST CARD UNIVERSAL POSTAL UNION CA RTE POSTALE? UNION POSTALE UNIVERSELLE Drink your toasts heartily— as Subscribers-only content

    R. B. Smith & Son's annual wine report

    id\ Mdi dioci? Telephone tail '^fnor/boTq-9firW inBhonmi TELpGRAA\s : "AOORLAND,' ¦'/]•.>); J 7(5 If 99 J 9Viid No. f^i. ¦•"''^¦'^-^'•"^ PERTH, N.B. jd beo&lqei bv i^iiiliietiqii buji ^iiiii'j jxiijb^na 03 f*>|, Wm, Sykes & Co,, 2 Fowkss'^Bldgs,, Gt: Tower St„ Subscribers-only content

    From John Crichton florist and fruiterer

    [Fruit merchants, Florists, Packaging, fruiterer, florist; fruiterer] FROBff II JOHN 6RI6HT0N JFlorist anb jf ruitever, 195 SOUTH STREET, CROSSES, MimiEULTJELS, a.nd BOUQUETS. FLOWERS, FRUITS, and VEGETABLES FRESH DAILY. o JO 22? o -r t-i H ? Si o Pi? Subscribers-only content

    Very old Scotch whiskies.

    Warehouse, ] Street. Stores and Lofts, 1 e ^7 o-. j.? Fountain Close,] ^"'^'^''"'- ANDREW LAING, 72 St. John Street, PERTH. ^HXHad 'laaJlS uqor IS ZL puf^ y^no^ 1 's. 9S0/J uw;unoj/ :;/oj puv S9xa;^ 'DNI\/1 M3daN\/ 'p?^l^ [ ^nnoipdVj^ Subscribers-only content

    P & P Campbell. The Perth dye works

    are forwarded to 'he Works at Perth hy? Agents, carriage free, and are returned finished in? about a fortnight. BEWARE of misleading titles and? Agents trading on the ^A^o^ds ''Camp¬? bell " and " Perth." Authorised Agents? display our initials, Subscribers-only content

    P & P Campbell. The Perth dye works

    [Soap, Advertisements, dyers, dyers; cleaners] '$9${uid4d ^41 uo ^ucp CuiiuMd euipuia)|OOfl •spooff Rduvj^ /o }usiu}U03SV psuva puv oBuvj y> '3'S '^-¦^d UOU.0.40 X'-X *XM31tf3AHd HHX 8 -r; =1i «= LADIES' DRESS. Silk and Satin beautifully cleaned or dyed, preserv¬? Subscribers-only content

    Pullars' dye works, Perth

    Works, n^O prevent mistakes please address correctly to? PULLARS Dyeworks, postal a&5re60— Pullars' Dye Works, Perth.? IReQistereD XTeleflrapbtc H&5ress— Pullars, Perth. / I — rn ^ C» C5 -2 :}2 fc« adies' department. ^' p"".^*^ ^ ®'^"^, "'^ ^=^ 1 Subscribers-only content

    Pullars' Dye-works, Perth

    Advertisements, dyers; cleaners] PULL ARS' DYE-WORKS, PERTH. CHINTZ, CRETONNE. AND MUSLIN CURTAINS. Chintz, unlined, 2id and 3d per yard ; Cretonne, 3id and 4d Do. lined, 4d and sd per yard ; do., sd and 6d Cotton Linings, Dyed, 3d Subscribers-only content

    The Athole Hydropathic Establishment Pitlochry Perthshire

    on the Highland Railway, on the main line? from London to Inverness, and is distant about 27 miles north? of Perth, 12 miles north-west of the ancient city of Dunkeld,? and half-a-mile from the village of Moulin, which is on Subscribers-only content

    P & P Campbell. Perth dye works

    free and forvs/arded -f© \\\q WerUs a+ Perth e\/erg day.? \X/e direct atteqtioq te tF^e eeoqcmu to be effected by resort te tl^e Bger's /vnt, aqd respeetfullu solicit tf^e fas/our af LJ0UP erders. PERTH DYE WORKS ary ) , w. Subscribers-only content

    William Brown wholesale & retail fruit merchant & seedsman

    [Fruit merchants, Packaging, fruiterer, fruit merchant; seedsman] Q f> ^o(e riH>pn'€for of tAe MANUFACTURED BY WM. BROWN, 69 mOHC STI^^EET, 5^1' 12i ip: ¦i ^ REGISTERED. Nurseries and Vineyards -K I N N O U Ii L.? Fruit Stalls Subscribers-only content

    William Brown wholesale & retail fruit merchant & seedsman

    and Bouquets. <..»¦»..»..».». <i- WILLIAM BROWN WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Fruit Merclian( and Seedsman,? 69 HIGH STREET, FRUIT STAI^IaS, GKNERiBLlA STATIONS, Perth, Inverness, Dingwall & Strattpeffer. •mITN * RlTONM, KMik nmmm 'mnoliii « nxnm^ •jep4ii![ung $ piiMQ 'ssenjeAiq 'qiJ8j m 1 Subscribers-only content

    William Brown wholesale & retail fruit merchant & seedsman

    [Fruit merchants, Packaging, fruiterer, fruit merchant; seedsman] >^X^>>»»»^»».»0»»»»»»<>»»^»<N»«H»<>^^ WILLIAM BROWN, WEOLESA,E AND RETAIL Fruit Mercbint and Seedsman, 85, 87 & 8$ HICH STREET H^v MmMmm^m^mmwwMmm ».M mm a ^^ ^ ^_^ ^ m-msf-m m mm mm m-m mmmmmm whmimm Subscribers-only content

    Dewar's Perth Scotch whisky

    GREAT AQE. IF YOUR WINE MERCHANT WILL NOT SUPPLY? YOU PLEASE WRITE DIRECT TO: Messrs. John Dcwaf & Sons, Ltd., Perth, N.B. 48, Lime Street, London, E.C.? Dewar's Wharf,? * Con^mercial Rd., Lambeth, S.E. „ 52, Corporation Street, Manch ter. Subscribers-only content

    A Weekly Newspaper, to be entitled The Edinburgh Weekly Register.

    Stewart, 6rVpe;/oc/r; ^eiUy Haddington ; Millar, Dz/«-? bar ; G. Johnstone, Dumfries; K, Tullis, Capar-Fife; J, Ford,? Kirkaldif; Charles Sidey, Perth; W. Anderson, Stirling; James? IVPlsack, Alloa; T. Donaldson, Dundee; Scott, St Jndrezrs; A.? Stewart, Arbroath; G. Murray, MoiHrose^ Angu5 Subscribers-only content

    [Printed letter from the Zam-Buk Manufacturing Company]

    ("A pure, healing, soothing, and antiseptic balm - Rub it in.") [Patent medicines, Advertisements, patent medicine, medicine manufacturer] Hi O 9» r»> c*- B 13- C0 O M ^«. jp c^ J3 P P> » c^ 3 :3 tsj Subscribers-only content

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